Title: A Hunter's Life
Author(s): ava_bell_yan (iambatmanslibrarian) , popdatshitnigga , dammit-jim , winchestertopia , hotson-murdocky , Chouar- , batterycity2019 , holyassbuttmolotov , wheresmymoose , completelybackasswards , justliketherifle
Genre: Adventure, Hurt, Comfort, Romance, Humor, Action
Word Count: 3,167
Pairing(s)- Dean/Jo Dean/Cas Gabriel/Lucifer Gabriel/Sam Chuck/Becky
Warning(s): Violence, Adult themes, and Character Death
Summary: Angels and Reapers are being slaughtered, Castiel goes to the Winchester's for help. Yet, people are coming back from the dead and old friends are being reunited. It's a surprise when Death comes to Dean for help, but will the brothers be able to stop what's coming?
Note(s): The authors for this fic are those who play characters in the Supernatural RP that is on Tumblr (.com/) The links are to their personal blogs, NOT their character blogs.

"Dean and Sam won't answer the phone, and I don't know where they are." Cas spoke to Gabriel as they stood out in the garden on that Tuesday, the autistic man flying his kite.

"Little bro, has anyone ever told you that you worry entirely too much? It's bad for your blood pressure." Gabriel responded opening up a Snickers bar. "Have a Snickers or something, it'll do you good."

"Gabriel, I do not want a 'Snickers,' I am trying to find out who's been killing our brothers." Cas stood there with his hands clasped behind his back his brow furrowed in thought.

"And sisters, you can't forget them — they're all full of smokin' hot Grace but seriously, man, I'm just trying to lighten the mood." Gabriel turned to face Cas as he spoke."Don't you think you've got enough to stress you out what with the whole "war in Heaven" thing? Let the rest of us help, why don't you?"

"That is no way to talk about our sisters, Gabriel, and this is not the time of iniquity. Besides, Dean and Sam are helping me." Cas gave his older brother a sideways glance. "I believe you're right in saying Raphael is behind all of this - he and Uriel have been… at odds with one another for quite sometime, and I believe this is his way of rebelling, or fighting back." Castiel continued after a moment of silence between them.

"So it's not that you don't want help, it's that you don't want my help. Stay classy, little bro." Gabriel answered turning away from his brother as if to walk to away, yet he couldn't so he turned back."I wouldn't be surprised. He was always in Lucy and Michael's shadows, and he hated it. That's why I prefer to be an underachiever, I sleep better at night." Gabriel shrugged.

"I do want your help, Gabriel but I'm just afraid of losing you again. This time, Dad won't bring you back - no matter how many of us try and change his mind." Cas answered, turning to meet his brother's eyes. "If it is Raphael, we will require your help, Brother."

"Don't get me wrong — floating in the ether is no way to spend eternity, or even a few months — I know you must remember what it was like, but damn, Cas. I spent centuriesbeing a coward, and look where it got me: alone." Gabriel said, gesturing his arms out at his sides, his candy bar waving around."I lost my brothers and my Dad because I couldn't pick a damned side, but you?" The Archangel pointed at Cas a smile on his face. "Hell, you out-manned all of us, and went your own way. Now you've got the Hardy Boys watching out for you, not to mention you're closer than this to gaining control over Heaven while Dad's out playing ski-ball, or wherever it is he's gone off to." Gabriel waved his hand in front of his face before continuing. "Do I really need to give more proof as to who made the better decision? I'd rather die doing the right thing than live another 1,000 years as a spectator. Besides, if it is Raph, and I'm sure it is, his smarmy ninja turtle ass has a date with the business end of my sword. And do you really think that, as tough as you are, I'd let my little brother go up against Captain "My Wings Are Made of Solid Gold and I Will Smite You In My Father's Place Because I'm A Suck-Up Who Tries Too Hard" alone? I let you all down once, and me abdication my position as the Archangel isn't worth watching any more of you die." Gabriel ended his eyes burning with sincerity.

"I do remember it -too well - and I remember how I felt when Lucifer killed you. No amount of distraction—whether it be in Heaven or here on Earth with the Winchesters—could keep me from thinking I should have done more, that I could have stopped him." Cas said sadly, now turning away from his brother once again in thought of that day. "Gabriel, if it is Raphael, don't you think that he'll be angry that you're back? That our Father brought you back to life, when he's never even considered doing that for anyone else? You're a good brother, Gabriel, and I will see to it that you are not injured, or killed in the fight against Raphael." Castiel promised, his voice sure.

"There's nothing you could have done, Cas. I don't think any of Dad's original children could have. Only humans have the kind of Free Will that could overpower Lucy and Michael. We're built to serve — Dad and them." Gabriel paused. "You've seen how ugly the renegades can get and don't think I don't know what you mean — do you still feel that sick, blank, hangover-y feeling in your Grace and just know another one of us has been picked off? Oh, I'm sure he will, and that's what I'm counting on. He may be family, buthe's a dick. He hasn't earned the right to be Dad's son — at least, he hasn't in a real long time. I don't know how 3 out of 4 of the original archangels got all power-lusty, but I'm damned sick of it. I wanna see the world like it was In The Beginning, puns and emphatic capitals included, and if anyone knows the human race is capable of it, it's you and I." Gabriel said with confidence. "Don't get yourself hurt either, kid. Sam and Dean need you around more than they realize. We all do." The Archangel clasped Cas on the shoulder.

"I understood that, but it doesn't mean I didn't want revenge - for the first time in my existence. Lucifer may have been my brother, but you were there, you taught me everything I know, and what did he do? Rebel against Dad and get cast from Heaven. That's exactly how I felt - I felt this emptiness in my Grace, and nothing could fill that void." Castiel answered Gabriel, his voice rising with the emotions he felt. "He is a dick, but he's family, which makes going after him hard, Gabriel. I know he has to be stopped—and that killing him is the only way to end this— but it's not easy. It never is. As long as I have you and the Winchesters by my side, I won't get hurt." The younger angel spoke with surety.

"Don't let it poison you, Cas. That's how Lucy ended up getting all creepy and genocide-y. I'm not saying you shouldn't be pissed — because you should, and it'll keep you alive — but don't… just don't stop being the angel that was worth Dad bringing you back, okay? You're the first one he's ever done that for, and… Hell, kid, I'm proud of you. Like, "all the ice cream you can eat" proud, and you know how much I hate to share." Gabriel teased trying to comfort his younger brother. "I don't like it anymore than you do. If I could get away with just trapping him in some alternate reality where he actually is a ninja turtle, I would. Except you're right, there is no other way. He'll take us all out, given the chance. He was always more loyal to Lucifer and Michael than to any of the rest of us — it's that whole "veteran older sibling" versus "shiny new angel 2.0" complex they all have." Gabriel shrugged as he spoke. "You're damn straight, you won't. Not as long as I've got wings, Grace, and a shiny new Sword. Now, you'll just have to convince the Winchester boys that I'm not trying to scam them, former Trickster or not. They really have no reason to trust me, Archangel Title Fight or not, Do you think that if I just gave Dean the world's biggest apple Pie, bribery would suffice?" He tried to joke but it fell short.

"I'm not going to turn into Lucifer - and I'm not letting anything get to me, I just wantrevenge on him, and Raphael. I know it's wrong, and Dad would tell me that revenge is for sinners and those who don't have faith, but you have no idea how badly I wanted to rip him apart, Gabriel. You're proud of me? I'm proud of you, for going on your own, doing things the way you wanted - whether Dad liked it or not." Castiel turned around, causing his attention to no longer be on the autistic man. "I honestly think that Raphael wants to be like Lucifer and Michael - vindictive, angry, kill-hungry, and rebellious. He's gotten into countless fights and arguments with several other Angels—myself and Uriel included." He paused to ponder the situation then a strained smile appearing on his lips at Gabriel question of apple pie. "I think if you got Dean the world's biggest apple pie, he would be no good to us, Gabriel.. Then you would have to convince Sam—who isn't exactly a fan of yours, if you can remember but I think they'll do it regardless, without fighting or any hard feelings toward you, especially if it means saving our family." Castiel reasoned.

"I do know that, little Brother. I just wonder if maybe I had said some of the same stuff to Lucy and Michael, things could ever have been any different. You really shouldn't be, Cas. Dean was right — I was being a coward, so afraid of picking a side that I didn't, and more people than I can count on one hand died because of it. There were plenty of us that shouldn't have died, and wouldn't if I'd stepped up like you had before it was too late." Gabriel sighed as he and Castiel began to walk away from this version of Heaven. "Raphael does... He admired them for getting out from under Dad's thumb while remaining in power, but really… I guaran-Dad-damn-tee that Dad's not missing, he's just waiting to see what we all do when he goes on a little vacation — and lemme tell ya, a whole lot of our brothers and sisters are gonna be going to be without supper, if you know what I mean." He paused. "I think what I feel worse about that, honestly? I mean… I stick by what I was trying to teach him, but the way I went about it — it was wrong. It was cruel, and way more like Lucifer than I ever want to be again." The archangel thought of the Winchesters and how they stuck by Cas even when he didn't. "Even if they're just doing it for you, I'm happy." Gabriel added as Castiel turned to him.

Castiel gave his brother a nod and turned his attention away back to the scenery around them.

"It was good talking to you Gabriel. I am glad you have returned." The younger angel spoke before he disappeared, the fluttering of wings sounding after him.

"Yea, you too little bro." Gabriel spoke to nothing.

The brothers were in the back of the local library, doing research on the Lighthouse, and Dean dropped the book that he was reading and gave a heavy sigh as he reclined his chair. As he leaned back, Dean watched as Sam hunched over his laptop, brow furrowed in annoyance and concentration.

"There is nothing supernatural about this place." Sam spoke, shutting his laptop. "Every story or myth is fake." The younger Winchester mumbled, gestured in front of him as he spoke.

"Tell me about it." Dean answered, bring his chair back to the ground. "We just wasted an entire afternoon." He rubbed his forehead, trying to fight off the headache that was creeping upon him.

"At least we know one thing," Sam reasoned, sitting up in his chair, "Raphael is behind this." Dean nodded in agreement and rested his elbows on his knees.

"I wish Cas was here to clear things up for us." Dean said with a sigh.

"Maybe we should call Bobby? See what he thinks?" Sam asked and Dean seemed to agree.

"That won't be necessary." Castiel's voice came from behind Dean, who jumped in surprise.

"Ah, you really need to stop doing that." Dean spoke, closing his eyes for a moment before standing up to face the Angel.

"Sorry," Cas looked down for a second before remembering why he was there in the first place. "Raphael is the likely suspect, just like you said. He and Uriel got into an argument about our Father being gone, so this does seem like his way of rebelling." The Angel spoke not meeting their eyes since he was in thought.

"Any idea where he would hide out?" Dean asked, crossing is arms over his chest.

"Raphael enjoys old churches and places of worship, most likely condemned, if possible." Cas answered calmly, looking to Dean then to Sam.

"Any chance he'd stick around?" Sam asked, still sitting at the table and Cas nodded.

"I think there is a great chance that he's still around - one of my brothers is in the area, I believe he may be next...but to stop Raphael, we're going to have to kill him, Dean." The Angel looked to the oldest Winchester and Sam stood as Dean looked back to him.

"Sam and I will scout the area for any churches that may have been abandoned or whatever." Dean answered with a shrug.

"That's not going to be a problem,Cas." Sam added in.

"It will be a problem, Dean," Cas ignored Sam completely who rolled his eyes and turned to pack his things. "Only Gabriel and Uriel have the tool we need to kill Raphael - the archangel's blade - and Uriel returned to Heaven, to the war between our family."

"Cas, then we'll just get Gabriel to hand over the blade. Not a problem" Dean replied, gesturing his hands out as if it was an obvious answer.

"He won't just hand it over, Dean. He'll want to be a part of this fight." Cas argued.

"Yea…so?" Dean asked.

"I don't have many emotions, as you humans do, but I am afraid that he'll get hurt if he goes up against Raphael, like he did with Lucifer." Cas took a step forward as he spoke as if to put his point across.

"Don't worry. We'll be there to back him up this time." Sam came to stand beside Dean.

"You, me, and Sam. We can handle it." Dean said with a reassuring smile.

"How can you have so much faith in yourself - in your brother? It's truly fascinating, your faith." Cas asked, seeming deflated at the brothers ganging up.

"We all have to have something to believe in Cas." Sam said.

"That is true." Cas said with a nod before disappearing, the sound of wings following him.

Jo stood over the open grave, watching as the flames came to life. Her hair was matted and sticky with mud mixed with blood. The jacket she wore was crusty and dirty, it reeked of whatever she had landed in earlier when she was knocked off her feet. Blood was on the front of it as it rubbed against her shirt and her stomach. She had been cut pretty bad and her ribs ached from being thrown by the spirit. With a sigh she contemplated how she always ended up doing the mundane jobs, not to say they weren't important but nothing compared to what Sam and Dean had to do. A part of her wanted to know when she would move on to more dangerous hunts, but the realistic side of her argued that she didn't want the life that the Winchesters had. Life as a hunter was hard enough. After the flames died down, she began to shovel dirt back into the grave, officially putting the old man to rest. When she was done she made her way back to her car, a blue 1969 Dodge. Making a beeline for her motel, she showered and stuffed her dirty clothes into a plastic bag. Packing her bags, she checked out of the motel and made to drive the remaining miles to Rochester. Her thoughts keeping her from sleeping.

Dean walked over to his duffel bag as Sam walked past him to grab the car keys that his brother had tossed unto the table. With a heavy sigh, the oldest hunter contemplated what Cas had said to them. He vaguely heard Sam tell him he was making a food run, or maybe he was just imagining that as his stomach rumbled. Shaking his head he continued to search in duffel.

"Would you care to lend me a hand Dean Winchester?" Death appeared at the table that was supposed to be considered the dining area in the motel, hot dog in hand.

Dean looked up from his duffel bad in surprise, then raised an eyebrow as he watched Death eat. "Why?" He asked, looking around for Sam who, apparently, did leave.

"Because I asked you. Now come and sit, New York hot dogs aren't very tasty when it is cold and we can discuss things when we're done eating." Death said, gesturing for Dean to join him.

"Why did you come here?" Dean asked as he sat down across from Death, watching him eat but not touching the hot dog that was in front of him.

Death stopped his eating and sat the half eaten hot dog down before giving Dean his full attention. "Some of my agents are getting killed and I don't know who's behind it and if you've noticed it, and I'm sure you must have-" He took a napkin to wipe his mouth. "Angels are dying as well. I don't have the time to...intervene." Death said, watching Dean as he spoke.

"What do you want me to do about it?" Dean asked, leaning back in his chair.

"Help me out." Death said and stood up, Dean followed suit. "Now, I have to go tend to more pressing matters, people are dying in a faster rate now that I am low on assistance." He said and Dean looked as if he was about to say something but he continued to talk. "Or maybe it just seems that way." He said before disappearing the hot dogs vanishing as well.

"Well that wasn't vague." Dean said to himself.