"So what do you think?" Blaine turned back to Kurt after Mercedes and Sam left on their way. The taller boy took another sip of his coffee, smirking as his eyebrow quirked. "Something's definitely up there."

The hazel eyed boy grinned at Kurt. The same beautiful Kurt he was dating. The same beautiful Kurt who he loved. The same beautiful Kurt who loved him. The surrealism of the situation was stunning. For Blaine went into this date as a man who'd silently loved, cherished and adored his boyfriend. And now that was all out there. He feared getting hurt, of course. But that vanished whenever he looked up, or opened his eyes to gaze into Kurt's astoundingly blue ones.

"And about us?"

Kurt knew that was what Blaine had meant from the start.

"I thinkā€¦" What could he say? He didn't know how to react. He hadn't even known his heart could swell to this size until Blaine uttered those words. And there was this vast maturity Kurt felt seeping into the relationship. 'I love you' wasn't something that they'd toss around. He promised himself at that moment that he just wouldn't. It seemed tragic. But Kurt Hummel was astounded to find how much he'd meant it when he replied 'I love you, too'. It was this obvious statement that had been hanging in the air for a while now.

Kurt didn't have to worry. Blaine would always be there. No matter what, through thick and thin, Blaine would always be there. When Kurt took the opportunities that would most definitely present themselves on Broadway, Blaine would be there. When Kurt and Rachel would find each other in New York and continue their friendship as this fierce unstoppable duo, Blaine would be his right arm.

"I think I'm really grateful that I pulled you aside on those stairs that day."

The look in Blaine's eyes was unparalleled by anything Kurt had ever seen. It was like seeing love as a physical feature. It was the look his father got when describing his mother. It was like Rachel on her love drunk tangents about Finn. Kurt sincerely hoped he'd looked as beautiful as Blaine when he got that indescribable look of love on his face.

Without a moment to lose, Kurt leaned across the table to place a kiss to Blaine's lips. It was soft, chaste and completely full of this grand emotion that Kurt slowly began to truly understand. Blaine let the surprise evaporate and took Kurt's face in his hands, ignoring each and every judgmental stare.

After a minute or two, the younger boy sat back in his chair. The two of them had the upmost cavity inducing grins on their faces.

"I really do love you," Blaine repeated.

"I really do love you too," Kurt replied.