Some Day My Prince Will Come

Ever since she was a little girl, she loved playing princess. She loved dressing in her mother's old shoes that were too big, wearing her old costume jewelry, and putting on her old dresses. After all, this was the pre-Disney princess days, before little girls could live out their fantasies dressed as Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty courtesy of Wal-Mart and Disney merchandise. She would act out her favorite stories of princes rescuing damsels in distress and living happily ever after. Actually she enjoyed the happily ever after part more than the rescuing. The idea that she would have no more worries, no more bad things, and no more fights, once she found her prince was getting more attractive. Especially as it was becoming more apparent that her own parents had not found their own happily ever after. Her older sister would roll her eyes while she made castles, towers and fortresses for her at out blocks, cards, and legos. But what her sister didn't understand, was that no matter how tall the tower, or how big the fortress, it was the ever after that truly mattered.

13 years later…

Candace Bryden knew what she wanted. And what she wanted was to go to Europe with her boyfriend, Nick to celebrate their high school graduation. It was only fair since her sisters got to go on a cruise for theirs. Her father insisted she bring along another friend, hoping maybe she wouldn't spend all of her time with her boyfriend. So, in order to get what she wanted, she brought along Alice, Nick's cousin. The day after graduation all three were hopping on a plane to a little inn in England that Candace had found on the internet. It was close to a cute little town, perfect for a little getaway with Nick before taking on the rest of Europe.

As Candace brushed her auburn hair behind her ear, she surveyed the scene before her. The sunhad just finished setting and they had just arrived at the inn after what seemed like forever. The staff at the inn were taking their luggage out the car the three had rented.

"Be careful with that! Do you have any idea of how much those shoes cost? You can't just toss them around like a box of rocks," she yelled at one maid who had started to carry the luggage in. Alice went to help the maid.

"Calm down," said Nick wrapping his arms around Candace. "It'll be fine."

"I know," she sighed, "I just want this trip to be perfect."

"And it will be. Now let's go inside and get something nice and warm to drink." Nodding, Candace followed him inside, only pausing for a second to look behind her. Turning to go in, she couldn't shake the feeling that somebody was watching her.

Candace was right, somebody was watching her. A figure across the road that was hiding just behind some trees to be precise. Behind him, two eyes appeared out of the dark, followed by the silhouette of another figure.

"How long have you been there?" The first figure demanded of the second.

"A while," the second answered.

"Must you do that every time we meet? Do you have any idea how annoying it is?"

"But that's precisely why I have to do it. What are you looking at… I see, somebody has been holding out on me."

"Absurd. Is it my fault that your informants are slower than mine?"

"It is when the reason for their delay was due to you sinking them into the earth."

"Bah. You can't prove that was me."

"Really? How many elves do you know that would be gutsy enough to sink five of the goblin king's men into the earth?"

Silence took over for a moment as both men continued to stare at the sight before them. Then one spoke.

"She's mine you know."


"Yes mine."

"I'm afraid you must be mistaken. It's my turn. Apparently you have forgotten that I let you have the one a year ago. What happened to her anyway?"

"She failed one of the tests."

"Which one?"

"As it turns out she was already expecting an um, heir. Had to modify her memory and let her go."

His companioned snickered.

"And apparently your memory is faulty. As I recall, I let you have the last one, what five months ago, so what are you doing here?"

The snickering stopped. "It didn't work out."

"Really? Well according to my captain's guard, who heard it from one of his officers on duty, who heard it from one of your officers on duty, the moment she entered the camp to be prepared for the ceremony, she started flirting with her attendants, who were female I might add."

"Yes well, it's not as easy to find a bride this day and age. Why can't it be like in our grandfather's day where you simply abducted them, didn't have to worry about them being pregnant, or, well, you know, and the humans actually finding them."

"Indeed. It's getting harder to hide from them, what with their new technical thingys. Thank goodness for all the spells in place. Otherwise they might have discovered us years ago."

"So rock, paper, scissors, then?"

"And let you cheat? How about flipping a coin?"

"And let you use that double headed one again? Besides what happened to the deal our ancestors made? The elf king gets first choice since he can only marry humans."

"Except for the fact that our ancestors also agreed to stop capturing elf brides to give the elf population a chance to recover. We haven't had an elf King's Wife since, well Marak Catspaw's wife. So I'm stuck with humans just like you."

"Why don't you go marry a dwarf? Or have you tried and they turned you down?"

"Dwarves are boring with their endless talk of rocks. Besides I want a human, and particularly that human."

"What would it take for you to let me have her?"

"Hmmm… look at the way she's commanding those people about. She certainly knows what she wants and isn't afraid of getting it. By the sword, what a King's Wife she'll make. "

"And look at how slender and tall she is, she moves with the grace of an elf. And that beautiful red hair. I'm serious, what would it take?"

"What is it with you elf kings and red hair? Ever since Aganir Ash's wife, that's all you elf kings have been obsessed with. Besides, green and red go together so well, don't you think? Why we could be Christmas all year round! Besides, if you really are serious, you know what it would take."

His companion was silent for a moment before answering, "First off, if I do agree, she must be of age."

"Of course. Along with being from one of the high families. I'm a king you know, I can't just be marrying any little elf."

"You should be grateful I'm letting you even marry one. That's the other thing, she has to be willing. I'm not ordering any elf to marry you who doesn't want to."

"And what if nobody volunteers?"

More silence followed. "Then you can have her."

"You have yourself a deal."

**Author's Note**

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the Hollow Kingdom (if I did there would be more books) nor the rights to the Disney song in the title. I've been a reader of fanfiction for years, but never actually wrote anything because I could never figure out how to end my stories. It wasn't until one of my friends was complaining about lack of elf king stories, and I was procrastinating writing a paper and studying for finals that I decided to give it a try. I finished the story in a week. I plan on updating on Tuesday and Friday nights because I'm too impatient to update once a week. Also, each chapter title will be the title of a Disney song from a Disney movie (animated or live action). Next chapter is When Will My Life Begin. I would also like to thank another one of my friends who helped me with this account after some issues. So read, enjoy, and if possible review. Thanks!