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Bella Notte

It had been two months since Marak and Nir had finally married their wives. All four were currently enjoying the full moon. It hadn't always been like that. The first one was spent together between Alice and Inanna, meeting each other for the first time. Eresha had joined them the first night as well, before declaring herself bored with their mindless chatter and leaving.

Alice and Inanna talked about what their lives with their husbands were like, and Alice had mentioned how she hated elf food. "I don't mind bread, deer, and stew but what I do mind is having them every day of the week," she complained.

Inanna had laughed at this and told her the story of Nir's mother and what she had done. Alice then tried the same thing, much to Nir's dismay. They soon reached a compromise. On Sundays Marak would send over a human meal for them to share, prepared by one of the goblin chefs, Lefou. Alice enjoyed this for two reasons. The first being it was delicious, the second being she enjoyed the faces Nir made when trying new foods. The most memorable was him trying to eat spaghetti, with trying to drop the long noodles in his mouth. Alice had to show him how to use a fork to wrap the noodles around.

Deciding that leaving the two together was not a good idea, Nir joined them for the second full moon and Marak of course had to join as well. Even Aggie decided to join the group. Ever since Edi had died, she stopped going out for the full moons, saying it wasn't the same. Now with more people, she gave it another chance.

The only one absent was Eresha. The first month had been the only and she had since been spending all of her time in the library, reading up on goblin history. Ever since the night she had arrived, she would go out of her way to avoid Inanna and the other goblins. This was fine with Inanna. For it meant she could spend more time with Marak, who she had started to love. She was also spending her time writing her chronicle and with other female goblins such as Kayta, whom she had quickly become good friends with.

As for Nir and Alice, they weren't quite to the love part but they were close. Once Alice had come back, Nir decided the boundary spell wasn't necessary. Instead he put another spell on her—this one allowing her eyes to see better in the dark, along with making her glasses unnecessary. Alice had been thrilled. She had been so afraid she would have to stop sketching since she couldn't see, and she no longer had to worry about breaking her glasses in the dark. He had also applied some other spells to help with her allergies. As Nir put it, it would be a shame for his new bride to be allergic to her own home. Especially when there were more important things to do, like dancing, which she had steadily been getting better at. She had even started to lose a little weight due to it all.

Her drawings had really taken off among the elves. Elves, not used to having pictures of themselves, enjoyed having them drawn, some returning more than once. Once Alice was done, they would race off with the picture in hand to show to friends and family. Nir had even requested some of the camp to add to his chronicles. He said it would be a good thing for future generations to see. Alice was currently working on one in secret for Inanna to give to Marak as a present. Goblins were the same as elves, not used to self-potraits, but Inanna had no doubt that Marak would dislike it. He loved everything she did.

Alice enjoyed drawing, but she also enjoyed the elves who worked with her on her Elvish as she sketched them. It also took her mind off other things—like being homesick. She would occasionally get hit with it out of the blue, and once Nir or the other elves noticed they did a good job distracting her, by inviting her to dance or playing games. She learned quickly that elves loved to play games and tease each other, not out of malice like humans, but because it was simply their nature. Alice had even grown brave enough to start teasing some of them back to their delight.

Looking at his wife under the full moon, Nir decided, Candace couldn't have made a better bride. She would never have adjusted as well as Alice had. No doubt she would be complaining about the outdoors or sleeping on the ground, he had gathered from what Alice had told him about her. "What are you thinking of?" he asked his wife.

"How what I told Candace was correct. I did get my ever after," she responded dreamily, gazing at the stars above. Nir just threw back his head and laughed.


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