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bonjour, potential readers. thanks for taking even the slightest interest in my story.
this is my first attempt at a crossover, between the wonderful books The Hunger Games and Twilight.
i hope to do both of these books justice, and i would love to hear feedback from each and everyone of you.
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background info:

i know that you've all read twilight, which is why you're in the twilight fanfiction section!
but for those of you who haven't read the hunger games, heres some background information to help you know whats going on a bit more.
Panem is the ruins of North America, and it's built up of the Capitol, the highest ranking citizens of Panem, and 13 districts.
the districts basically only exist to supply the Capitol with their basic needs. food, electricity, coal, etc.
75 years before this takes place, the districts rebelled against the Capitol, and after winning, the Capitol destoryed the 13th district.
they then created The Hunger Games, where they take the District children, a boy and a girl from each (12-18), and have them fight to the death.. on live tv.
i'm bad at explaining things, so really, google would be your best option here.
and if you haven't read it - i suggest you do!


The sun was setting over District 9, the colours lighting up the sky. The pink danced around the clouds, the orange blanketed the waters, and the yellow slowly disappeared, hiding itself under the horizon. This was my favourite time of the day, the only time I truly saw beauty. Sure, it would be nicer in Distric 11, the beauty of the sky perfectly mixing with the beauty of the land, but I've learned to take what I could get. Anything was better than seeing the constant smog caused by the factories. Of course, the smoke still surrounded the area, but at least now it was slightly masked.

Reluctantly, I rose from my spot on the grass, and gently nudged Jacob. He awoke with a startle, slowly opened his eyes, and suddenly seemed to remember where he was.

"Bells! I'm so sorry I fell asleep.. I don't know what happened," he began to apologize, like he always does. My answer was almost routine, as we went through this almost every night we spend together.

I began with a sigh, "I do. You're working yourself so hard. Taking on 16 hour shifts at the factory," I gave him a small smile, letting him know that, truly, it was alright. "I'm just glad you were able to get some sound sleep."

I knew Jacob had no choice but to work himself sick, but it didn't stop my sympathy. His parents had died in the factory only three months ago, and he had no choice but to take on the responsability of his family. Three younger siblings, and an older sister with a child of her own whose husband had died in the same accident. The mere hour we had once a week seemed to be the only time he could actually relax.

I enjoyed the company of Jacob, he seemed to be the only person not afraid to speak to me in the district. My father, Head Peacekeeper seemed to scare away all potential friends. I liked to believe Charlie wasn't all bad, being a peacekeeper was all he could do to escape further punishment from the Capitol. He was only strict on the people of the district to protect me from the fate my mother had recieved.

I was once a citizen of the Capitol. Not that I remember, or want to remember. My father, however, did. He grew up in the Capital until he was 18 years old, when he had met my mother. Renee Dwyer. I had never met her, but I had seen her on television, many times. A citizen of District 7, and a Victor in the 56th Hunger Games. Renee was a beautiful women, and despite her performance in the Games, I believe a gentle one. But, when you're fighting for the right to live, how gentle can you be?

My father, along with many other Capitol teenagers, had fallen in love with her. When she had won, she was forced by the President to return to the Capitol multiple times, for reasons a daughter should be unaware of. But she was beautiful, and she was an asset to the Capitol. Many citizens would pay a good amount of money to spend time with her, and my father was one of them. Once he saw the discomfort in Renee's eyes, he refused to continue on with the purpose of the "meeting". Instead, she stayed, and they talked, and eventually, they fell in love.

My father continued to pay large sums of money to spend a few hours with my mother, talking, laughing, and for the first time, allowing her to see the good in the few Captiol citizens. Eventually, she would sneak off when supposed to visit other "clients", to spend time with him only.

The Capitol overlooked these missed meetings, after all, the amount of money she brought to them was still growing, but sent her back to District 7 to punish her and my father, and she stayed for years. My father was unaware of what she was doing, heartbroken by her absense, and when she returned for another Victory Tour, she came with her child. Bella Dwyer. Two years old, named from a dead language - Italian, maybe - for "beautiful". When my father saw me, he knew I was his daughter. How could he not? The unique chocolate brown of my eyes, no one had that but him.

He had no choice, not that he would have made any different on if he had, but to keep Renee and I from returning to our District, so he met her before she was to return, and brought her to hide in his apartment. They had gotten one last year together, in solitude, hiding from anyone else, before the Capitol located her.

When they did, they had killed my mother. She was only a district citizen, so it meant nothing to them. My father, on the otherhand - one of their own - was given a choice. Death, or peacekeeping. He had to become the very person my mother hated, and I believe that itself is a fate worse than death. But he'd do anything to protect me, the only piece of my mother he has left. So he acts his part, punishing citizens and being hated by all, day after day.

Jacob cleared his throat, bringing me back to reality. The sky was black now, not a star in sight. There never was, only a smoked filled sky remained.

I look at Jake sheepishly, and begin my apology. His long finger falls upon my lips, letting me know that he doesn't want to hear it.

"I doze off enough during our time together," he says with a hearty chuckle. "I thought it was about time to leave you with your thoughts. After all, I know that you have a lot going through there right now.." his sentence drags off, but I immediately know what he's referring to. The reaping.

In a few hours, I would get dressed in my finest clothes, and prepare to be sent off, for the last time, to get reaped. In a few short weeks, I would turn 19. Exempt from the Hunger Games for the rest of my life. But as my luck would have it, I had the chance to get reaped one last time.

I pushed the thought from my mind, feeling nauseous just thinking about it. I had been able to escape it for six years, but luck doesn't run in my families roots.

So tomorrow, I would wake up, dress in my finest clothing, and gather in the town square like cattle for one last time, hoping that for one more time, luck stays with me.

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