Here's how this is gonna work:

1) The characters are not mine.

2) There is no guarantee that the ideas for these ships are mine.

3) But the chapter names will be.

4) And I swear I didn't read any fics with these ships before I wrote these.

5) I'm determined to limit myself to a true drabble each time.

Apart from that, anything goes. I've got a few chapters in mind, but it'll take awhile to do them justice in only 100 words. (Requests are also welcome - go on, bewilder me.) So in the meantime, I'll use a classic pairing as a warmup...

Chapter 1: Eventshipping

Pairing: True Neutral x Chaotic Evil

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"Protection from Fire."

The threatening flames retreated from the red robe's hem, and Belkar threw aside the firewood. "Friggin' hell! How'd you–"

"You are not the only party member with olfactory capabilities." Swallowing before turning to face him, Vaarsuvius stammered, "Be forewarned, our months apart have scarcely erased your nocturnal sabotage tactics from my memory. Even while trancing, I shall remain vigilant, and you cannot comprehend the countermeasures I have arranged for–"

A swift pebble to the throat brought silence, minus the froggy wheezing. "Yeah, I missed you too, Ears. Shut up." But him turning away didn't hide his smile.