Final chapter, and I hope you liked this at least as much as I did. If I decide to try this genre again, I'll know some tricks no matter what the story's length, and I might even follow a truly cracked dice roll.

See you around the playground.

Chapter 10: Wantedshipping

Pairing: Chaotic Neutral x Chaotic Good

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Skewering the final hoodlum, he approached their prone target. Lithe, red-headed…

"Are you rolling initiative, Grandpa?"

"No, diplomacy." He helped her up, gently kissing her fingers. "Do you have a long journey ahead, miss?"


"Ah, so do I. The skies beckon towards glorious adventures!"

She raised an eyebrow.

"The Mechane, miss. Fastest airship there is!"

"Are you taking passengers?"

"It'd be dangerous, far more—"

Her longbow whipped up. "Sneak Attack!"

He tumbled, rapier ready, then saw the three thugs behind him collapse, choking on arrows.

She grinned. "I can handle it."

Damn. "This way, miss. It will be unforgettable."