Narrator: René and Émile went home after a couple of days, but something came up and Émile decided to give René the best Christmas present ever…

Émile's POV

I entered the lab of Professor Elm. A curious child walked up to me. "Is Albin Elm here?" I asked.

"Yes! Daddy's here. Let me go get him!" the toddling child ran off, grabbing her father's hand. "This is Daddy!" He grinned.

"Hello," Albin greeted. "What can I do for you today?"

I pulled out a picture of René. "This wonderful and beautiful woman is looking for you. She has for years."


"Yes, René."

"R-René…" Albin stared off into space.

"Could you please come with me?" I asked, flashing him my badge.

"Y-yes sir! Immediately!"

René's POV

My family and I were partying and having a great Christmas. I didn't realise it but… I turned around, only to see…


Albin Elm.

Professor ALBIN Elm.

I paused, shocked, scared. Where did he come from? Why was he here after he abandoned me so many years ago?

"A-Albin… is-is that you?" I said.

"Yes, René… It's me."

I gasped, collapsing into him and crying. "Albin…"

"René…" He pulled me in and kissed me.

I could see a mischievous face, Émile's face. He was just standing there, smiling.

This was the best Christmas I had ever had….


A/N: So I hope it wasn't too short. I'll probably be starting on the sequel to this. Stay tuned!