A/N: Hello all! This is my first A Bug's Life fanfic and I notice that this fandom is very much unloved and needs a little more fanfics. I also notice a couple fanfics on this archive featuring the alternative ending to A Bug's Life but, no one's ever really seemed to expand their idea. I decided to give it a shot and see what I'll get. So I hope you'll enjoy the first chapter! Even though it's really short.



By: BadLuckCat

Chapter 1

Atta watched in horror as Hopper closed in on Flik; preventing the male ant from any form of escape. The adrenaline within Atta pulsed and gnawed at her trembling limbs. Her mind was screaming at her to move and stop the murderous grasshopper from killing Flik. However, she resisted the nagging urge and stayed stationary behind the rock. She tried with all her might, to trust in whatever Flik had planned.

But just as Hopper wrapped his hands around Flik's puny neck and thus proceeded to strangle him, the princess could not wait on the forces Flik hoped for, and Atta sprang into action. "Hopper, stop!" Atta demanded as she tried to pry his hands off Flik. With unknowing strength, the ant princess pushed Hopper hard enough to cause him to release his hold on Flik's throat and for him to falter back in surprise.

"Oh Flik," Atta uttered hopelessness as she knelt beside him. Flik coughed several times before he focused on Atta's anxious face. He tried to give her a weak reassuring smile but, Atta was snatched up. A powerful claw held Atta by her face fiercely in a nerve splitting grip. Hopper brought her up close to his glaring face.

"You're going to have to wait your turn, princess," Hopper seethed dangerously low before he dropped her like a sack of potatoes behind him. She landed in a heap of tangled limbs and desperately scrambled to her feet. Hopper then ventured forth to finish his job of exterminating the male ant, but he did not get far before the princess once again made an attempt of stopping him.

"Leave that worker ant alone!" In sudden panic she quickly thought up what next to say, "The bird was really my idea. He only lied to protect me."

Hopper then whirled his body around to face Atta. He gave a fake chuckle before he asked, "Oh Really?" And he stalked toward her. Atta backed up helplessly against the rock.

"Yes," She barely whispered. She then continued in a much stronger voice. "And he doesn't deserve the punishment because I do. Its like you said Hopper, the first rule of leadership is that it's always my fault." All trace of her sudden courage had just been zapped out of her once Hopper towered over. His dark assumed smirk sent shivers through out her body.

Once again Hopper grabbed her face and lifted her up to his face. "Well I have to give you points for paying attention," He chuckled to himself as he searched her anatomy for a limb he could detach before his eyes landed on his choice. "But since you asked for it so generously, I'll give you what you want princess."

When his other hand grasped it self on one of the pair of items, Atta's already huge eyes widened even more as she realized what he was about to do. A startling pain raked through her body. She was breathless the first time but when the second one was pulled she let out a blood curdling scream.

Once the deed was done he let her drop limply to the dirt floor as she wretched and cried on her side. The grasshopper leader then let Atta's pair of wings float back down to her body before he walked over her.

"Let this be a reminder to you, princess. You nor your precious colony can never escape me," He said in all seriousness. "And one more thing, I'll see you in a couple days." And with that said Hopper took off.

Flik waited several minutes before he crawled over to Atta. He placed a gentle hand on her face to get her attention. "Are you okay?"

"I think so," She replied. Flik then lifted himself off the ground and proceeded to help Atta back to her feet. A loud crash of thunder rolled off in the distance and both ants gasped in surprise.

"Now what do we do?" Flik asked as he weakly bent down to pick up her pair of wings. Atta placed her hand into Flik's.

"I guess we find shelter and wait out the storm." And thus the two began their search for protection from the rain. Dark thoughts circulated through out Atta's mind.