This is just a little one-shot that entered my mind. I might make it a two or three-shot of different 'stories' about Ezra working at Hollis, how if affects his and Aria's relationship, and possibly leading them to getting caught :) Also, is shirtless Ezra in episode 1 or 2 next season?


Ezra Fitz had just started his new job at Hollis College, and truth to be told, he was already homesick for Rosewood High. Or school sick. Whatever you would call it. He was already spending late nights grading papers, and it was only his third day teaching. Knowing he was staying at school this late on just his third day teaching, he didn't even want to think about how it would be after a month or two. He would never be able to spend any time with his girlfriend, Aria Montgomery. And one of the reasons of him taking the job at Hollis, was so Aria and him wouldn't have to hide anymore, and so that they could see each other more often, outside of school. Not that he didn't love working at Rosewood. He got to spend practically his whole work day with his girlfriend. He saw her in class for an hour, at break, lunch, and she usually came to his classroom after school. Not to mention that she also came over to his apartment almost every night to be with him, spending the night on days they got lucky. Aria Montgomery, his girlfriend. But girlfriend didn't sound right in his head. It was not binding enough. Soul mate. That was definitely it. Aria Montgomery, his soul mate. Not to mention his former student and daughter of a fellow co-worker. Two fellow co-workers in fact. An ex-coworker, and a current co-worker. Thinking so much about Aria, forced him to instinctively reach into his desk and grab a black binder. Aria had given it to him right after he had resigned from Rosewood. She chose a binder because it would fit in with all his other office supplies. He could keep it in his desk and no one would think twice about it being there. He ran his fingers across the front of the binder, which inside, held the poem he had written about Aria, not long ago. B-26. Aria had placed the poem in the front inside pocket of the binder, so that whenever he opened it up, the first thing he saw was the poem. Aria had written little notes all over the paper that the poem was printed on. Ezra ran his fingers across the page, able to feel the areas where she pressed hard into the paper with her pen. "I'll miss seeing my favorite teacher in school, but now I get to see you in public!"and"You better not let any students try to hit on you while I'm not there. I'll personally hunt them down and kill them, then strangle them, then kill them again, for even going near my Ezra."and"I love you and don't ever forget that."and "Have a great time teaching at Hollis, but don't daydream too much about me! :)" He felt a smile appear on his face as his thoughts wandered towards Aria. How her hair smelled like freshly picked apples, and her beautiful smile was able to take his breath away every time he saw her, and how amazing and right her lips felt against his and - his thoughts were interrupted by the soft vibration of his phone. His heart skipped a beat when he looked down at the caller ID. A.M.

Ezra shook his head, thinking of how in the world he managed to get himself into such a situation. He flipped open his phone and smiled when he heard the beautiful voice on the other line. "Hello?" He heard her say, as he got up and left the room.


Byron Montgomery was used to late nights. He actually enjoyed them. Being alone in the large school building was eerie and marvelous all at the same time. It gave him time to think about everything that was going on in his life. All about Ella and whether they would be able to work things out and all about Mike, who was getting into fights at school about who knows what. Last but not least, his one and only daughter, Aria, who now was in a 'private relationship.' She could be dating a serial killer for all he knew, and she, or he, wouldn't have even known it. After he finished grading the current paper in his hands, he got up from his desk and walked out of the room. All the stress he was going through was overwhelming, and he needed to clear his head for a moment. As he was strolling down the long hallways of Hollis College, he noticed a light on inside a familiar classroom at the end of the hallway. He didn't immediately recognize who's classroom it was, so he slowly crept up beside the room, close enough so he could read the name plate beside the door. Professor Ezra Fitz.He suddenly didn't feel so depressed anymore, knowing that Ezra was here. Ezra was a good man, and was always nice to talk to. Lately, Byron noticed that Ezra sometimes acted nervous around him, like Ezra was afraid of Byron finding something out about him. Byron quickly shook the thought away. Byron decided to just say a quick hello to Ezra, so he walked into the classroom and towards Ezra's desk.

On top of a large stack of papers laid a thin, open, black binder, with a poem typed up hugging the inside pocket. In the corner of the page, Byron saw Ezra's name. Ezra must have written this poem. He pulled the paper out of the pocket and as his eyes skimmed across the single sheet of paper, confusion filled his mind. "What a confusing poem. These aren't even full sentences. It means nothing to the reader... It must make sense in his mind... I mean, he wrote it." Byron thought. As he read the comments that were written all over the paper, he realized that the handwriting looked strangely familiar. Yet he couldn't place where exactly he had seen that handwriting before. He didn't want to be rude, but his curiosity got the best of him. He flipped through the papers in the binder to find a bunch of old essays that were written by... Aria? Byron was starting to get a little terrified. Why did Aria's old English teacher have a binder filled with Aria's old papers? Byron found a picture of two people with paper bags over their heads. What in the world? Is Ezra stalking my daughter? Byron thought. Before he could think twice about it, he heard a voice coming from the hallway.


"I'm so sorry for having to stay so late these past few days. It's awful." Ezra said to Aria, who he had been talking to as he took a short walk around the school.

"Where are you?" He asked, secretly wishing she was at his apartment.

"Um," She paused. "I'm at your apartment actually. I wanted to see you when you got home... But I guess that's a little later than I was thinking."

He laughed, as he rounded the corner a few classrooms away from his own.

"Just a little bit. I'm done here though; I can't stand being here any longer. There are only so many papers you can grade in one night." He chuckled.

"Do you mind if I stay the night?" She asked.

"Honestly, I would love that. I miss you so much. It feels like I haven't seen you in forever. Whose going to be your alibi?" Ezra asked, as he walked back into his classroom.

"Probably Hanna. Although she'll want to get a joke or two in there first." She said, as he paused outside his classroom.

"Probably." He smirked, as he walked back into the classroom. Looking over to his desk, he realized that the binder that was on there was now open. Ezra could have sworn that when he left the room, it had been closed. Ezra felt another presence in the room, and looking up, found himself looking into the eyes of Byron Montgomery, Aria's father, who was standing in the corner of the room mostly hidden in the shadows, causing Ezra to gasp loudly.

"What's wrong?" Aria asked on the other line.

"I-I got to go. I'll see you later." He quickly hung up his phone.


As soon as Byron had seen Ezra reenter the room, his parental instincts immediately took over. He had to protect his one and only daughter from this creep.

Ezra took a deep breath before motioning to the binder and asking, "Did-Did you see that?"

"Are you stalking Aria?" Byron asked, in a disgusted tone. Before Ezra had a chance to respond, Byron spoke again. "What a sick bastard! Stalking younger girls! I'll kill you if you ever so much as lay a finger on my daughter!" He was yelling now.

"Mr. Montgomery, it- it's not like that. Not at all. You-you weren't supposed to see that though..."

"But I did." Byron replied. "Please tell me why you have a binder filled with all of my daughters' old papers and such. If you're not stalking her, then what on earth is your explanation for this?" He asked, motioning towards the binder he had placed back onto Ezra's desk.

"I-I think this is something both Aria and I should explain to you." Ezra replied.

"Were you talking to her just now?" Byron asked.

Ezra simply nodded, figuring it was best not to lie.

"Call her back." Byron commanded.

Ezra obliged and pulled his phone out from his pocket. He redialed the last number he had called and Aria answered after one ring.

"Are you almost home?" She asked eagerly.


"What's wrong?" She asked, immediately noticing the change of tone in his voice.

"Your dad's here. He knows." Ezra said without any emotion. He was still in shock, that a little slip up had exposed his whole relationship to his girlfriends' father within seconds. Not to mention that the relationship was illegal before. Not to mention that Byron had probably already put two and two together, figuring out that Ezra and Aria were together while Ezra worked at Rosewood. Crap.He thought. He and Aria had a lot of explaining to do.

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