The only part of biology he actually enjoyed was the dissection. Until he accidently scarred his best friend's digimon for life.

Daisuke M/Davis & Wormmon

Rating: T

Genre/s: Humour

'Davish? Can you finish the story you were telling me on the bus?'

That was Demiveemon, bouncing up and down on a pillow on the floor, seeing as Ken's bed was mounted to the wall and too far up to bounce on and simultaneously hold a conversation with someone several feet below. Davis himself was sitting on the floor with his back leaning against the wall, eyes closed as he basked in the memory.

'You want to hear Wormmon?' he asked to the digimon that sat upon his partner's desk.

The answer was a weary "okay", seeing as Davis was known to tell rather outrageous stories on occasion.

But it was answer enough and Davis restarted for the other's benefit. 'Well, we were doing a dissection in biology-' He cut himself off with an "I wouldn't even be doing the stupid subject if it wasn't for that", before continuing. 'A worm dissection, seeing as they couldn't get enough rats…'

He missed the look on Wormmon's face as he said that, simply moving on. 'Arugawa practically mutilated his one…completely by accident this time, but even that wasn't as bad as the demonstrator's. Honestly, she expected us to turn it inside-out and then extract the digestive system.' He threw his arms up in exasperation. 'Impossible, I tell you. And I thought the class couldn't get any more sadistic. Not to mention Arugawa turned to Kanami and dared her to eat it!'

Demiveemon shared the grimace, before looking down and noticing the shell-shocked Wormmon who was swearing himself away from labs of any sort. 'Um…Davish…' He began, a tad late as the other had continued speaking.

'Kanami obviously didn't, telling him to shove it-'

'Davish!' Demiveemon yelled a little louder.

'Right. Sorry.' Davis apparently misinterpreted the shout. 'So just to prove he could, that idiot tried to shove the worm down his own throat. Luckily, the teacher turned around and caught him.'

'Davish!' His partner repeated loudly.

'Huh? What?' He opened his eyes, only to spot the still shell-shocked Wormmon. 'What'd I-Oh crap.' Apparently, he had only just made the connection which should have been blatantly obvious.

Ken chose that moment to walk in with tea, biscuits and homemade onigiri, courtesy of his mother.

It only took one glance before the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship began arranging himself a funeral.

'Davis,' the Digidestined of Kindness began, his tone deadly. 'What did you tell Wormmon?'


Ken and Davis are both in senior school by this stage, as to my knowledge that's when dissections start. I started in ninth grade, but I suppose that varies from school to school, and almost definitely between countries.

Apparently, daring people and attempting to eat dissected animals. There's always someone amongst the first year biology labs…and they're not rumors either.