Perfect Two

I am Asami Hena. Now entering in my second day of my first summer class ever in my life! It is for the incoming entrance exam of Hagunie High. Well, it's not really my intention to attend this they called "summer class". It's just that my dear parents who pay such an amount of money just to enroll me in this prestigious summer school in our town. I don't want to waste their money and I am still a very good daughter after all. Uh-oh! Well in times when I needed something.

As I enter the room, I can really sense the boringness of my summer classmates and most of all, our new slash weird slash boring summer teacher. Yeah! They're all boring! It's terrible! And for a very long time, I have to sit and listen to his discussion. And of course! With this weirdoes, eeeeh! It's so disgusting! I can believe my parents, they allowed me here?

Even though I want to go somewhere and enjoy my whole summer making great escapades. I want to be with my friends in elementary, not with this weirdoes whose eyes are looking at me horribly because my good for nothing teacher called my name.

"Hmmmm….."I just moaned lazily serves as my reply. For God's sake! I really really hate those people who spoiled and stop my imaginary mind when I am in my dreamland. I just ignore Mr. Murishito, and continue to what my engrossed mind been thinking.

"Ms. Asami Hena!" somebody is roaring and yelling at me. I saw a monster in front of me. It's a Juubi a ten tailed beast in my favorite anime naruto shippuden. It is the most powerful among the tailed beasts. It has a sharinggan-like eye that can replace the moon and put the people under illusion. Oh no! I don't want to be under its illusion. I will fight!

"Nooooooooo!" blurted out from my mouth. That when I found out that I already standing in front of my weirdo mates who didn't even have any mercy for couching me the answer when Mr. Murishito ask me a question.

"What is the average contact force between the ball and the racket?"

I was helpless. I don't know what I will do. If I can't answer the problem that I wasn't listening a while ago, l know embarrassment will pour through my whole face and even my soul. Everybody is now starting to laugh at me like I am the most foolish idiot in that classroom and maybe even outside. I look around. Up and down, even side by side. But nobody can help me. As I bow my head to cover my embarrassment, I saw a little hand writing in my armchair. It is the solution of the problem a while ago!

"Th..The force is negative five hundred kilograms meters per second squared or negative five hundred Newton, sir." I shyly spoke.

"Great, Ms. Hena. Good job, next time listen to the teacher while he or she is discussing so that he or she won't be devastated. Understand?"

"Ye….Yes, sir."

"And!" He tapped me. "Don't be out of your mind again when you are inside my class. You know that the money that your parents pay for this session? They work hard for it. And I hope you get that."

I just bow my head and said nothing. Yeah! I know it was my fault. But the truth is I don't like it in here! Eeeeeh!

"You may take your sit now."

"Thank you, sir." I thank God for that. I was just shower a little sermon but not embarrassed in front of the class. I look back to my armchair making sure that the solution was written there. And really, there it was! For the person who wrote that solution on my arm chair, I thank him. He's my savior. He saved me from my awful teacher and from the laughter of the morons. Because you know, it annoys me.


I roamed around. I waited all of my mates to go outside. I go back to my armchair and write something there.

For whom you are…..thank you for writing the solution here. Know what? You're my savior. You save me from my awful teacher….thank you so much…..:)

After writing the thank you letter in a blue colored paper, I fold it twice and paste it under the arm of my chair. I packed up my things and left the room with a smile paste on my face. I wonder if this savior of mine is a girl or a boy. Hmmp..? Maybe because I am a hopeless romantic my grossed mind thought of it. It's been a while since my first and last heart break. I remembered.

Note: guys I hope you like it….i don't know how to make a story …'s just like this… I am a first timer…