A GaMM Moment in the Sunshine

"Carolyn." Kneeling down by the wall, pulling a few weeds, the sound of his voice, that single word caused her to catch her breath, unbidden her entire body thrilled, heated and melted all as one. Brushing her hands against her knees, she stood to face him.

The memories of the previous night still filled her mind, and as if to confirm their reality, she reached out gently to touch his hand. Even if she hadn't done so, the look on his face would have told her the events she recalled were indeed real. "I've never seen you look so . . . I'd say happy, but that doesn't seem to tell the whole story," she smiled, her eyes shining as she spoke. "The children are off?" he asked quietly. "Yes, off to school and Martha's at the laundry as if this were just a normal day. So it's just the two of us – again."

Picking up her hand, he placed a single, long kiss on her palm, "My own," he said simply. She watched his expression change suddenly, in a strained voice he continued, "Carolyn, I need to ask. Last night, it was so very sudden, so unexpected, I wanted to be sure you do not feel any regrets?"

"Well Daniel," she said thoughtfully, looking down so he wouldn't see the twinkle she knew she couldn't keep from her eyes, "in fact, I do actually." Seeing the concern in his face as she peeked up at him, she reached out a comforting hand. "No, nothing like that, my regrets in no particular order are that it took so long to finally happen, second that the night seemed far too short and third, I was left wondering when we will find the time just for the two of us again."

It caught her by surprise to hear his joyous, rolling laughter. Since they had first met, his serious demeanor, his subtle jests were what she knew best. This vibrant, happy man in front of her caught her by surprise. "And you?" she asked with the assurance of a woman who knows the likely answer.

"M'dear, first, I hope those are not truly regrets," he said touching her cheek, "rather I hope you'll see them as questions we can answer together." Tilting his head to one side, he became serious again, "As for myself, I think it should not surprise you that I wish, have long wished, that I could have done things in proper order."

"I am not sure I would call mine regrets," he continued, 'but before the wondrous events of last evening, I should have liked to have dropped to one knee and asked you to be forever my own." She smiled as she watched him glance back up toward the balcony of the master cabin. "Having experienced one miracle," he said with quiet amazement, "I find I more easily expect, hope for another." "Really," she said, eyes widening, "one miracle? If I recall, I would have counted three at minimum last night."

A roguish, self-satisfied grin crossed his face, "Indeed? I was not aware you were keeping count." "AND," she interrupted with her own satisfied smile, "whether you ever asked or not, I am yours, even if last night had never occurred, never been possible. I've been yours for a long while, and I cannot imagine that ever changing now."