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The pieces of the once pale white china plate scattered along the floor, dangerously close to the 10 year old girl who was hold up her arms in defence from the fingernails trying to scratch her face.

"Why can't you do anything right! Why do you always cause trouble to those around you!" The woman yelled as her arms pulled onto the small figure's hair.

"Ah! I'm sorry!" The little girl said as her hands locked onto the woman's wirst, trying to pull the hand away.

"'Sorry' won't do anything! Do you know how much misery you caused to this family?" And with that, she threw the child against the wall and left the room.

The little girl was left sobbing on the floor, repeatingly saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I really am sorry!(1)"

The Kagamine family weren't always like this, things were much easier, happier infact. But it changed, once they lost something precious, something irreplaceable, Kagamine Len.

Rin was running to Len in the park "Len, look at the pretty flowers!" She showed the handful of flowers in her hand.

He nodded in agreement and took a flower a out and put it in her hair "Now the flower is more pretty." Causing Rin to blush.



Rin giggled, there weren't that many boys who say that this age.

"It's getting dark, let's go home." Rin nodded.

They were on the curve waiting until the light turn green and Rin turn to her brother spoke "You know…sometimes I get the feeling mum loves you more."

He turned to her with a confused look "Really? I've never noticed."

Rin shrugged and look in front of her again. The walking green man turned on so they started walking, as they were in the middle of the lane Rin caught a glimpse of red before Len shouted "Rin!" and pushed her.

"Ow…Len, did you have to push that hard? My but hurts…Len…?" She looked at what was in front of her, Len lying on the floor with is head bleeding. "Len!"

A car turned in the street as they were walking and would have hit both of them if it weren't for Len. Soon Rin found out how much their mother prefered Len over her. Her dad tried to stop her everytime but then started saving his daughter less and less and gave up after two months and started coming home later. It had been six months after Len died and her mother still blamed her other child, the other twin, his other half.

(1) I know Rin's beat up and stuff, but I couldn't help but to think it would sound better in Japanese, "Gomenasai, gomenasai. Hontoni gomenasai!" see?

Let me say this before it's too late: THIS STORY ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE! Sure, it might seem ineresting or totally cliche but I can't think of anything after two chapters!

So...who should I put as the parents? Ocs? Vocaloids? Utauloids? Engloids? Voyakiloids? Do tell, I can't think of any.

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