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"Hey! Old man! When are you going to introduce and invite me in? Actually, I'll invite myself in —thank you very much." She hopped in and slipped off her shoes. She barged into the room, treating the place as if it was her house. She flipped her hair back and stood in an arrogant stance that screamed "B**CH" and of course she was blonde and good looking.

"No wonder I felt like I forgot something, so it was you, Lily." Nero said in a monotone voice, not like he cared about the fifteen-year-old girl much, she could take care of herself. He started to check something on his iPhone.

"What? You actually forgot me? Me? You're cute, beloved niece? What the hell is wrong with you man — I'm fabulous."

Rei scowled at his cousin, "Same as ever aren't you? B*tch."

Lily smirked at him, "Same to you, damn brat." Yep, definitely the character you would hate in a novel.

"Lily? You're back? Welcome! Guys, this is Lily, cousin, lives with us on and off." Rui introduced, and unlike her brother, she seemed happy. "Lily, this is Rin." She patted Rin's shoulders and pushed her closer so Lily could take a better look.

Rin felt nervous all the sudden. It was probably because it was her first time meeting Lily. She may not know Lily, but she knows of Lily. The Kagene twins spoke of her time to time, both with completely different expressions, she didn't know what to expect.

"What's up you? You're all nervous for some reason, it's not like I'm going to bite you…yet." Rin jumped while Lily grinned before scanning the room and examined the people. "Rei. Explain."

"What? They were born that way, nothing I can do about it." He shrugged.

'Born that way'? Did she have a problem with them or something?

"But WHY? You know I like being a blonde with blue eyes, yet, why are there so many blondes? The ratio is 6:2!" She emphasised. Yes, she likes her hair because she's popular for having natural blonde hair. Well, that and having a nice figure and good looks. But now, she's practically surrounded by blondes. She face palmed.

Rei snickered, "Serves you right." He muttered.

She glared at him before smacking his head. "Whatever, I still got my looks and spunky personality to back me up so I'm in not much of a threat."

"Oh really? Remember that classmate of yours— what was her name? Oh, right, Mizki?" He reminded, "She wasn't a blonde, personality completely different to yours but she almost had the equivalent amount of boys chasing after her in the school."

"Yes, almost, but she was completely devoted to that one boy, it was quite pitiful," She shook her head sympathetically, "he hated her for some reason but even now, she devotes herself to him."

"WHAT? Mizki-san still loves him?" Rui asked in shock. "I thought she would get over him by now."

"I know right?" Lily agreed, "I know they were childhood friends and all, but still! So instead of seeing her as a rival, I feel the need to take her under my wing. I tried hook her up with someone but no, she knows what it's like to be in a unrequired-love relationship and doesn't want people experience it because of her, and in the end she'll still love that guy."

Rui sighed and patted her tears away with a handkerchief, "What a sad love story she has."

"Okay, change of topic, who's winning?" She asked as she dropped herself onto couch in front of the TV, crossing her legs on the foot seat.

"Me." Rei answered. He and Rinta went back to their battle.

"Oh." Lily replied uncaringly as she took out her iPod and unwrapped her monster beats earphones' cable and began blasting it to the point that you could even hear it even though they were in her ears.

"Is she always like this?" Rinta asked.

"Yeah," Rui answered, "Isn't she great?" She asked, her eyes sparkling.

Lenka sweat dropped, "Y-yeah, okay…"

"Rui-chan sure admires Lily-san, ne?" Rin said.

"Of course, she's like a big sister! She does what she likes and no one can stop her. When she wants something, she gets it. If she doesn't want to do something, she won't, no matter what people say. She doesn't care what people think of her, she's that confident."

"Don't you mean arrogant?" Inserted Rei.

"You're just angry that she's more stubborn then you and wins." Rui snickered. The two started glaring at eachother.

"I get it now…" Lenka observed.

"Get what?" Rinta and Rin asked.

"It's not really Lily that she admires, it's the part that she defeats Rei that she admires. "

"Wha?" This confused Rinta.

"Sibling rivalry."

The three blondes turned their heads to the source of the voice, which came from Lily. She got up from her seat and started walking toward the exit.

"Blonde guy, back to your game. Old man, my luggage." She commanded

Nero signed, "Okay then," he stood up and took out his car keys from his pocket. "I don't get why you bring your things, you end up leaving most of them here anyway and you refuse to let us clean out your room."

"They're my things!" She argued as they got to the car.

"Right. Yours. Untouchable."

"Damn right, my things are sacred things that will go on the museum displays once I leave this Earth."

"Pardon? I think my ears are getting old. Repeat one more time?"

"Why would I? Your fault for not listening properly."

"You became ruder the past year." He stated.

"What? You didn't realise? Blame the boyfriend…" She was about to continue until her uncle talked for her.

"Because you are never at fault am I right?"


—Meanwhile, inside—

"I think I understand how Rui feels." Lenka said with a faint blush on cheeks. Rin nodded in agreement.

"WHAT?" The boys turned around from their game simultaneously. "How is that even possible?"

"I don't know!" Lenka yelled, "It's probably the aura she gives off!" She defended.

Although the boys said nothing but their thoughts hanged in the air. "What aura?"

"You don't think she's planning on making a harem with both genders do you?" Rinta asked Rei in a low whisper.

"No way, narcissist but still straight." He answered. It was a mystery to them, no one understood how Lily manage to attract girls like that, even the girls themselves.

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