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Voldemort apparated to just outside the graveyard, not a single hair or cloth out of place. With a grave face he looked around, making sure that no one had followed him or seen him arrive. Five years had passed since the war had ended with Dumbledore's death. Of course the resistance had not ended at once but without anyone to lead the so called light side they had been easily defeated.

Being sure that no one, neither magical nor non magical was following him, or had noticed his arrival, Voldemort tugged his wand away. Although he could easily defeat any enemy without it he knew from experience that if he lost his wand during a fight most people believed that he was easy to defeat. Sometimes Voldemort allowed his wand to slip just so he could watch their faces when they realised that he by no means was some kind of newbie they could just take on.

He strode past the graves, already having been there so many times that he did not need to look to know where he would go. Because of the October air Voldemort was dressed in warm robes and had cast a light heating charm on himself and his clothes just to be safe. The shoes he was wearing were meant for fine dinners and not for a tour in a graveyard.

It did not take long before Voldemort found what he had been looking for. Three graves placed in the middle of the graveyard. Their simple looks betrayed the people who had been buried under them.

Voldemort nodded to the two oldest graves. Then he turned his attention to the third and newest grave. Perhaps it was wrong to call the grave new, after all it had been there for almost five years. As the other two the grave was simple looking but surrounded by small tokens, which had been placed there through time. The people who had seen Potter as a hero, friend or as a part of their family had all done something to show their respect and how much they missed him but to him he had been a traitor.

"You are early." Voldemort did not look up when the person behind him spoke up. "I finished early today." The male snorted and walked closer, not caring that it was the leader of the Wizarding world he was speaking to. "Bullshit. I bet you just left and let Lucius deal with the chaos which happens whenever people realise that their beloved lord and leader is missing. Just because Lucius is the minister of Magic it does not mean that you can pull such stunts whenever you fell like it."

Finally Voldemort looked away from the grave in front of him and met his lover's gaze. Green eyes dances with mirth and Voldemort smiled. "You are right, but I could not wait seeing you."

"Excuses, excuses." Evan said before kneeling down next to him before placing a white lily and a stag in front of the two oldest graves. Voldemort let him, using the silence between them to watch his lover more closely although he already knew everything there was to know about the other man.

The last five years had done Evan good. His lover's midnight black hair was braided and reached the end of his back. He looked healthy but the place he had been forced to live as a child had hindered his growth and not even potions could repair the damage done. Evan was dressed in simple but well made robes in a green shade which brought forth his eyes. Voldemort grimaced when he saw the smudges on the sleeves of the robe.

When Evan stood Voldemort followed him and offered him his arm. "Would you like to join me on a walk?" Evan smiled and placed a hand on top of his arm. "I would love to."

They walked in silence, not really looking at the graves they passed, but enjoying the other's presence. The few people at the graveyard stepped aside for them, used to seeing the two lovers there.

"How are Severus and Draco doing?" Evan was the first one to break the silence between them. "Severus is talking about attending a potion conference in Canada, but it is on the date where Draco's first is set to come."

"Of course he does not want to miss the birth of his first grandchild. I bet he is secretly planning on how to teach the baby potions without Hermione finding out about it."

Harry yelped when Voldemort slapped him in the back of the head although there was no power behind the slap. "Be nice and do not let Draco hear you say that. He has to deal with the whole school as the headmaster and a pregnant wife at the same time."

"If you say so."

"Besides, Narcissa and Lucius are worse. I believe that the woman has managed to buy half the baby equipment there is in Britain."

They shared a laugh. "Say, has Lucius leg started to bother him yet?" Voldemort shook his head, knowing that his lover felt bothered by the fact that Lucius' leg had been beyond remedy after it had been crushed under debris under the ministry attack. Now the cane the blond Malfoy lord used was not just for looks. "Severus scold him every time Lucius forgets to use a warming charm on himself, especially when we are heading towards colder times."

They sat down on a bench, Voldemort placed an arm around Evan's shoulder and pulled him closer until they were sitting pressed against each other's side. "I still find it hard to believe that you agreed to make me believe that you were actually dead." He did not need to look at his lover's face to see the guilty look which would be there. "It had to be done if we wanted to get rid of the prophecy. For it to be fulfilled either you or Harry Potter had to die. By making you and the whole world believe that he was dead, it was done."

Evan stretched, before continuing talking. "The only reason why Fenrir and Remus knew about the truth was because they were hiding me until all the tumult would die down. If Sanguini had lived not even they would have known about my survival. But as it was Nero dumped me with them as soon as he was sure that no lasting harm had been done to me. Besides to the werewolves I am neither Harry Potter nor Evan James, but pup, that was why it could work as well as it did."

Voldemort hugged his lover with one arm, almost afraid that he would lose him if he did not do so. "But to think that the vampire used a Polyjucie on Fudge to make him look like you? Not even Severus thought of the fact that people who use the potion and die while it is still effective does not change back to their original form." Next to him Evan nodded. "Yeah, but I am surprised that Nero managed to find Fudge. After all, I doubt very much that he was anywhere near the fight. Knowing Fudge he was either trying to sneak out or hiding somewhere."

Evan snuggled closer to him. "You act like a cat." The man sat up, looking annoyed. "What is it with people and comparing me to animals? Remus and Fenrir call me pup, but that is understandable since it is a werewolf term for someone's child. But why cat?"

The dark lord ruffled his lover hair, ignoring Evan's protests at the action. "In case you have forgotten it, Evan, your animagus form is a black kitten. It is not unusual that the animagus traits transfer over to the human. In your case you sometime act more like a feline than an actually human."

"Not my fault, with people comparing me to animals it is no wonder that I sometimes feel confused about whether or not I am actually human."

"Considering who you lived with the first half a year after the victory I cannot say that I am surprised."

Evan turned around on the bench so he could look directly at his lover. "I will let you know that the werewolves' living conditions have improved a great deal after you and Lucius took over the ministry. Remus really enjoys teaching, although I guess that Fenrir is not so happy about having to share his mate's time with, what did he call them, all those god dammed brats?"

The laugh was evident in the younger man's voice and his Avada Kedavra green eyes seemed to shine. "I visited the twins' shop today."

"How are they doing?"

"They are planning to expand to America, especially since Luna's ideas seems to be selling so good."

Voldemort did not even try to hide his grimace. The three were an unusual trio. He had never expected the Weasley twins and the former Lovegood to form a relationship much like the one Lucius, Narcissa and Severus shared. But there were some doubt about who was the father to which of the three children they had, although it did not seem to bother the two brothers. They were happy with their children. Since there was no one else left of their old family, other than the two oldest Weasley boys, who had both moved out of the country, Voldemort guessed they enjoyed having a big family of their own. He knew that Draco feared the day that the trio's children would enter Hogwarts. With two pranksters and a less than sane woman as their parents it was bound to become some interesting years.

They sat in silence for some time until Voldemort finally broke the silence with a question: "What will you do once you die? Harry Potter is already buried next to his parents." Evan shrugged. "I will worry about that once the time comes. Harry Potter is dead and it will stay so."

The dark lord placed a soft kiss at his smaller lover's forehead. "As long as I am alive I will not allow you to die." He said softly. "I am just happy that things ended the way they did. I have my own family, I still work as a ward maker and I am not seen as the Boy Who Lived. I am with you."

They did as they had done every Halloween for the last five years, sitting close together and just talking. At moments like that it meant nothing that they had once been enemies and fated to kill each other.

They were free.

They were lovers.

They were each other's family.

They chose their own fate.

He,he. Well, I said that Harry Potter was dead; I never said anything about Evan James, did I? After the stunt in the last story I am surprised that no people seemed to think of this possibility.