Love and Justice

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Chapter 1


Princes Highway, Twenty minutes from Melbourne

"God I hope I'm not late, damn this flat tire." said Jay.

"This is my first serious investigation. I can't let anything or anyone get in the way from bringing down Paul Robinson."


Andrew and Nancy have just come out of the cinema seeing Scream 4.

"What's your favourite scary movie?" said Andrew in a creepy voice.

Nancy squeals with laughter "I nearly wet myself when the skeleton wasn't in the closet but burst through the bedroom door with a knife."

Someone shouts out from the queue waiting to go in "Hey we haven't seen it."

"Wait, wait, what about when the girl was shoved off the roof on to the car, oh my god." said Andrew.

"Hey man shut your mouth." yells someone from the queue.

"No wait, the best bit was when the cop pretended to be dead in the car and his mate nearly wet himself, they weren't expecting the skeleton to come behind." laughs Nancy ignoring all the patrons displeasure.

"Way to go plot-spoilers." said someone from the queue sarcastically.

Nancy turns and smiles "Whatever." as Nancy and Andrew walk off laughing.


Summer's room

Summer tried to ring Andrew but to no avail she ends up having to text a message.

Andrew we need to talk, can you ring me back soon?

Xxx Summer

She comes out of her room and tells Lyn "I'm going to take a walk."

She goes outside.


Natasha's room

"I'm so bored, where's Andrew, he said he'd be with me today." said Natasha complaining.

"What is up with that?" says Natasha to herself.


Paul is sitting at his desk thinking about the upcoming job interview.

"I hope this kid proves to be more dedicated and trustworthy than that backstabbing low life Declan Napier." said Paul to himself.

"Hmm Jay Smith, he could prove to have potential, he's from South Australia at least he'll have no connections with the neighbourhood."

Pulling in front of the Erinsborough shops, Jay decides to ask someone for directions.

"Now where the hell is Lassiters?" said Jay frustratingly to himself.

Distracted by checking his sheet with directions to Lassiters, Jay clumsily walks into the prettiest girl he has seen in ages knocking her backwards.

"I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going." said Jay.

"That's obvious." laughs Summer brushing the dust off the pavement from her skirt.

"Can I help you?"

"That would be great." smiles Jay.

"Well." hesitates Summer. "What are you looking for?"

"Oh yeah, I was looking for Lassiters." said Jay blushing slightly.

"You're pretty close, let me walk you over there." said Summer leading the way.

Ten steps later Summer smiles "Here it is."

"Oh how embarrassing, I was virtually in front of it." laughs Jay.

"The idiot standing in front of you is Jay, what's your name?"

"Summer, nice to meet you, don't feel bad you must be new to the area." said Summer.

"Yes, I'm here for a job interview which reminds me if I don't hurry I'll be late, don't want to make a bad impression." said Jay.

"No worries." smiles Summer. "Good Luck."


Walking towards the receptionist Jay thinks to himself "Remember Jay you're not here to make friends, you're here to do your job, no time for getting involved with pretty girls."

"Good afternoon." said Jay to the receptionist. " I'm here to see Paul Robinson."

"Welcome to Lassiters Jay, take a seat while I confirm your appointment with Mr Robinson." said the receptionist.

Two Minutes Later

Paul walks into the reception area, "Mr. Smith right this way."

Jay breathes slowly thinking to himself "Game on."

"Well Jay, I'm interested to know why you'd come all this way from South Australia to apply for a job." said Paul.

"Just wanted a fresh start Mr. Robinson." said Jay.

"Tell me more, I'm intrigued." says Paul suspiciously.

"If you really want to know the truth, it's rather cliché but my fiancée was having an affair with my best mate." said Jay hoping Paul wouldn't see it through the web of lies he was about to spin around him.

"Well on to business then." says Paul not wanting to be reminded of his disastrous marriage with Rebecca.

"I'm a very organised person who works to the best of his ability." said Jay. "I think I can help this business be the best it can."

"Welcome aboard." said Paul shaking his hand.

"Great, when do I start?" said Jay.

"How about tomorrow?" said Paul.

"Sounds good." said Jay.

"Let me show you where you'll be working." said Paul showing Jay the office he'll be working in.

As Paul and Jay go back to the reception area they see Andrew outside about to go in.

"Jay, this is my son Andrew." said Paul.

"Good to meet you." said Andrew.

"Jay is going to be working for this company. Andrew can you show him around the place?" said Paul.

"Sure dad." said Andrew.

After showing Jay around, Andrew offers to take Jay to Charlie's.

"Yeah that would be cool." said Jay (he thinks to himself "Great a chance to get some inside information.")


"So tell me where did you come from?" said Andrew.

"South Australia." said Jay.

"What made you come here?" said Andrew.

"You know mate, women can't live with them, can't live without them, nothing but trouble." said Jay.

"I know what you mean man, got a couple problems of my own." said Andrew.

"Do tell." said Jay.

Just at that moment Natasha walks up to their table.

Folding her arms across her chest defensively, "Where have you been?" snaps Natasha at Andrew ignoring Jay completely.

"Hello Natasha, can I introduce you to Jay?" said Andrew.

"Yes, well back to my question." said Natasha.

"Now Tash don't be like that, I've been showing Jay the business, this is my dad's new employee." said Andrew.

"Well you could've let me know." said Natasha.

"Sorry hun but work comes first." said Andrew.

"You better make it up to me later." said Natasha.

"I'll see you later but right now Jay and I are talking business." said Andrew.

"Fine." snaps Natasha as she storms off.

"Hi Jay, How are you Jay, nice to meet you Jay." smiles Jay sarcastically at Andrew.

Andrew laughs back "Sorry about that, rather a demanding personality that one."

"No kidding, good luck with that one, let's order another coffee." said Jay.

Five Minutes Later

As Jay and Andrew are talking about some business stuff Summer comes around to their table.

"Hi Summer." said Andrew.

"Hi Andrew, Hi Jay." said Summer.

"How do you two know each other?" said Andrew surprised.

"We met when I was on my way to Lassiters." said Jay.

"And the funny thing was he was virtually standing in front of it." said Summer.

They all burst into laughter.

"Well I'll leave you guys to your business and congratulations Jay well done."

Leaning forward to kiss Andrew on the cheek and whispers "Call me later babe."

Raising his eyebrows Jay grins "You're a busy man aren't ya."

Shrugging his shoulders, Andrew just grins back.

Andrew's mobile rings, "Hello Nancy, what's up?"

Jay rises from his seat, mouthing "I'll leave you to it mate." smiles Jay. "Catch you later."

Andrew gives Jay the thumbs up, calling "See you later."

Jay couldn't get away quick enough "What a bloody wanker." he thinks to himself. "It's going to be hard to pretend to be his friend." "Can't believe someone as nice as Summer could love a jerk like that."