Love & Justice

Chapter 4


Six Months Later


Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

Jay and Summer are just sitting peacefully on the grass having a picnic.

"It's sure interesting how everything has changed in the last six months." reflects Jay.

"Yes it sure changed for the better." smiles Summer.

"Twenty-two years is not long enough for evil like him but it'll give that Paul Robinson plenty of time to think about what he did." says Jay.

"I agree you sure outsmarted him, do you think there's any chance Andrew will become a better person and not become like his father?" said Summer.

"I better hope so for his sake because guys in Sydney don't take kindly to other guys cracking on to their girl, could find himself buried in a ditch." said Jay.

"Agree but also Nancy wasn't as honest as everyone thought she was about being pregnant." said Summer.

"She sure was deceitful about the pregnancy so she could have a rich partner supporting her for life." said Jay.

"It was a very shallow thing for her to do but I feel bad for Natasha because Andrew never told her about his secret affair with Nancy." said Summer. "That was so low and not cool at all, hate guys that do that."

"Don't worry Summer, there's no way that I'd do that to you, I experienced it myself when my fiancee was having an affair with my best mate, when you work as a pair in the police force you gotta trust when your mate does something like that you're not sure if they'll cover your back if you're in a bad situation at work." said Jay dramatically.

"Oh." said Summer. "I'm so sorry honey."

"So what happened to them?"

"Actually it's quite tragic, I found out he was a rogue cop dealing with some very undesirable people and they didn't like something he did, they killed them both." said Jay.

"Why did they kill her too?" asked Summer surprised.

"It was unlucky really, she just happened to be with him at the time." said Jay.

"Wow that's awful." said Summer.

"Well enough of that bad past already, it's a new start." said Summer on a brighter note.

"I decided to retire and start a new career." said Jay.

"You can't do that, you love the force and I can't be responsible for you giving up your career." said Summer.

"I've seen enough violence and I don't want to put the one I love in danger, you're more important to me than some silly career." said Jay.

"Well what are you going to do?" said Summer.

"Well this is the best part my love, I'm going to settle in Erinsborough and write." said Jay.

"Are you sure this is what you want to do?" said Summer.

"You inspired me Summer, I always like writing when I was back at school and I met a few interesting characters in my line of work, I'm pretty sure I can turn into a best seller." laughs Jay.

"Well at least enough to pay the rent." teases Summer.

"Very funny Summer." laughs Jay.

"Well does that mean Greg will come down and visit, I'm sure Lyn will like that." smiles Summer mischeviously.

"I see your new career is going to be matchmaking." laughs Jay.

They both laugh together.

The End...