DICLAIMER:I do not own Lord of the Rings,Inheritance Cycle,Percy Jackson & the Olympians,or Harry Potter however I will not apologize for using the Prayer Warriors as it is evil and should not have a diclaimer.I do not mean to insult Christianity altogether except for people like Thomas Brown who think they are "superior" to everyone else.

(a/n Warning:this story contains an infamous author being tied and beaten up by popular fantasy characters and a mad hippie viewer discretion is advised.)

So today,I was reading the Prayer Warriors:the Evil Gods. Since he finished with Percy Jackson, he was moving on to Harry Potter,me and Ted decided this could not go on so we gathered Camp Halfblood,Varden,the students of Hogwarts,and the Fellowship of the Ring in my room to plan our strategy.

"People of Camp Halfblood,the Varden,the Fellowship,and of course the mary-suish students of Hogwarts."believe me,if looks could kill,Hogwarts would be a death house."Ted and I have called this congregation together to discuss Thomas Brown of Christ and his hateful army of Prayer warriors who have killed or insulted half the world's population,I have decided that we attack his evil Church of Trolls and burn it to the ground."

The first wave of Prayer Warriors were screaming."Filthy heathens!Accept the ways of our Lord or burn in the fires of hell."they were led by the anti-Percy,who claimed to be Percy Jackson but was really a tool created by the wicked Thomas Brown to mislead the demigods.

Then the demigods jumped upon them but forgot that Celestial Bronze didn't affect mortals so they were easily beaten however ,the Fellowship of the Ring managed to drive the the Prayer Warriors back.

The second wave of the trolls were led by Mary,an ugly ogre with a terrifying spear and sword. She fought Sapphira one-on-one but defeated the blue dragon. It took several hours to defeat Mary's battalion as these trolls seemed a little more strategic then the last wave. By the time the ogre was dead,we lost 1/3 of our army.

Finally,we had to retreat to a temple of Odin where the Church of Jell,led by Benry were recruited."We are willing to help overthrow Thomas Brown."they confirmed.

(To Be Continued.)

(a/n so,was it any good?The reason I wanted to have the Congregation to lose a few battles is because it wouldn't be any fun if they always won. Oh and I didn't come up with the Church of Jell, but I did come up with the Church of Gerald... why aren't they here yet?)