Hello Guys! I finally write a Fic about them, actually this pairing is not my favorite but my friend request it so I write for them. So I'm not very good at summary but I really serious write this fic. And Sorry for bad grammar, I'm still beginner so don't blame me, but if anyone have tips for me, you can tell me :) So hope you enjoy this fic!

Just To Be With You


Kiriha sitting in a big, hard rock. He was thinking now...'oh yeah, we arrive in Honey Land, met Mervamon, defeat Zamielmon and met Yuu...her brother, Nene...Nene...why she can't get out from my head...?' Kiriha stared the sky, the sky was so beautiful...

Suddenly Nene appear "What are you doing?" she said with sweet smile, Kiriha surprised and jumped to other side, he blushing madly. "W-what are you doing?" she look at him surprised. "I supposed to said that.." "well, I just killing time in here kay?" she gigled 'God! She look like an angel' thought Kiriha "C'mon! Let's gathering with everyone okay?" I nodded and followed her.

"I can't forgive them for killing Zamielmon-sama..." A dark creature Digimon said behind them.

Kiriha walk nervously beside her, She kinda notice it. "hum? Something wrong Kiriha?" "no-nothing..." they silence for while "Kiriha?" "Yeah!" he said half-surprised. "you know, you bit different right?" "hum...yeah...because..." "because?" she move her head more close to him which make him more blush, he can't say he change his hair style just for want more attention from her, think think think...kiriha... "Because of Taiki! I realize my mistake and and... he the one who save me from Darknightmon..." I blurted out, she nodded like she understand. "You're right! Without Taiki maybe we will end up with Bagura of course! They using our weakness in our heart and using our body, but Taiki didn't give up and help me even he know I was his enemy, he save me and promise me to..."

She said about Taiki so much, I felt so irritating...I'm jealous...?


No no no! Taiki only for Akari, and Nene can be with anyone. I will update more chapter soon!