Author's Note:

In deference to the current hulabaloo regarding ffnet, I would like to assure all my lovely readers that I am still alive and writing, just taking a bit of a break. Real Life and lack of a muse are getting to me sadly x.x If my account does disappear, which it may and I will be very sad about it, I would like everyone to know that my stories are/will be available elsewhere.

1. Hpfandom under the name skyesnape

2. My Insanejournal: blueskycloud9 . insanejournal . com

3. I will be posting to Arhive of Our Own as well under the same name: blueskyecloud9

EDIT: Just to make this clear, I'm not leaving Ffnet. Unless they make me. I will be here until they throw me out :] Just to reassure all of you.