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Dean has never claimed that he kept his bedroom tidy.

In fact, he'd go as far as to say that since he'd moved out of his parents house, no effort whatsoever has gone into keeping his own personal room in any liveable state, and since Lisa had passed away, even less than no effort had been given to maintaining his bedroom. He's actively made it messy just so he could sleep, jammed in with all his clutter, as opposed to alone in a bed that suddenly felt too big.

If he'd known, if some cosmic sign had descended from the heavens to tell him that he was going to get laid any time soon...he probably would have cleaned. They've been dating for a week, and to be fair that was probably enough notice for him to actually do something about his room, but it was amazing how three kids could eat up your time.

They also only have an hour without the kids, so the hell was he going to clean now.

As it is he and Castiel stagger over discarded shirts, books and broken toys he'd put aside to throw out or mend. Cas has it the worst because he's going backwards, being currently plastered to Dean's front. Dean tips them both over onto the bed, finding purchase on the wrinkled sheets. Castiel stiffens suddenly, groans in a way that definitely isn't out of pleasure and rolls to the side, removing the skipper doll that had poked him in the spine. Dean tosses it to the side and pulls Castiel up the bed, (right under Ben's mural of the tiger with the sombrero rendered in crayon).

Dean pulls Castiel's shirt off over his head, shedding his own and kissing his way down the other man's chest until he's squirming, eyes closed and mouth sucking in harsh breaths. Dean's just insanely happy that they made it here, he can barely stop grinning long enough to kiss the man underneath him.

"Ow." Cas mutters as their teeth bump.


Castiel presses his hand to the rising bulge in Dean's jeans, snatching his breath away. Dean rocks down on him and they pick up the pace quite nicely from there.

The front door slams.

Dean's head shoots up.

"Damn it." He groans.

Castiel's hips rub almost subconsciously against his own. They stay otherwise still and silent, listening expectantly. When no further sound comes Dean pushes Castiel back against the mattress and sucks lightly at the side of his neck. Castiel's hands rub at his naked back, trailing the edges of his nails lightly.

"So, we have to be quick?" The smaller man gasps.

"Rabbit quick." Dean agrees. "Lightning...highschool groping quick."


Dean slides his hand down the front of Cas's jeans. "Complaining?"

The strangled sound he receives in reply is reward enough. Castiel squirms against his hand, clutching at Dean's shoulders as he raises his hips and grinds into Dean's warm palm.

"It's my turn!"

Dean winces at Anna's shrill yell from downstairs.

"Is not! You watched that buffy marathon yesterday." Adam bellows.

"Because you weren't here, it doesn't count!"

Castiel's shaking hand finds its way into Dean's jeans without warning, rubbing and pressing fast and furiously. Dean buckles, redoubling his efforts on Cas's own erection.

"But I want to watch Smallville." Adam shouts, his anger raised anew.

"It's shit!" Anna responds.

Castiel moans, Dean covers his mouth with one hand, shushing softly.

"I'll tell Dad."

Castiel's eyes open wide, eyebrows shooting upwards. Their hands move faster, hips bucking urgently.

"Dick!" Anna yells, her voice followed by feet hammering on the stairs.

They break apart, still too hot and unsatisfied. Dean pulls his shirt on and sticks his head around the door just as the kids arrive on the landing, still squabbling.

"I gave you money for icecream." Dean growls.

"We were going to miss smallville" Adam complains.

"Which is still shi...Dad...what's that on your neck?"

Dean slaps a hand over the rapidly forming hickey and ignores the sound of Cas trying not to laugh.

"Ew." Adam says blankly. "Dad, if you wanted to have sex you should have just said." he nudges his sister. "I'll tivo it."

They thunder off back downstairs to collect Ben, and then the front door slams again.

"Thank Christ." Dean sighs.

"Keep one foot on the floor!" Anna yells from outside, waving cheerily at the bedroom window.

"And use protection!" Adam adds.

"Hello Cas!" Ben bellows.

Castiel sticks his head out of the window sheepishly.

"Hi Ben." He waves.

Dean flops down on the bed and nearly impales himself on half a Barbie with a G.I. Jo torso attached to it. He's not sure Ben has taken their talk to heart.

He assumed this was punishment for stealing his brother's boyfriend.

Not that Sam seemed to mind all that much.

And, on a related note, things did seem to have worked out rather nicely for Balthazar.