Song lyrics used in this are a mix between the Disney movie and the Paris De Notre Dame (1956) movie – i love them both

The people of Paris were all bubbling in excitement. Today was the Feast of Fools. They Gypsies all danced into the square with their tents and music, it had been almost a year since the views of the people had changed and accepted them into society. Though there were few who still distrusted them, but overall, times had changed and they were regarded as entertaining, mystical and fascinating people and the people of Paris loved them, enchanted by them. They owed it all to the great Lord Facilier. He had spoken up for them, and because of them they were able to live without the fear of being attacked.

Lord Frollo descended from his large, Iron carriage, wrinkling his nose in disgust at the Gypsies that were all around, singing, dancing, cheering. Doing their tricks and witchcraft. He had never hid his distaste for the people, to him they were a vermin that needed to be banished. He raised his head high as he climbed the steps to his platform and nestled into his throne. He glared down at the people as they sang, danced, drank and celebrated this ridiculous day. How he hated being here.

A second carriage pulled up next to his, this one gold and white and larger than his. He sat forwards in his seat eagerly, the Prince had finally arrived. The door opened and out came the young Prince. He grinned excitedly as the music and sights of the day reached his senses, he was a very handsome man, his skin a sun-kissed mocha, his eyes large and brown, a full head of thick, curly hair. Frollo stood and greeted the young prince as he climbed up the Platform.

"Ah, Prince Naveen, how good of you to join us on this Day of...he...extravagance." Frollo said, not meaning a single word as he bowed slightly to the Prince, hating the young, innocent Prince simply for his love of the Gypsies.

"Lord Frollo, it's good of you to invite me while i am staying here in Paris." Replied the Prince, "And please, call me Naveen" he said, taking his seat in the slightly smaller Throne next to Frollo's

Frollo smiled at him and faced the crowd, wishing that the Lord on high would smite the vermin for their sins. Spare me, my Lord, their sins need punished. He prayed silently.

There was a third throne on the other side of Frollo's throne. It remained empty, reserved for the Lord Facilier. Frollo hated him above all, for the Gypsies' being accepted and loved by society now was all his fault. He and that Gypsy woman of his. In truth, Frollo only put up with Facilier because of her. He hated to admit it, but her beauty enchanted and sparked a fire in him he'd rather not have. He cursed her to damnation for sparking such feelings in him, and that she was the only reason he had not had Facilier killed so far.

Naveen was visiting Paris as it was in an alliance between the two lands and as a Prince, it was his royal duty to keep the bonds fresh and strong between the lands. This was his first visit to Paris and being a young, naive 19 year old, he was drawn in by the Gypsies and their strange ways. Frollo had extended an invitation to the Feast of Fools to him and was already regretting doing so as the young Prince was sitting on the edge of his seat, "ooing" and "Ahing" at everything around him.

The crowd hushed as the Gypsy Clopin rose up onto the main stage and called the attention of all with his song.

"Come on, come all!" he sang, his voice loud and reaching all, "Welcome Lord Facilier!" smoke as black as ebony erupted on the stage and seemed to swirl around then dispersed. There in it's place stood the Lord Facilier. He took off his hat and bowed to the adoring crowd, cheered on by the Gypsies. He replaced his hat on his head and disappeared in a puff of black smoke, only to re-appear at the foot of Frollo's platform. He waved to the crowd and mounted the steps in an unearthly grace. He bowed low to Lord Frollo and then again to Naveen.

"My Lords, so glad of you to attend our little party" he said, smirking, knowing full well how Frollo despised him and his Gypsies.

Frollo inclined his head stiffly but otherwise remaining silent.

Facilier chuckled and looked to Naveen who was gazing at him with wide, excited eyes. "And you must be the good Prince Naveen." He tipped his hat to him, "Good to meet you"

Naveen's grin broadened, "Pleasure is all mine" he said, inclining his head.

"Yes." Facilier seemed to be looking at Naveen with new eyes, a dangerous aura hung around the Lord, he was mysterious and not one to trust in Frollo's eyes, and he could sense something very dangerous in him but did not know what. As he looked at the young Prince, Frollo could have sworn his eyes glinted red, but he shook his head and dropped the thought as Facilier took his seat beside him.

Clopin was back on the main stage, continuing his song, "Hurry, hurry, here's your chance! See the mystery and romance!" he danced around the stage, drawing in the people to his song. He glanced up at Facilier and then continued, "Meet the finest girl in France make and entrance to entrance!" Clopin moved to the centre of the stage and raised his fist above his head, "Dancer Esmeralda!" he threw pink powder onto the floor and disappeared in it, it cleared and onstage was Esmeralda.

Frollo leaned forwards in his seat eagerly, forgetting himself as his thoughts were took over by the beauty onstage. Facilier watched him, chuckling darkly and kicking his legs up on the wall of the booth, lounging comfortably in his chair, pleased with his trick. He glanced over at Naveen and almost laughed out loud at his reaction.

Naveen's eyes widened as he leaned so far forwards in his seat he almost fell off as he looked on the stage at the most beautiful woman the young Prince had ever seen. She was tall, with caramel chocolate skin, accented by her thick, black hair which was curled, and hung long, just past her shoulders. She had big sparkling emerald green eyes – such a bright colour that stood out against her dark hair and skin. Her face was absolutely beautiful, she looked exotic and unusual. A gold band ran along her forehead like a crown. She wore a jewelled top that only just covered her generous breasts. It accented her breasts and looked beautiful, covered in beads and sequences, and showed off her strong and slender form and flat stomach, and a long skirt that stopped just above her ankles, slit at the sides to reveal her long, strong legs. It was a deep green colour, decorated with a swirling pattern all over in a gold thread. Around her waist and over her skirt was a jewelled sash that matched the beaded design of her top. Her feet were bare, gold bangles around her ankles and wrists and she wore a gold hoop earring in one ear.

Naveen found himself hypnotised by her, she was beautiful. She looked so exotic and mesmerising. Frollo was saying something but he wasn't listening. All his senses were focused on the goddess on stage. She was dancing to the loud, jolly music that her fellow Gypsies played. Naveen watched as her hips swayed from side to side, her skirt moving along with them. He watched as her hair splayed around her as she spun around. He watched as her eyes found his. His heart stopped as she looked at him, a seductive smirk forming on her lips. His heart lurched as she winked at him.

"...Disgusting display"

Naveen's attention was snapped back to Frollo at those words. Was he not seeing the same beauty as he? How on earth could he sat that?

Lord Facilier kicked his feet down from the wall of the stage and straightened in his chair, he glared at the Lord Frollo dangerously.

"Gypsies are not disgusting" he said slowly, his voice low and dangerous, "Those who are too blind to see their beauty and good are the disgusting ones."

Frollo, seemingly unable to come up with a reply resorted to sticking his nose in the air and facing back to the stage.

Facilier's eyes slid to Naveen's and he smiled, then returned his gaze to Esmeralda, Naveen copying him, all too eager to look at the beautiful goddess of a woman onstage.

Esmeralda raised her arms around her head, her mouth opened and she began to sing, and Naveen was hypnotised.

"Oh i love no one, my heart's my own!" she sang, her voice was sensual and beautiful, flawless and velvety.

"My heart will always belong to me, the Gypsy heart must stay wild and free"

The music swelled and her dance became more intense, her movements were sensual and almost violent, moving with and to the music. She moved to the edge of the stage where many men all moved closer, eager to be near her, struck dumb by her beauty. Suddenly, she pulled out a gold dagger, holding it high above her head as if to strike someone with it, instead she began spinning, faster and faster. She laughed out loud and after one final spin, disappeared in a puff of smoke and re-appeared as Facillier had done at the foot of the stairs to the Lord's Booth. Naveen had no time to wonder how the magnificent trick was possible as the gypsy woman danced up the steps and sat on top of Frollo's lap, gripping onto the front of his dark robes and pulling him so close to her. Then laughing and pulling away, tipping his hat down over his eyes. Frollo fixed himself angrily and glared at her as she moved over to Naveen, all the while moving in perfect grace to the music. She caressed his cheek gently, leaning in close as she had with Frollo, her green eyes sparkling. Then she was gone, leaving behind a puff of smoke once more and re-appearing onstage.

Naveen's mind was a flurry of excitement, her heat and scent still filled his senses and his heart seemed to want to dance out of his chest and join the beauty onstage.

Esmeralda winked at Facilier who simply grinned back and then with a final twirl and a mischievous laugh she was gone in a puff of smoke.

Naveen joined the crowd in cheering enthusiastically for the goddess.