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It had almost been fifteen years since Yoruichi has decided to take a little journey out in the real world and it seemed that she had wiped herself off the map. Kisuke always hoped that he would receive something from her, just to reassure him that she was okay. He didn't dare go to look for her because he knew that he would have met those eyes of hers and she would have been furious. For every day that passed by, he couldn't help but notice that his withdrawal symptoms were catching up on him from not feeling the presence of the princess, his princess. Like every other day he woke up restless having dreamt of her walking through the door again and he would finally be able to get a good night sleep, but as his hopes would reach a high, it would smash to pieces as the sun made its set. He wanted something to distract him, something new, but he couldn't concentrate.

"Uhhh Urahara-sama"

The voice of Tsukabishi Tessai made Urahara jolt in surprise, his head a little hazy from all the thinking that he had just done,

"What is it?" He asked.

"You have a letter from Rukia" Tessai replied.

The word 'letter' for Kisuke worked him up, but after learning who it was from made his heart drop. When the fuck is that woman coming back? She said 'little' journey. A complete liar she is. Tessai handed the letter to him and noticed that it was an invitation to her wedding. Tessai attempted to walk away but was soon interrupted by Urahara,

"Wait, Rukia is getting married to Kurosaki? Since when?"

Tessai sighed knowing that Kisuke had fully blown off his memory and had forgotten that Ichigo had purposed to Rukia eight months ago. He couldn't believe that after fifteen years, Ichigo finally had the balls to ask Rukia to marry him. This made Kisuke wonder what Byakuya thought of this. Although Rukia and Ichigo were dating, he had seen their relationship blossom into a committed and intimate one. He could see the love in his eyes, and she the same. They had grown so close together he thought that they were the best together, no matter their differences,

"Urahara-sama, remember the engagement party? Oh, my bad, you drank too much 'sake' that night. I think you wouldn't keep any kind of event that transpired you in your memory banks"

Kisuke started to massage his temples as he stared at the invitation. Who was he going to go with? He certainly wouldn't go on his own. If only Yoruichi was here. His chocolate goddess. Damn her, why couldn't she be here? For all he knew, it could have been their wedding that people were attending! That thought slipped his mind a little too much. He shook his head before giving Tessai a fake smile,

"Uh yes, now I remember. That orange head finally found some courage. Right now I can see Isshin having an early welcome-to-the-family party already"

The sun had finally set and the shop had been closed up, now Kisuke had the whole night to himself. Dragging himself to his room, he closed the door behind him before staring out his window, the moonlight shining through already. A soft sigh passed his lips before he would draw the curtains to a close and collapse onto his futon. Bloody hell Yoruichi, hurry up. I don't want to go to this damned wedding alone. You're completely torturing me already by not even saying a thing for nearly fifteen years. Kisuke lay frustrated, slowly drifting off to sleep.

"Kisuke! Kisuke! KISUKE!"

A velvet voice filled the atmosphere as the sun beamed into his room knowing full well that voice he just heard was one that he could never forget. With only his boxers on he ran to his door and pulled it open to see the woman he always waited for right before his eyes. She was wearing a low cut dress that gave off enough cleavage for Kisuke eyes to widen. Even after all the years that had passed, she hadn't gained a pound, not even a wrinkle had appeared, and she was simply the same, his princess. The green and yellow colours that spread across the fabric of her dress complimented her dark skin, just as her eyes would be bought out by the bright colours,

"Yoruichi-san, you're here! You're finally home"

Her arms suddenly wrapped around his neck, her lips embracing his. His eyes widened only for a moment before closing them, his whole body melting right before her. She pushed him forward, shutting the door behind her and with that done; she deepened the kiss, her tongue entering into his mouth, rubbing against his. He let out a small groan letting Yoruichi know that he was enjoying the kiss that they were sharing. She smiled against his lips as they drew nearer to his futon. Once there, she laid him on his back as she lay on top continuing to kiss him. His hands lingered around her body feeling the curves he missed, like an eternity had gone by. Even with her dress on, he could feel her nipples hardening on his chest. Moving his right hand down her back, he cupped her right buttock, squeezing it. A groan escaped Yoruichi by his touch. Wrapping his free arm around her back, he drew their bodies closer so that his warmth could engulf her. It was then she pulled back, her head resting on the nape of his neck as he continued to place delicate kisses along her neck line, shivers running down her body,

"Ohh Kisuke" she muttered, placing her hands on his toned chest.

It was then, his eyes fluttered open, darkness the only thing greeting him to the middle of the night. He was sweating from head to toe. And his muscles had tensed up. It was all a dream. Fuck. It felt real. Too real. Ugh, this is just going to get worse. After that, Kisuke couldn't sleep. So he decided that he would head down stairs and busy himself. It had only been fifteen minutes while he cleared things and there was a knock at his door. Who could want something at…He looked at the clock and saw that it was four in the morning… four in the morning! He made his way to the door, running his fingers through his messy hair, then slid the door open to see that one of his past customers stood in front of him,

"Neliel? My goodness what brings you here at this time of the morning?"

Her olive eyes met his before she answered, tucking a piece of her long strands of green hair behind her ear,

"I was wondering if you got an invitation from Kuchiki-san to her wedding?"

"Indeed I did. Did you?"

"Yes, it's just that Grimmy doesn't feel like he should go. I was thinking that you could convince him?" She said looking to the ground. Although the Arrancars were enemies, Urahara had helped them when all they wanted was to live a normal life, even if they possessed great power,

"I guess he still hates Kurosaki's guts huh?" He replied. She had a pout on her face as she folded her arms across her chest,

"Yes. He just won't settle in with him around. At first he had gotten over it, but since we got the invitation which was only eleven hours ago, he refuses to go. I have thought of many ways to get him to go, but I think he will know what I'm doing"

Urahara listened to her knowing full well what Grimmjow was capable of. After a year or two, he had shown his gratitude towards Urahara for giving them gigai's so that they could live happily. This happy couple story was just driving him crazy; he wondered when he was going to get his big day. Now he really felt like he was alone,


Kisuke soon snapped out of his little spaz and looked back at the green haired beauty,

"Well Nel, if I were you I would use the whole 'if-you-loved-me' speech. Comes in handy at times like these"

Her eyes widened before clasping her hands together,

"Oh why didn't I think of that? Thank you Urahara-kun!"

She gave him a quick hug before leaving shouting behind her 'see you at the wedding!'

It was late afternoon now, and Kisuke found it absolutely annoying that he had nothing to do. No one to talk to. Ururu and Jinta had started college already, and they stayed in their own dorms. The only time that he got to see them was when the holidays were starting. And since Rukia had decided to do the wedding in the weekend, it suited all those that worked during the week. He sat there with his elbows on the bench, looking as if he were waiting for customers to walk in; but really, he was day dreaming about nothing.

The phone started to ring and it was answered within the first three rings. Urahara saw Tessai and he handed him the phone. He looked at Tessai before speaking,

"Who is it?"

Tessai shrugged his shoulders,

"I don't know, they just said they wanted to talk to you. It sounded like a male on the other side"

His eyes widened not knowing what to expect,

"Moshi moshi"

There was a little hesitation before there was an answer,


Urahara felt his heart burst into a million pieces. The sound of this voice sent him almost into a heart attack and he couldn't believe his ears,


A small smile crept up on her face as she spoke again,

"Long time no talk"

"Are you kidding me? It's been almost fifteen years, where the hell have you been?" He replied, trying to contain himself,

"I'm sorry Kisuke-san, I'm coming back. I'm sorry if I made you worry" She innocently said.

"Worry? Yoruichi-san, I was almost ready to kill myself. What took you so long to get in touch?"'

"Well I was in my feline form, so I was able to survive for a while. Rukia is getting married is she not? I couldn't let you go alone?"

She knows? She was thinking of me? Shit.

"I guess not…" He replied knowing that he was only happy that he was finally able to speak to her.

"Come now Kisuke-san, I can't miss me that much can you?"

He paused. What do you mean I can't miss you THAT much? It's been fifteen years! What do you expect me to do? Forget about you? Are you bloody crazy?

"I was worried Yoruichi-san. Remember, you came with me to the real world so I only feel it's my duty to also protect you"

She scoffed on the other side of the line,

"Oh please, you make me sound weak. Remember you were able to do that in our childhood, but I'm a big girl now, I can take care of myself"

Don't you think I know that? He said in his mind.

"When will you be back?"

Another smile crept up onto her face before answering,

"Should be in the next day or so. Won't take me that long. I am the goddess of the Flash step don't forget"

"I'll be waiting Yoruichi-san" Kisuke replied, his heart almost ready to launch out of his chest.

"And I'll be there Kisuke-san" Her tone was almost seductive and reassuring that she wasn't telling a lie. And Urahara was certain that his princess was coming back…finally.

Anytime now Yoruichi was going to be back, and everything will be back to normal. Tessai could see the sudden change in Kisuke's attitude and also his moods. For the past eleven years he was dull and just doing task for the sake of it. But now, he was actually smiling a lot, even behind his favourite green and white striped hat, the lights in his eyes could be seen. Ururu and Jinta could see there was change in his demeanour, but they didn't know what to make of it.

Night had fallen and Kisuke had gone to bed happy knowing that his princess was going to be home anytime soon; and it was sooner than he thought. His door creaked open as a figure would make itself through. The curtains had been left open this time and it was good that he had done so. The figure was already near Kisuke; its small structure purring as it studied the man's expression on his face. The creature's golden orbs glowed; its figure revealed by the moons light. The feline purred louder just before licking his nose.

He scrunched his face up feeling the wet sensation but it seemed that the cat had succeeded in waking him. His grey hues stared at the animal that was on him as he woke and knew exactly who it was. A small grin curled on his lips as he would sit up. His hand reached out to her scratching behind her right ear,

"Oh Yoruichi-san, you just had to wake me didn't you?"

The blankets had fallen to his waist, Yoruichi making herself comfortable on his legs. She meowed before she would transform into her human form. Her entire body was naked and she was up against his hard chest. Kisuke's cheeks instantly flustered into a red colour as he tried to control his hormones, but it was impossible; she was right in front of him, testosterone rushing through his body so fast that his manhood had taken on a very different form,

"Wake you? Oh yes, I had to wake you. I know how much you dream of me like this Kisuke"

He didn't say a thing knowing that all of it was true; but he didn't want to confess to it,

"I'm a gentleman Yoruichi-san, I couldn't possibly think a princess such as yourself would be like 'this' to me"

She knew that he was lying. But that stop her from performing her actions. Her hands ran down the sides of his muscular body nibbling at the lobe of his ear before whispering into it,

"Oh I know you are…but I know you can't forget the previous encounters we have had. I'm sure I don't have to force it out of you. It's been fifteen years, no, more, but I don't mind now"

He gulped knowing exactly what she was talking about,

"You already know that I love you Yoruichi-san, it's not easy to keep away from you"

Kisuke's heart was already thumping so hard as she bit his ear and whispered into her ear; her hot breathe teasing him,

"I love you too Kisuke"

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