This takes place after Fast Five. Just my idea. I'm writing this for fun, so don't be so judgmental. Of course You can write what You think. Maybe You will have some ideas for next parts. Sorry for my English. Have fun!

Somewhere near Berlin, Germany, in a garage.

- Hey Lett, You won't believe! I think I found him! Said Leon. He is older now, there are few wrinkles on his face and a small scar on left cheek. He is grown up man with a lot of past, good and bad memories. He is sitting in a chair in front of his laptop with an really exciting smile on his face.

- Lett? You're going? You hear me? I said I found him! I found Dom! – Leon said again.

- Leon, I don't believe you. You said that last time, and the time before that. Remember? Letty was under the hood of her car. She was wearing short jeans and a black wifebeater. There was w bandage on her right thigh slightly covered with dirt.

- Ok You don't won't to come to me, so I've come to You. Said Leon, who was now standing near her with his back lean on her car's front door. – Just listen. Remember that about year ago he was in Brazil? I knew that from my friend who he was racing with. He won his car then. Cops were all over them…

- Leon I remember. They where in tv even here in Germany. Talk faster. She interrupted him.

- You're really not nice. So…He is back in Rio. He goes there from time to time and race.

- No way. It's impossible. I don't believe it. He never risks only for racing on the streets.

- There is something more, that you're not going to like…

- What? She said and straighten. - Tell me Leon. She looked at him.

- Dom comes with somebody. Always with the same girl.

Letty slamed the hood of her car and put hand on top of it. She closed her eyes.

- She's not a skank? She asked

- She's not a skank. Leon said. - You want to know my opinion?

- Yes

- I think he met her when he was in Rio for the first time. I think he is not coming back to her but with her. I think she is with him all the time..

- Enough Leon. Please.

- No, listen. He doesn't want to go back there but she is. I think she has something there to come back. She will bring us to him!

- I can't leave, You know that…

- I will. I will find him and tell that You're alive. Lett, he must to know. He will decide what to do. Just let me go to Brazil…

- Go. You're right, he needs to know. He deserves it.

- Now?

- Not now but tomorrow. He won't be there forever. Now we need to find out how to get there.

- Ok I will check flights… wait a second.

Letty sat on the hood and put a hand on her wounded leg. It hurts her but she tries no to show that. She has long braided hair with a slightly to long fringe. She has a grease on her cheek and looks very tired and exhouseted.

- Lett, I think I need to go now. There is a flight in 2 hours. There are free seats. Next is tomorrow at the same time. Let me go today.

- Ok. But we need to think what You need. They're not looking for You, so You can go easly… You can't contact me, remember. I will be waiting here. If something happen and I will need to run I will run on east maybe to Poland…

- Hey, relax. You won't run. You have a broken car, and a wounded leg. Just stay here and nobody will found You. Don't be so scared! I'm not recognizing you!

- Leon, how the hell am I supposed to no be scared? I'm stuck here. You're leaving…

- Everything will be ok. You'll see. I will be back here with Dom and everything will be just as it should be years ago.

- I'm scared for you not me! I'm the boss remember?

- Yes Lett, but now You're and injured boss, who is wanted by DEA, FBI and God knows who else. So You're staying.

- Leon, there is a great chance that he won't believe you that I'm alive. Tell him then that I couldn't find him…

- I know you couldn't I will tell..

- Wait! Don't interrupt me. Tell him that I couldn't find him because I couldn't feel the stink of skanks around him.

- What? What do you mean by that?

- He will know, just tell him. Oh and is Mia with him?

- I don't know. The friend of mine sow only Dom and that girl.

He put laptop to his case. And hugged Letty.

- Take care girl! Don't worry and clean that wound please, it's not looking good.

- Be careful please. If you will think that something is wrong, leave. We will try next time. Don't risk!

- Bye girl