This is just the ending I had to write. I hale an idea for next story but I had to give an ending to this one. I know it's short.

Dom was sitting still, looking at his goergous Letty.

She started to wake up. Letty opened Her eyes and sit immediatly on the and pointed Her gun on Dom.

- „Letty, baby it me" said Dom puting his hands up.

One tear run Her cheek.

- „You fucking scared me, Torreto!" she said, putting down the weapon. She got up fast and run into him. Letty sat on his lap and put Her head on his shoulder. Dom put his hands protectivly around her and kissed her shoulder.

- „I can't believe you're alive… how is this possible? Tell me what happened" Said Dom kissing Her Neck, shoulder, cheek.

Letty looked into his eyes and put one hand on his cheek

- „not now, I will tell You everything later" – she said and kissed him with passion.

-„ Dom, I've missed you so much"

He kissed her back. She put her legs around him. Dom stood up with Letty and sat them down on the sofa she was sleeping earlier. They stopped for a moment and looked into each other eyes"

- I hope it's not another of my dreams Letty"

-„I hope that too" she answered and kissed his forehead.

Dom huged her tight and put his face to her chest. His hands where on her back pressing Her closer. He release her a bit and said:

-„ I will never leave you again, I'm sorry"

-„I'm sorry I couldn't find You faster. I'm sorry You thought I was dead…"

-„can we not talk for a moment? I need to kiss you" He smirked.

-„wait, what about Elena?"

-„Letty, she'll understand. She knows You are my other half, she knows I went to find You… Don't worry. Now, can we make out?" Dom asked with a huge smile

-„I love You"

-„You better"