Once they cleared orbit and the blast range of the scheduled planetary explosion, Red sat in silence, allowing Traz to steer. Wherever they were going probably was no better than heading straight back for Tallest Purple. Irk only knew why she took them off-planet before the blast, but it was probably to bring him to some Krissirk council to have them end his life there.

"So when did you start believing?" Traz rasped, keeping her eyes focused forward.

Red glanced over to Dantie, assuming the question was for him. But Dantie was staring back up at him, expectantly.

"Yes, you, my Tallest."

"After I started seeing monsters in the hall and my quarters as a dungeon." He said flatly, staring ahead. "After I saw my co-Tallest wound up in black strings held by the scariest looking Irken I've ever seen." His voice softened slightly. "Around the time Ayam came and had a chat with me. Then showed me what he was going to do for me someday."

"Then you've seen a vision of the future. Of what Zim spoke of, and what the Earth Letters record as having happened for the Hyumans."

Red dipped his head. "Yes."

"You also can see much more than most, I gather."

Red looked down at Traz, and really studied her for the first time. In the folds of the scars tracing all along her body, lacy vines sprouting miniscule flowers grew, giving off a sweet fragrance. "Yes. From what I understand, most can't. To me, I see you are wearing a blindfold. I removed Dantie's." His hand lifted up. "I could take yours—"

She swatted his hand sharply. "Forgive me, My Tallest, but that is not something I wish to take part in."

He blinked, taken aback. "But, you can see everything that's going on," he said, dumbfounded. "It's disturbing at first, but you're fighting blind right now."

"Not everyone can handle this gift, My Tallest. It would distract me, and perhaps drive me mad. He allowed you this gift because He knew you could handle what He was giving you."

Red glanced down to Dantie. Had he made a mistake ripping the Irken's blindfold off?

Dantie almost laughed at the Tallest's questioning expression. "I am well, My Tallest. I do not regret it. I spoke to Ayam, and received His instructions with my own antennae, it is an honor."

Traz shook her head. "Says the Irken who was nearly hysterical back in our tunnels. It wears on you, even the Tallest is exhausted. We will find a place for you to rest before you flee."

"Flee where?" Red gestured helplessly. "Purple will have everyone looking for me, and my height is a dead giveaway."

"You'll have to keep to the outskirts of the empire. Scrap planets, wilderness wastes, empty space stations."

"Why are you helping me?" He stared at the top of her head. "After what we did to you?"

She turned, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye. "You don't know, do you? That screen you hooked up, that broadcasting station? It was transmitting covertly to Krissirks and select public screens Empire-wide. We were reading off the Letters, discussing them, trying to make sense of it, providing tips on evasion, all sorts of things. We didn't have time to destroy it when someone tipped us off that someone entered the tunnels, just cut the wires."

Red's eyes widened.

"You, one of the two almighty Tallests, just told a large part of the Empire about Ayam."

"The Cherub just stood there," The gears clicked in Dantie's mind. "Like we were supposed to do something."

"And though whatever you see on Tallest Purple may not be visible to us," Traz waved a hand, "He acknowledged publicly that someone is pulling his strings. Between the two of you, you've seeded doubt about the Tallests' sovereignty quite well."

"Don't you see, My Tallest?" Dantie's excitement blossomed. "If I go around saying that Ayam is real, then for all they know I have brainworms. But you fought to destroy the idea, and you now say that He is real, and that means something to people! You have to talk about it more!"

"Is that really what I'm meant to do now?" Red said quietly, "Hide for the rest of my life, broadcasting on hidden channels and just… talking?"

It will be nothing like what you are used to, came the gentle voice, that is not all there is to do, but I will speak to you of more in time. For now, just follow me in this step. Those who have recently learned of me and my promise for their future need the encouragement you can offer. Will you do this for me, Red? Will you lift their spirits and give them hope?

A small smile tugged at his mouth, and he inclined his head. "If my commander says so."

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