Chapter 1:

I couldn't help but sighing: What was the point with finishing earlier when the last class for the day was math? When you had to do something so incredibly boring for the last sixty minutes, finishing at 1 o'clock felt just like ending the day at 3 as usual…

I had never liked math in grade school, and things hadn't changed since I got into high school either. Not only was it least said deadly dull and boring, but I just couldn't seem to remember a single math lesson in which I hadn't thought something like: When on earth will I ever get any use of all of this stuff? At least once…

"Everything all right, Jim?" A voice suddenly said, making me jump in surprise. I looked up and saw that it was John, our math- and biology teacher, who had been speaking.

"Um, sure! No problem!" I said, smiling stiffly. He gave me a short smile.

"Okay, just tell me if you need help." He said as he turned around, and walked towards the person sitting right next to me.

"Sure…" I replied. As much as I hated math, I actually liked John a lot. He was surprisingly easy to talk to (as long as you didn't start discussing equations or algebra with him…) and he had always tried very hard to help me, although it was clear he knew just how much I hated math. He was definitely one of my favourite teachers. I sighed again and picked up my math book, trying to remember where I had left of last time... As I flicked through the pages a strange feeling suddenly came over me: A feeling of all sounds around me suddenly dying away, almost as if an invisible cushion had been put over my ears.

I wondered what was going on when, suddenly, I heard a strange sound: It sounded like a voice, but it definitely wasn't a voice I recognized, and neither could I make out what it was saying. No sooner had I heard it, though, before it died down. I didn't understand. Had it just been my imagination? Or…? I looked around the classroom. Nobody showed any signs of having heard the strange voice, and the strange feeling of not hearing any sounds were still over me... Then, suddenly, the voice was back, and this time I could actually hear it clearly "Come…Please…Come to me…" I was completely stunned. I had no idea what was going on, but suddenly yet another strange feeling came over me: That whoever calling for me wasn't, well, human…

"Jim? Jim! Are you okay?" Suddenly I heard John's voice and no sooner had I heard it before the mysterious voice faded away and the strange deafness I had been feeling vanished as quickly as it had come. I looked up, seeing John looking at me, and he did look pretty worried.

"Are you okay, Jim?" He asked again "You looked all spaced out there, are you…"

"Who was that?" I interrupted "What was that voice? That voice calling for me to come?" John gave me another worried look.

"None's been calling for you to come, Jim" He said "What are you talking about?"

"But there was a voice!" I said "Someone was talking to me, asking me to come, and…"

"Are you really sure you're all right?" John said, now sounding even more worried than before.

I was about to say something when, suddenly, I felt a pang of pain shooting through my head, and I instantly twitched, placing my hand to my head.

"Are you having a head ache?" John asked me, now sounding a little calmer.

"Well, maybe a little…" I replied as the pounding in my head die down slightly.

"In that case, maybe you should go home and get some rest." John said with a little smile.

"Well, okay…" I replied. I quickly put my math book back into my bag and walked out through the door.

As I opened my locker to get my jacket, something fell out and landed in front of me. It was a book about dinosaurs I had gotten from the school library a few weeks ago. I smiled when I saw it. I liked dinosaurs. I had ever since I was a kid, but during my time in grade school, our school library had been really small and hadn't had any books about dinosaurs, and to make things worse the towns' own library had burned down almost immediately after I started first grade, and there hadn't been any money for building a new one, so I hadn't had much of a chance to read and learn anything about dinosaurs. Luckily, it had turned the high school had a huge library with plenty of books about pretty much everything, including dinosaurs, so the first few weeks since I had started I had spent pretty much every break picking out books about dinosaurs at the library and reading them. As I picked it up I suddenly remembered I was supposed to hand it back today! I quickly put my jacket on and rushed off. The library was still open, so I thought I'd go hand it back before going home.

The school library was located in a separate building, so I had to walk outside to get there, and as I did I looked around: Fall had arrived for real now, and the trees had lost almost all their leaves, and those still left on the branches had turned yellow and red, waiting to fall off as well. Although the sun was still up, there was quite a chill in the air, so I was happy to have my jacked on. As I walked towards the library building, my head suddenly started pounding again, only this time it was more intense. Much more intense. I once again clutched my head in my hand and as I did, I suddenly began to feel very dizzy. Everything around me started to look blurry, and suddenly my legs began shaking like jelly. I fell down on my knees, wondering what was happening, begging for it all to stop.

"Come…Please…Come to me…" All of a sudden I could hear that voice again. I tried to rise back up from the ground, but instead I could feel my head falling heavily onto the cold ground and then everything turned black…

I groaned as I slowly opened my eyes. What just happened? Did I pass out? I sat up and looked around, but I immediately had to blink: I wasn't lying on the road in front of the school library anymore: In fact, what I now laid on looked more like a wide open plain. I could even see a large groove of trees in the distance, but they didn't look anything like the trees growing around the school, and another thing that struck me was that they were all still green…

No sooner had I noticed it before I also realized I was sweating heavily. But I was almost fall… How could it be this hot…?

As the questions kept popping up in me head I suddenly heard something behind me and turned around, and I couldn't believe what I saw: In front of me stood an enormous, four-footed creature with a row of large, triangular plates growing from its back and I could see four long, sharp spikes jutting out from the end of its massive tail. I couldn't believe it…It was a Stegosaurus! I was completely stunned. What was going on? Had I somehow been sent back in time to the age of dinosaurs? But was that even possible…? Or was I just dreaming? The Stegosaurus walked up closer to me. I cringed in fear. Even though I knew very well Stegosaurus's were herbivores, the sight of the enormous lizard still made me absolutely terrified, and tried desperately to get back on my feet to run away from it, but for some reason my body didn't obey me. The Stegosaurus now stood just a few inches away from me. I shivered as it looked at me with its small black eyes, and I could hear it sniffing me…

Then, without warning, it just walked right past me.

What was that all about? I thought in surprise. I had totally expected it to trample me, or something like that. As I sat there all confused I suddenly remembered watching a show on TV about dinosaurs: There they had said something about that if a dinosaur where to feel the scent of a human, we would smell like "mammals" to them, and the only mammals that existed during the age of dinosaurs where small, furry rodent-like creatures. Did that Stegosaurus just now think I was one of those creatures, and therefore found me uninteresting? Well, I didn't really mind. It was better than having to take a hit from one of those massive tail spikes anyways…

While I was sitting there trying to take it all in, a shadow suddenly fell over me, and I thought a cloud must have covered the sun. But when I turned around to look, I quickly realized that wasn't the case: The reason was that there was another dinosaur standing in front of me. Only this one I immediately recognized as a carnivore: It had rather short front legs, but its hind legs where much longer, and looked very strong. Its open mouth was full of dagger-like teeth and at the end of its snout there was a short, dull horn. I knew immediately what dinosaur it was: It was a Ceratosaurus!