Chapter 19:

"Hey! I remember you!" Ursula suddenly cried "You're that same brat who messed up our plans last time!"

"And who are you?" Zander said, correcting his glasses as he looked at Blaze "Her big brother or something?" Blaze turned towards them, but he didn't say anything.

"Oh, goodie…" Thunder said irritably "It's scarecrow, tubby and the old lady…The Loser Gang's back, lovely…"

"Hey! Just what do you mean Loser Gang?" Zander said angrily "And who are you calling a scarecrow?"

"Yeah, and what do you mean with…" Ed started irritably, but before he could finish, Ursula suddenly pushed both him and Zander out of the way, and I could clearly see that she was wearing the exact same expression as back when Zoe had called her "old lady" during our first encounter...

"Why you…!" She said, her voice shaking with rage "You called me an old lady just now, didn't you?"

"Yeah? What about it?" Thunder replied irritably.

"What about it?" Ursula growled furiously "In case you're not wearing that mask do hide you blindness, it should be perfectly clear to you I'm anything but and old lady!" Thunder just stared at her.

"Oh, my…" She said, and suddenly there was something clearly taunting to her voice "Such a sad thing, denial…"

"What did you just say?" Ursula growled.

"Oh, please" Thunder said mockingly "Judging from your reaction just now, it's perfectly clear that you're the type who, whenever they look at themselves in the mirror, they say something like: "Hey! Just who is this hideous old hag? I dooon't look like thaaaat!" I couldn't help but stifling a laugh. And for a brief moment I could have sworn I heard Ed and Zander chuckling as well…

It was quite clear Ursula didn't find Thunder's little statement funny, and she apparently also noticed Ed and Zander laughing at Thunder's comment about her, because she instantly turned around and bonked both of them hard on their heads before turning towards Thunder again, seemingly beside herself with rage.

"That's it!" She growled as she pulled out her Alpha Scanner "You've crossed the line! Alpha Slash! Blaze, Tyrannosaurus!" There was a blaze of red light as she swiped the card, and in the next second Terry appeared in front of her, letting out loud roar. Thunder just gave an irritated sigh, clearly not the least bit worried at the sight of him, as she turned towards the two of them.

"You're a real glutton for punishment, aren't you, old lady?" She said mockingly "Fine, in that case I'll be more than happy to be of service, and I think there's someone here just dying to help me…" No sooner had she said it before the trees right behind her snapped, and in the next moment something rushed out from the forest, stopping beside her. I immediately recognized the dinosaur now standing in front of me as the Arrhinoceratops Thunder had unleashed to destroy the museum back during our first meeting. And since it was already out of its card I quickly realised that had to be the dinosaur my DinoHolder had picked up on earlier...

"Remember my friend?" She said mockingly towards Ursula "By the way, you don' need to answer that: As lame as you may be, I doubt you've forgotten..." Judging from the look on Ursula's face she still remembered that last battle clearly, and it seemed to make her even angrier.

"Oh, I remember, all right…" She said, her voice once again shaking with rage "And this time I'll make sure you pay for both that humiliation and for you little joke just now…"

"You? Make me pay?" Thunder said sarcastically "Good luck, old lady! You're going to need it..."

"Really now…" Blaze suddenly said as he stepped up behind her "All this time you've been complaining about how I've been messing up everything I do, yet the first thing you do when we arrive is throw yourself head-first into a silly dispute like this?...Jeez…"

"What are you babbling about?" Thunder snapped "She asked for it! So it's not more than right to…"

"Really?" He interrupted "And who was it that told me not to lose sight of our target, no matter who or what stands in our way, all the time while we were heading here…?" The two of them just stared at each other for a while.

"All right, then." Thunder said at last "Why don't you deal with the old lady, then? I'll take care of those other two clowns over there" She said as she cast a quick look towards Ed and Zander "Then we can focus on our main target…" And she cast a look towards me.

"Sounds like a plan..." Blaze said plainly, and with those words he walked right past her, now standing right in front of Terry. Thunder simply turned the other way and began walking towards Ed and Zander. The Arrhinoceratops cast a final look at Terry before snorting at him, and then it promptly turned around and quickly walked after Thunder.

"Where do you think you're going, you little brat?" Ursula called after her "I'm not through with you yet! Come back here right this instant!" Thunder didn't pay her any attention, simply keeping on walking without turning around.

"Don't worry." Blaze said as he stepped up in front of her "If you're looking for a fight I think you'll find that I'll be more than capable to fill in for her…" And in the next second he pulled out the Fire Stone from his coat and before Ursula had any chance to do anything he pulled out a card from his coat, quickly swiping it over the Stone. There was a flash of red light, and in the next second the Albertosaurus appeared in front of Terry, letting out a loud roar.

"Like that puny dinosaur would stand a chance against my Terry! Volcano Burst!" She cried, swiping the card. Terry immediately began glowing in a red light, and at the same time a large mass of flames immediately began to amass in his mouth.

"So it's going be fire against fire, huh? That's fine by me!" Blaze said, still surprisingly calm "Go! Fire Cannon!" The Albertosaurus let out another loud roar as it opened its jaws, and a glowing orb of fire suddenly began to take form in its mouth. In the same moment Terry threw his head forward, releasing an intense burst of flames from his mouth, the Albertosaurus threw its head forward, releasing the fireball towards him. The two attacks collided in mid-air, and despite the that I was standing several meters away from them I could clearly feel the heat emitting from the two blasts as they collided. The force of the blast caused both Terry and the Albertosaurus to skid backwards, but while Terry almost fell over from the pressure, the Albertosaurus simply shook itself, letting out another loud roar.

"Now this is something you don't get to see every day." Blaze said, again in an almost amused tone as the Albertosaurus once again stepped up in front of him "A fight to the finish between two top predators…"

"Don't think this is over…" Ursula growled.

"Well, while he deals with that bothersome old hag…" Thunder said as she stepped up in front of Ed and Zander "I think I'll pass the few minutes it will take for him to finish his job by cleaning up some trash…" From the looks of things Ed and Zander both clearly recalled the last time they had fought Thunder and her Arrhinoceratops, but unlike Ursula the memory of the fight seemed to make them more frightened than angry.

"Tell you what…" Thunder said mockingly as she stopped in front of them with the Arrhinoceratops standing behind her, clearly noticing the fright on their faces "If you just move aside and let me get to that sneaky little serpent…" She cast a look past them at me "I'll pretend that we never crossed paths…What do you say?"

"No way!" Zander cried, clearly trying to hide his fear "It doesn't matter if you've beat us before! That's just all the more reason for us to stand up for the honour of the Alpha Gang!"

"Yeah!" Ed said "Whatever he said…" Thunder just looked at them.

"Pair of stupid…" She muttered "Very well, let's get this over with…"

They both looked at each other for a short while, and then they both pulled out their Alpha Scanners as well.

"Alpha Slash!" They both cried in unison, swiping the cards.

"Gush out, Spinosaurus!" Zander called.

"Shake them up, Saichania!" Ed called. And in a blaze of blue and purple light both Spiny and Tank appeared in front of them. They two of them immediately seemed to notice the Arrhinoceratops standing in front of them, and judging from the sound they made it was pretty clear this wasn't exactly a happy reunion for them…

"It's okay, Spiny!" Zander said "That brat might have got the best out of us last time, but this time we'll get her for sure!" Though it was quite clear he didn't believe in it.

Spiny cast an uncertain look at the Arrhinoceratops, but then he let out a loud roar.

"That's the spirit, Spiny! Now! Shock Wave!" Zander called, swiping the card. Spiny immediately began glowing in a blue light, and in the next second a large mass of water appeared out of nowhere, quickly starting to whirl around him.

"Pathetic." Thunder said mockingly as she reached into her coat, pulling out the same Lightning-Stone I had seen her take out during our last fight "Static Surge!" She called as she pulled out a card from her coat, swiping it over the Stone. The Arrhinoceratops immediately began glowing in a yellow light, and in the next second it fired a beam of electricity towards Spiny. The beam immediately caused the water to disperse as it hit Spiny, and he roared out loud and fell crashing to the ground, shivering from the shock.

"Uh-Oh, not good." Zander said as Spiny tried to get back up on his feet "Spiny just got squashed…"

"Guess it's up to us now…" Ed said as he turned towards Tank.

"Don't bother!" Thunder said mockingly "Crush them! Wall Smash!" She called, swiping the card over the Stone. The Arrhinoceratops immediately began glowing in whitish light, and in the next second it rushed right towards Tank. The ensuing collision sent Tank crashing right into Spiny, who just had managed to rise back up after being hit by the Static Surge-attack, causing both of them to fly into the trees behind them, which immediately snapped from their weight.

"Pathetic…" Thunder snorted as she stepped up in front of Ed and Zander, followed by the Arrhinoceratops "I can't believe I got stuck with such a worthless bunch of fools…"

My thoughts were racing in my head. What should I do now? Even though Thunder was deep in battle with Spiny and Tank, I had an unpleasant feeling that she notified every move I made, meaning there was no way for me to escape this whole thing unnoticed. I didn't dare to take my eyes off the fight in front of me, in case Thunder would seize the chance to grab me, so I couldn't possibly tell how the fight between Ursula and Blaze were going, but judging from what was happening in front of me, I had very little reason to think he wouldn't be able to handle Terry. Besides, the three of them losing the fight still meant I would have to deal with not one, but two Masked Knights this time around. And to make things worse; judging from the time that passed since our conversation, Max and the others wouldn't be able to get here for at least one more hour…

I clenched my fists in frustration. Was there really nothing I could do besides just waiting for the inevitable…?

Suddenly it came to me. There was still a chance to make it out of this jam. Although I had to admit it really wasn't the thing I would have preferred to do, even in a situation like this…

I shook my head. What was I thinking? This wasn't the time to complain about details like that. Clutching the DinoHolder still in my hand, I resolutely raised Aurora's card into the air.

"Come on, Aurora!" I cried, slashing the card "I need your help!" And in a blaze of blue light, Aurora appeared in front of me in her full form, letting out a loud roar. From the looks of things Ed, Zander and Thunder seemed completely shocked over seeing her, but I decided to pay it no mind – There were far more important things for me to do. I quickly pushed the button on the DinoHolder, extracting the Razor Wind-card.

"Let's go, Aurora! Razor Wind!" I called swiping the card. Aurora immediately began glowing in a blue light, and then she quickly whirled around and swung her tail, sending a flurry of wind-blades towards the Arrhinoceratops that had just taken a step towards Spiny and Tank. It jumped backwards at the last second, and the blades hit the ground in front of it, sending a cascade of moss and earth into the air, and I could clearly see the deep gashes in the ground where the blades had hit.

I quickly turned around towards Ed and Zander.

"Don't just stand there! Get those two back in the fight!" I called, turning towards Spiny and Tank still lying on the ground, struggling to stand back up. The two of them stared at me like they had seen a ghost.

"What are you…?" Zander said, completely stunned "Are you helping us?"

"Yeah, why would you do that?" Ed asked in amazement.

"Jim…" Aurora said, and I could clearly hear that there was a tone of disbelief in her voice "Do you really think this is a good idea? Do you really think we can…?"

"Come on, let's just face it:" I said impatiently "You know as well as I do this girl beat you pretty badly last time" I said, turning towards Ed and Zander "And in all honesty…We just barely beat her last time…" I said, now turned towards Aurora "I really don't like to admit it, but I think we all know we'll have a far better chance if we pull together…" Aurora looked at me for a while, and then she nodded slowly.

"Well…" She said "I guess you're right, Jim…"

Ed and Zander both stared at me in amazement, but then they both nodded.

"Well, I guess if you put it that way…" Zander said.

"Guess there's not much else we can do…" Ed said.

"You will have to be kidding!" Thunder said incredulously as she looked at me "It's one thing that you keep ganging up with those three brats all the time, Gust, but I never thought I'd see you team up with these losers!"

"Well, desperate times call for desperate moves…" I said, looking straight at her.

"Agreed…" Thunder said mockingly "For one to actually team up with these losers, they must truly be desperate!" Despite their apparent fear of her, I could see both Ed and Zander getting a slightly irritated look on their faces when Thunder called them "losers" again...

"Come on. Just forget about that." I said, turning towards them "All that matters is that we take this girl out as fast as we can…"

"I can't argue with that" Zander said, turning towards me "So what's the plan? Since you're the one who suggested this whole team-up thing, I assume you got one…?"

"Only one." I replied "And for it to work, I will need you two to keep her busy for a while…"

They both gave me a troubled look.

"Exactly how long is a while in this case…?" Ed asked nervously, clearly not happy at the thought of having to go up against Thunder again.

"As long as you can give me." I replied shortly. The two of them looked at me again.

"If you have another idea, I'm all ears." I said. It seemed like that decided it for them.

"All right, Spiny!" Zander called as Spiny finally was able to get back on his feet "Let's help the kid out!

"Yeah, you too, Tank!" Ed called as Tank rose back up as well. The two of them looked at them once again, but then they both let out a loud roar, rushing straight towards Thunder and the Arrhinoceratops.

"Come at me as many times as you want! The result will always be the same!" Thunder called as the Arrhinoceratops quickly rushed towards the two charging dinosaurs. I turned away from them, looking up at Aurora as I pushed the button on the DinoHolder to extract a card from it.

"Are you ready?" I asked, holding up the card in front of her. She looked at it for a short while, and then she nodded.

"Just give the word, Jim…" She said.

"Then let's do this! Turbo Tackle!" I called, swiping the card. Aurora immediately began glowing in a blue light, but suddenly the light around her died down. I didn't move. I knew what I had to do. This was the best chance we had to defeat Thunder...

Suddenly Thunder turned straight towards me as she reached into her coat and in the next second she pulled out a card, and at the same time the Arrhinoceratops charged forward, ramming into Spiny and Tank, causing the to fall crashing to the ground again, and then it turned straight towards Aurora.

"Static Sphere!" Thunder called, quickly swiping the card over the Stone. The Arrhinoceratops immediately began glowing in a sharp, yellow light, and in the next second its horns and frill began sparkling with electricity. The electricity quickly seemed to grow even more intense, and suddenly it began to take on the appearance of a large sphere of lightning…

In that very moment Aurora shot forward at such speed I could hardly even see her, charging straight towards the Arrhinoceratops, and in the next second she slammed right into it from the front. The force of the impact once again sent a cloud of earth into the air, obscuring the view in front of us. I stared worriedly into it, looking for a sight of Aurora...

Suddenly I saw a large figure in the cloud and in the next second Aurora suddenly came walking out of the cloud towards me. She seemed a little shaky from the impact, but at least she was unhurt and in one piece.

"Aurora!" I cried joyously "Great job! You did it!" She gave me a slightly tired, but still clearly happy look.

"Yes, Jim…" She said softly as she bent down to rub my cheek with her nose "Looks like we'll be safe now…"

"Not bad." Zander said in amazement as he stared at me "To think that you had that trick up your sleeve…"

"Yeah, I would never have thought that…" Ed said, sounding equally amazed.

"You know…" I said as I turned towards them "I do have a name, remember? It's Ji…"

"Static Surge!" A voice suddenly called from within the cloud, and in the next second a beam of lightning shot out from it, hitting Aurora in the side of her body. She roared out loud as she fell crashing to the ground, shivering from the shock.

"What was that?" Ed said worriedly "What just happened?"

"No way…" I said in horror "Don't tell me…"

"Too bad for you, Gust!" The voice called, and in the next second the cloud faded completely and I saw what was in front of me: Thunder stood right in front of me along with the Arrhinoceratops, and from the looks of things it wasn't hurt at all! In the next second I understood: That last move...It must have used it in order to protect itself from my attack…

"That was a nice try, Gust!" Thunder said as she started walking towards me "But ever since you got me with that trick during our last fight, I've been preparing for the event that you would use it again…"

Not good… I thought as Aurora struggled to stand up beside me and Both Ed and Zander looked at Thunder in terror That was my most powerful attack…And if that didn't work, what will…?