So, this is just a quick introduction. They're probably not allowed, but...

This is a collection of drabbles/oneshots/freeverses, all NextGen, every het/noincest (or maybe cousincest), no repeats.

And they're all for my Next Gen fanatics.

Because we've been going through a hard time lately, and I just want to show them how much I love every single one of them.

So I'm going to write a drabble/oneshot/freeverse for each of them and post it here.

So, just a quick review.

Weasley Girls

Molly * Lucy * Rose * Lily * Victoire * Roxanne *Dominique

Weasley Boys

Albus * James * Louis * Fred * Hugo

Unrelated Boys

Scorpius * Teddy * Lysander * Lorcan


Gemini (Malfoy) * Brittany Wang * Natalie Patil * Dawson Nott * Aquarius (&maybe Augustus) Flint

(because you know they were my OCs long before the RPG)


And possibly a few others.

So get ready for every pairing from MollyLysander to TeddyLucy, in no particular order.


First up is LucyLorcan...