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==Becoming the Great Detective==

Jeremy Brett is acclaimed for his skill in portraying Sherlock Holmes. But when he's mistaken for the Great Detective by a smuggling ring, his skills are tested as never before. Granada AU crossover.


A Case of Identity

A man emerged from the studio building whistling cheerily. Dark-haired, light-eyed, 6'2", lanky, he fit a basic description of Sherlock Holmes. His current job, in fact, depended on that happy circumstance. His name was Jeremy Brett.

It was Friday, shooting was over until Monday, and he'd be putting in a phone call to his wife in the States in an hour. He was a happy man.

Jeremy hailed a nearby cab and jogged over to it, getting in and giving his address. He quickly became wrapped up in his thoughts concerning Granada's current production and second-to-last episode for the first season of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes—"The Speckled Band". Too wrapped up, for it took him too long to realize that the cab was headed nowhere in the direction of his hotel. In fact, he was headed deeper and deeper into a derelict part of town.

Conclusion: he was being kidnapped.

Question: why kidnap an actor?

Possible answer: he looked nearly identical to Sherlock Holmes.

All right, all right, stay calm, he told himself, forcing his breathing to remain steady. He could go quietly, or he could chance injury by making a run for it.

That wasn't really even a choice, was it?

He reached for the handle, then stopped. What if he was still caught? Should he let them think he was Holmes or himself? On one hand, if they realized their mistake, they might let him go. On the other hand, such altruism would be unlikely, and he might be used as a hostage.

He took a deep breath and let it out, noiselessly. He had to gamble that he could pull off Holmes in a dangerous situation. And he had to think like Holmes like never before. Thinking like the Great Detective was something he'd been doing regularly since taking on the role, but, for once, he didn't have the guidance of a script. He had only his wits and what he knew of Sherlock Holmes. Fortunately, he'd spent quite a lot of time with the man over the past few months.

A warning pinged in his mind: his wallet. If he was caught and searched, his wallet would plainly identify him as himself. He had to get rid of his driver's license, his ID, his photos… He withdrew the wallet from his pocket and pulled out everything that could identify him.

Stuffing the wallet back in his pocket and bracing himself, he grabbed the door handle. Here goes nothing

He flung open the door and burst out. Landing was painful, but he was up and away even as the car screeched to a halt and the driver cursed and shouted at him. Jeremy took off down a narrow alley, having dropped his driver's license at the entrance and dropping more identification every twenty yards. He could soon hear the false cabbie's feet pounding after him.

Fortunately, he was tall and in-shape—to be a stand-in for Sherlock Holmes, he had to be. "Get to a better part of town, find a store or restaurant, call the police," he panted to himself. Simple.

Life isn't that simple.

After several minutes of winding through alleys and by-ways, he was thoroughly lost, with his pursuer still behind him. London just wasn't his city like it was Holmes's—then again, probably no one else could claim that distinction. The distance between the pieces of ID he was still dropping kept growing further and further apart. To make matters worse, he soon heard more pounding feet.

This is bad.

The reason that traps in dead-ends are cliché is because they are so terribly effective—the success rate speaks for itself. And Jeremy found himself in a dead-end. He whirled around, willing that mask of impassivity to slide over his face and willing his heart to stay in his ribcage. He flung his left arm behind his back and dropped his final piece of evidence—a photo of himself and his wife.

The five men before him bore guns. "Hands in the air, Mr. Holmes!" one of the men barked.

I was right. Jeremy raised his hands slowly, fingers splayed wide to show he held nothing. In a situation with guns, unless Holmes was to have some sort of advantage, he'd go along with it, he reasoned. No good getting yourself hurt with unnecessary heroics.

The other four men advanced on him while the leader kept his pistol trained on Jeremy's chest. "Well, who'd've thought kidnapping the Great Detective could be so easy?" the man mocked.

Jeremy lifted his chin, the very picture of regal dignity. "A cabbie as a kidnapper," he said in the strident tenor he used as Holmes's double. "Elegant in its simplicity. I really must congratulate you."

"Who says we're kidnapping?" the leader returned with a smile. "Maybe somebody just wants to have a chat with you."

Jeremy eyed the thugs warily—two passed on behind him. "They could have made an appointment, then."

"They did." The smile widened. "You just weren't informed 'til now."

Abruptly, white-hot pain exploded in the back of his skull, immediately succeeded by blackness.

Author's Note:

Oh, wow—Jeremy got kidnapped? What is this world coming to? How will our boys handle this situation? …Give me some time to get the first chapter together, okay? It's going to be tough.

So, where did this brazen idea come from? To tell you the truth, I'm not sure. No, wait—come to think of it, nomdeplume30's A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Set might have inspired this, at least a little bit (like David Burke's heroism in the confrontation with Abe Slaney). I did just finish rereading that. …Anyway, once I had the idea, I liked it, especially as it is multichaptered with an actual plot, unlike A Study in Stardom. (Speaking of which, I have finally updated!)

This is only my second-ever non-sci-fi attempt at writing an actual adventure story (the first is WIP for the Sherlock side of the fandom, called Avenging Angels), so bear with me, please! I would call it mystery, as that is what Holmes, Watson, and David will have to deal with; but with the action taking place on both fronts, it's less a mystery and more an adventure/slightly-action tale.

Yes, we're going to be seeing some heroic!Jeremy. Fangirls beware. ^_^

Like I said, I'm not sure when I'll update. I hope some time next week, but I make no promises. I have an epilogue very much thought-out, but what happens in-between is just a bit vaguer.

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