Stargate 200

"Every one loves a wedding" Vala said punching Daniel on the arm and smiling widely
"Yeah, right, if I want to torture the audience on purpose" Martin replied clearly not that excited about the idea
"The gate is back up and running" says Lt Col Landry reaching the briefing room, but he goes unheard.

Sam and Jack looked at each other and smiled. "I don't know stranger things have happened" said Jack.

"They have?" said Vala, intrigued not only by the strange happenings but at the scene unfolding before her eyes.
"That's right" said Daniel, remembering some of the more interesting planets they have visited "How many times was it?"
"Five" Sam said without hesitation.
"I thought it was only four"
"Daniel is correct I also believe it was four" Teal'c added.

Colonel Landry was getting confused, he had read all of SG1 missions reports and nothing stood out as happening four or five times. "What are you talking about?"
Sam and Jack could not stop smiling at each other, it seemed today was the day that would end there little secret.
"Well sir" Sam began ""there are certain things that didn't make it in to the final mission reports.
"Are you telling me that your mission reports are incomplete?"
"Not exactly incomplete, Sir, just certain details were omitted for security purposes"
"And personal ones" Jack added.
"Care to explain Jack"
"Not really" Jack said, but seeing the look on Landrys face he continued "nothing important was missing, but, certain parties might have read certain things as breach of protocol and regulations"
"Breach of portal? You call this not important" Landry was starting to get angry now.

Daniel tried to calm the situation "It all depends on what way you look at it. We were only obeying local customs in hopes of opening up trade routes"
That was it Landry was fuming now "Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on!"
Before Daniel realised what he was doing the words came rushing out of his mouth "they got married"
Vala, Mitchell, Landry and even Martin stared at the couple on question "They did what?" they said in unison.
Teal'c nodded "indeed they did"
Landry was lost for words "why?" he asked.

If this was true, and it appeared that it was, then Lt Col Samantha Carter and Major General Jack O'Neill were in deed breaking many regulations the main one being 'no fraternising between ranks'.
Sam tried to settle things "it was usually done to gain tribal trust, to show our respect for there customs"

"That's right" Daniel said "There was one particular planet were the people we encountered would only open up trade discussion if they could talk to a 'combined couple' as they called it. They believed that you were stronger with an equal and well Jack and Sam seemed like the natural choice"
"naturally" Landry said sitting down, this was getting complicated.
"We tried to convince them they were already married but they didn't believe us so they held a ceremony for them, they got married, and negations started the next day"
"The next day" said Vala "does that mean you got a wedding night?"
Sam blushed; this was all the encouragement Vala needed "So does that mean four weddings gave you four wedding night?"
"I can see why that wasn't put in the reports. So, how many times did this happen?"
Daniel replied with "four" at the same time Jack answered with "five". Vala was the first to comment on the fact that Jack and Sam had not stopped smiling since this conversation began.
"I knew there was something going on between you"

Landry needed clarification "so, was it four or five false marriages? And please I don't need any wedding night tradition"
"Speak for yourself" Vala mumbled
Sam and Jack stared into each others eyes and had a silent conversation. It was Jack who spoke first "There was five altogether. Four wedding off world for reasons such as trade talks"
"And the fifth?" asked Landry. He could look passed those four no one needed to know about those, and if they were done off world they certainly were not legal here.

"That happened on an Asgard ship, and Thor officiated over the proceeding" Sam added
"Hold on" said Daniel "The Asgards are very clear when it comes to things like that. They may not have need for it now but they still consider a union a very sacred thing and once its made there is no..."
"unmaking it?" Mitchel said
"Something like that. Any ceremony they perform, including marriages, is considered law on all there Asgard protected planets, which includes Earth"

Sam and Jacks smile grew wider "we know"