As it has taken me a while to write this chapter, and not having seen this episode for a while i got a little confused. Thank you to those who pointed out a couple of details that i had overlooked. I have now re-written this chapter. Hope it makes a bit more sense now.

Every pair of eyes in the room turned to Sam and Jack. No one knew what to say.

Sam and Jack had broken so many regulations that Landry had lost count: fraternising between ranks, falsifying official reports and failure to disclose upcoming nuptials to name just three.

Vala was the first to speak "you mean I missed at least one Hen Night, a wedding and all the fun of a wedding reception? You and me need to talk" she said looking at Sam.

"That we do" Landry said, he could feel the anger bubbling upside him "Did Hammond know about this and why am I not calling the president right now?"

Before Jack could say a word Sam took control of the conversation "It was actually Thors idea."
"Clever little dude that Thor" Jack said smiling.
"Anyway, Sir, Thor had heard about how we had to get 'married' a few times and wanted to help."
"So you got married for the job?" Landry asked still unsure about all of this.
"Not exactly" Jack replied with a smile.
"It's a bit more complicated than that" Sam continued "Thor would not have suggested it if we didn't…"
"care for each other more than we should" Jack said echoing the words he had said a few years ago.
"That's right" Daniel said interrupting "They don't, or didn't just join anyone."
"So you're telling me you'd thought about marriage before?" Landry was more confused than ever.
"Yes" Jack said the same time as Sam said "no"
"No?" Jack said looking at Sam.
"I just never thought it would be a possibility so it was never something I thought about"
"You see I always thought there'd be a way"
"You did?"
"Yeah I did" Jack said smiling.

Landrys patience was wearing thin "so was this for work or pleasure? And give me a straight answer please." If it was anyone else he would have them up on discipline charges, but this was Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter two of the original members of SG1 and they had save the planet more times than he liked to admit. All he really wanted was a straight answer.

"Both" Sam said "It certainly make things a lot easier on many planets we have been to since we were married" Sam still couldn't help smiling overtime she said that word. "But it's certainly something we both wanted"

There was a glowing white light from the corner "Perhaps I could be of some help?"
"Hey Thor"
"Hello O'Neill, it is good to see you again" Thor said nodding his head in acknowledgement.
"Thor" Landry began "it's nice to see you"
"I believe you need an explanation of the union I created?"
"That would be nice"
"I have watched Carter and O'Neil for many years. There feelings are pure and strong. It was clear to us that your rules would not allow there union. My people decided that as a reward for all there help they would have our blessing."

"So you went behind my back?"
"You were not here" Thors said
"You went behind Hammonds back?"
"Wrong again"

Landry turned his attention to Carter and O'Neil "How long?" he asked simply.

"Just about a year"
"So you were in charge?" Landry clarified.
"Yep" Jack said popping the 'p' "can't go behind my own back"
Landry was getting a headache "Has this marriage, union, or what ever the hell you're calling it helped?"
"Yes sir" Sam said

Landry looked at the other in the room "did it affected the missions?"
"Not that I have noticed" Vala said "they always did flirt, a lot"
"O'Neill and Carter have always been very professional" T'alc said.
Daniel and Mitchell agreed.

Landry took a deep breath; he had lots to think about. "No one outside this room knows?"
"No" Jack said.
Landry took a while to think "You both know I should be on the phone to the president at the very moment"
"Yes sir" Sam replied
"Here's what we are going to do" Landry said "I do not need to know anything about this marriage if it does not have a direct impact on any current mission"
"Yes sir"
"Dismissed" Landry said before heading for his office.