Since I can't get POTC On Stranger Tides out of my head, I decided to write my first Pirates fanfic. I hope you like it!

Warning: This contains spoilers for Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides! If you haven't seen the movie I would recommend it because the movie = Awe-some :)

I continue from the scene after the credits.

Angelica was still sulking on the island Jack left her on. She was leaning against a palm tree close to the ocean. Her thoughts wandered to the first time she met Jack Sparrow.

Angelica was 18 years old and ready to leave the world behind. Her mother had abandoned her years ago and she was going to a convent permanently. She thought it was for the best, she didn't have anything to live for. Angelica was still pure so she was going to make her vows first thing in the morning. She had to promise to God to stay pure for the rest of her existence and then she could enter the convent. She would miss the freedom and the beautiful beaches of Spain. So that's where she was walking now, it was a beautiful night and the stars shone bright. She stood with her feet in the water looking up at the moon above her when she heard the cocky voice that would change her whole existence.

Angelica smiled at the thought, he was such a charmer. The smile that graced her lips vanished soon when she remembered he had just left her for the second time.

Jack had given her the best 2 months of her existence. He had learned her everything she had to know about pirates. She had been innocent in the ways of men but she could say she was a lot more experienced now. One day she asked if she could sail with him when he left Spain. Jack had promised her she could come with but one day when she woke up, he was gone.

She hated Jack for what he did to her but it actually made her stronger. She might be a woman but she could handle a sword pretty well. She loved a pirates life but she didn't know what was left of it with her father gone. There was no one left because her mother had died a couple of years ago.

Angelica had escaped Seville right after Jack had left her, everywhere she went memories of him haunted her. She was born there and had lived there with her mother until she had abandoned her at the age of 15. She had hiked across the coast to a city nearby. One day a letter came, it was quite mysterious how they knew where she was. She forgot about that as soon as she opened the letter. It was from her mother.

Dear Angelica,
I'm really sorry for abandoning you but I wanted to look for you father. I missed Edward so much so decided to find him and beg him to come back. It took me a couple of years to find him and am afraid he won't be coming back. Your father is a pirate Angelica, the most notorious one that sails upon the seas. His name might be Edward Teach but he's more known as Blackbeard. He didn't know he had a daughter and would love to meet you someday. You will have to search for him like I did because he won't be coming for you, his only love is the sea. I won't come back either, I've caught a terrible disease here in the Caribbean and will die soon. I hope you find him my dearest Angelica and I hope you can forgive me.

She never forgave her mother for what she did to her. Thanks to her mother she did find her father and was glad she did. He might be a soulless monster but she had conquered a small place in his heart. She missed her father terribly and was still mad at Jack for killing him instead of her. Although the action had secretly melted her heart.

Angelica sighed, she had no idea what she was going to do with him. She was looking over the beach when her eyes fell upon an object she couldn't place. She walked closer and took it in her hands. When she looked upon the Jack-Sparrow-shaped-doll only one thought graced her mind, Revenge.

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