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The Captain's Daughter

Chapter 7

When night came Jack was the only one awake. Gibbs was snoring so loudly below deck the mussels could probably feel the snore-vibrations at the bottom of the ocean and Angelica was still out from her I-almost-drowned-adventure. There were no signs left from the storm, it was a beautiful night. Jack didn't mind being alone, now he had some quality time with his Pearl. He enjoyed the warm breeze through his hair and the clattering sound of the waves against his ship. He closed his eyes and got lost in the moment. His much needed silence was interrupted by footsteps stomping below deck. He quickly opened his eyes although he already knew who was on her way to throw a tantrum.

"Jack Sparrow, when were you going to tell me we are out of our food supplies?" A fuming Angelica asked. "I woke up and wanted to eat some fruit and there wasn't anything left!"

"My dearest Angelica fret not, we are on our way to a trading island for food and water." Jack answered her.

"But I'm hungry now!"

"If you want you may have some of my peanuts." Jack's hand disappeared in his hair and returned with a handful of peanuts.

"That's disgusting!" Angelica gagged.

"You are such a girl, anyhow that's more for me." He smiled and popped one in his mouth. Angelica had a very funny look on her face. Let's say she'll never eat peanuts again.

"For the record, I am a girl." Angelica huffed.

"Yeah I know that, actually I think I know that best of all." Jack smirked while Angelica's eyes widened.

"Don't go there Sparrow!" Her anger was growing with every word he said.

"Aw Angelica, you aren't ashamed of our past I hope?" Jack's smirk widened.

"No not ashamed, I just regret it." She pointed out.

"You are a terrible liar."

"Am not! I think I've fooled you more than once in the time we've been together." She smirked.

"Oh is that so?"

"Yes, it is!"

"Well then, give an example."

"Uhm, when I lied to you about telling the truth. Admit it Jack, I had you there."

"I just pretended to believe you so I could-" Jack was interrupted by Angelica.

"No Jack, I remember your face when I told you I am truly the daughter of Blackbeard."

"Was." Jack pointed out. Angelica answered him with a glare before turning away from him.

"If you would be interested, that dot on the horizon is the island." Jack pointed his finger towards the dot. Angelica turned around and followed his gaze.

"It better be." She glared before walking off again.

"She so wants me." He smirked while watching her walk off. When she was completely out of sight he returned his gaze to the sea.

Gibbs stayed on the ship while Jack rowed him and Angelica to the island. When they got there Angelica was the first to jump out of the long-boat. Jack followed shortly after and started pulling it up shore. The island wasn't that big and there was a small village at the top of a hill. They thought that would be the most likely place for trading so they started walking. When they arrived at the village it was abandoned. The houses were empty and windows were smashed in.

"So much for a trading island." Angelica said angrily.

"No, this is it. This is the trading island. The village is just not where the people live, they must hide somewhere else." Jack said

"Why would they be hiding?" Angelica asked. Jack smirked and started walking towards the other side of the hill they came from.

"I'm not only here for trading food." Jack said turning around and his smirk became wider. Angelica wanted to say something as a reply but was interrupted by some noise in the bushes. It became louder every second and now the sound could be recognized as footsteps coming closer. Angelica drew her sword in defense but Jack just rested his hand on the hilt of his. When a man rushed through the bushes Angelica pointed her sword towards him and Jack released his hold on his sword. The man looked to the two intruders and smiled when his eyes landed on Jack.

"Jack Sparrow, it has been too long." The man said smiling.

"You know this man?" Angelica said pointing her sword to the man.

"Well of course Angelica, he was one of my crewmates back on the Pearl." Jack said.

"You mean the crew who abandoned you when Barbossa took your ship, twice?" Angelica said. The man cringed and Jack shrugged his shoulders.

"But that's in the past, isn't it Pintel?" Jack said nodding his head towards Pintel.

"Yes Captain, thank you Captain." Pintel stuttered.

"I'm thinking about forgiving you and the rest of the crew if you do something for me." Jack said. "They are all here at the island I assume?" Jack asked.

"Not all of them, but the ones who survived Blackbeard's attack." Pintel said, his expression turning sad.

"How many?" Jack asked him angrily, turning his face towards Angelica. Pintel followed his gaze and frowned.

"Four. Me, Ragetti, Cotton and Marty." Pintel said still sad.

"Are those the only survivors?" Jack asked.

"Yes." Pintel answered him sighing.

"I'm so sorry." Jack and Angelica said simultaneously.

"Why does she say sorry?" Pintel asked Jack.

"She has every right to say sorry." Jack said harshly.

"It wasn't my fault my father attacked them, I wasn't even on the ship back then!"

"Father?" Pintel said, his eyes becoming large.

"Well that's a long story, why don't I tell you all of it when we get to the others." Jack said.

The three of them started walking downhill and ended up at a cave on shore. When Jack entered the cave all crewmates dull eyes turned exited again. Jack sat down with the rest of them and started telling what had happened over the years. He started with Barbossa leaving him again and ended with: "and now I need food supplies and a crew." His remaining crew mates quickly volunteered to pay their dept and becoming his crew again. They all took what they could carry from the cave and headed for the long-boats. They had to row several times to get all the supplies on the ship. Mister Gibbs was surprised but delighted to see his former crewmates again.

After an hour the ship set sail again. Jack was behind the wheel while he was looking at his crew working on deck. A smile appeared on his face when he thought no one could see it. In fact there was someone who witnessed his true smile of happiness. Angelica Teach was standing on the side watching him carefully. When she saw him smile at the sight of his crew reunited a small smile appeared on her face too.

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