The Last Stand

Two figures stand in front of the door. One was a male, bulky and broad-shouldered, the other a female, with a slight but well-built frame, her blonde hair tucked under a blue baseball cap. Looking at their stances, a viewer would be hard-put to believe that both individuals were armed to the teeth, which they were. A double-barreled shotgun rested almost lazily on the man's hand, while an assault rifle was on the woman's. Several handguns, knives, and pieces of ammo can be found on their persons, the weapons glinting in the harsh glare of the lights in the room. Every now and then, the radio, now broken, would crackle, producing meaningless sounds, the garble the only noises that could be heard in that area.

Presently, the man spoke. "Are you ready?" His voice was deep and gravelly, but soft. Even as he spoke, he kept his eyes staring straight ahead.

The woman sighed softly, as though in relief that the silence was finally broken. "Yeah. You?" In contrast, her voice was cool, almost indifferent, but every bit as soft as his. Her eyes too stared in front of her, as though she was not in conversation with the person beside her.

"As I'll ever be," the man replied. A slight pause, and then, "Are the prisoners okay?"

The woman nodded her head slightly. An affirmative. "Sheva took them to the air strip. Josh's team should see to them presently."

"That's good."

Silence followed. The stillness, while not awkward, was close enough to it to make the two feel distinctly uncomfortable. Presently, the silence was broken again, this time by the woman. "Chris, if we get out of here…"

"When," the man called Chris corrected.

The woman's lips twitched. Almost a smile, but not quite. "Always the optimist," she mocked softly, but some of the ice in her voice noticeably melted. "If we get out of here, remind me to tell you that you've been a great partner all these years."

A chuckle came from the man, the sound so deep that it sounded as though it rumbled from his chest. "Ditto. Just as long as you remind me to tell you that as well."

"Will do." More of the ice melting.

"Jill…" Chris said, his eyes still staring steadfastly at the door.


"Just so you know, I love you."

"I know. Just so you know, I love you back." This time, a full smile emerged, even though the woman called Jill still resolutely refused to look at her partner.

"I know that too." In so saying, Chris rolled his shoulders back. "Ready?"

"Ready as you are." Finally, she turned her head in Chris's direction. "On three?"

Chris looked at her as well, and then nodded.

"Three." The number was spoken in unison, and simultaneously, the two of them placed one hand on the scanners in front of them. Instantly, the door swung open, to reveal hordes of the undead crying for their blood.

"Let's do this, partner." In so saying, the two walked forward together, their arms at ready.