This is a sequel of the Black Dinosaur.

Chapter 1: Story of the Black Dinosaur

It is a nice sunny day in the Great Valley, it has been years since Littlefoot and his friends made it to the Great Valley, everything is fine, until Cera is now running to her friends, she has some news to tell her friend, some very good news, Littlefoot and his friends are playing pass the pine cone, with their new friends Chomper and Ruby, Chomper is a friendly Sharptooth that is allowed to stay in the Great Valley, and Ruby is Fast runner who is to take care of Chomper when they arrive in the Great Valley, soon Littlefoot and the gang, heard Cera call her them, they saw her running to them, soon she stopped and says, " Guys, he's coming back."

Littlefoot and the gang got confused and asked, " Who?"

Cera says, " Don't you remember? Adam Crews is coming back."

Petrie says, " Adam."

Spike groaned as Littlefoot says with a smile, " You mean, the Black Dinosaur."

Littlefoot is now excited, he his going to see his brother again.

(Land Before Time T.V. Theme Song)

It is night, in the Great Valley, Littlefoot and the gang are telling Chomper and Ruby how they first met Adam, as Littlefoot says, " When we first met Adam, we didn't know who or what he was, until he had our big adventure to the Great Valley with him, he rode in his Semi, which we remember is a black Peterbilt, we had a run in, a few times with our enemy named Red, he thought he was only trying to stop us, but then we found out he was after the load, the load were weapons from Adam's time, his sister got kidnapped and got killed after Red shot her, while during the bike chase, I then learned about Adam's dark past, he told me the legend of the black dog, then the next day we found Sharptooth and we got rid of him for good, and the load was lost, that good rid of half of our bad luck, when we were on our to the Great Valley, Red chased after us one last time, before a Threehorn, rammed into Red's Semi, so after we found the Great Valley, my grandparents adopted Adam, me and Adam are adopted brothers, everybody then called Adam, the Black Dinosaur, after a few days, he left the Great Valley to try to go back to his time, now Adam is finally coming back to live in the Great Valley."

Chomper then says, " I can't wait to meet him, I never knew that he is your brother."

Ruby says, " I can't wait to him either."

Cera says, " I has been a long time, I can't to see him, Earl, and Wes again."

Ducky says, " I remember them, yep, yep, yep."

Petrie says, " And Sunny the dog."

Ruby asks, " Who are Earl, Wes, and Sunny?"

Cera says, " Earl and Wes are Adam's father friends, Earl is a man, who is like me, he has a short temper, but he is very nice when you get to know him."

Ducky says, " Wes may look weird, but he is also nice, he is very helpful, yep, yep, yep."

Petrie says, " Sunny is a big black pit bull, he will not harm you, he only bites to protect you."

Littlefoot looks into the sky and says, " We should get to our nest, Adam Crews might be here tomorrow, I really can't wait to see him again."

Soon Littlefoot and the gang went to sleep in their nest, Ruby and Chomper went to sleep in their cave, soon Littlefoot and the gang were starting to have sleep stories, it is nice warm sunny day in the Great Valley, Littlefoot and the gang were playing including Chomper and Ruby, but then dark clouds dark came, then day started to look like night, then it started storming bad, then soon they realize they are not in the Great Valley anymore, they are on highway, they see a black Semi coming it's lights on, Littlefoot then starts to remember this bad sleep story, it is the one that he had with Adam, years before, It's Adam past, it's Adam on his run from the sixth great Georgia run, he knows that Adam is in a rush to get home in time, he knew what was going to happen next then Littlefoot and the gang see a black dog running toward the Semi, then the black dog itself turned into a Sharptooth, the Sharptooth, the one that killed Adam's parents and Littlefoot's mother, then Sharptooth was about to attack the Semi, the Semi then turned as the Sharptooth disappeared, the Semi is now heading for them, Littlefoot see's Adam looking at them, as he just saw them, Adams slams the brakes, Littlefoot and the gang scream as the Semi hit them, the bad sleep story ended when Chomper woke up, he see's that Ruby is awake too, as Ruby asks, " A bad sleep story?"

Chomper nods his head, then Ruby asks, " Was it about Doc?"

Chomper shakes his head, then Ruby asks, " Was it the one with and with Adam in his Semi?"

Chomper nods his head, as Ruby then told Chomper to come and hug her, the gang also woke up from their sleep they too had a bad sleep story that had to do with them, Littlefoot wakes up, Grandpa and Grandma Longneck wakes up and see they're grandson awake as Grandma Longneck ask, " What wrong, Littlefoot?"

Littlefoot says, " I had a bad sleep story."

Grandpa Longneck asks, " What was it about?"

Littlefoot says, " Me and my friends were playing, then dark clouds came from nowhere, the day soon turned into night, and then it started to storm real bad, then me and my friends saw that were not in the Great Valley, were in Adam's past, he saw his Semi coming, then we saw the black dog, then the black dog turned into Sharptooth, the Sharptooth, he was about to attack Adam's Semi, Adam turned the truck, Sharptooth then disappeared, Adam tried to stop his Semi, but it was too late, he had hit us with it, and he lost control."

Grandma Longneck then says, " You're okay now, why don't you go back to sleep dear, nothing is going to get you."

Littlefoot says, " Okay Grandma."

Littlefoot fell back to sleep, Grandpa and Grandma Longneck then went back to sleep, Littlefoot only hopes that tomorrow nothing bad happens when he and the gang see Adam again.

That is the first chapter of the second story, see you later, bye.