Get ready for some action, because things are going to get crazy, here we go.

Chapter 8: The rescue and the big final chase

Adam is now walking to Red and his men, as they see Adam walk to them, soon they meet each other, as they are holding Littlefoot, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, and Ruby, as Red says, " Do you have the weapons?"

" I got your weapons, but you must hand over Littlefoot and the gang first." Adam said, trying to make a deal.

" Not until, you give us the weapons." Red said, wanting the weapons.

Adam says, " Do you really want to go there, because I can get more deadly, then what you think."

Adam then transforms into his Longneck form, Littlefoot, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, and Ruby were surprised to Adam to see being able to transform.

Sharptooth that was watching his target, he saw the transformation, we was shocked, but he figured that now he and his target can now fight, as Sharptooth thinks that he will win the fight.

Adam then stroke knocking down Red and his men, giving Littlefoot and the gang time to escape, Red gets up, then does something that Adam did not expect, Red then transformed into a Red Sharptooth, Adam really did not see that coming, as Red speaks in English, " This is going to be fun."

" Tell me about it." Adam said, as he gets ready to fight. Red charged, as Adam did a tail whip on Red, Red then fell to ground, Adam did not let Red get back up, as Red had no chance, and was knocked out cold, just as Adam was about to transform back into his human form, a Sharptooth roar was heard, Adam turned around saw Sharptooth, the one that killed Littlefoot's Mother and Adam's parents.

Sharptooth starts speaking in his Sharptooth language, Adam turns to Chomper, " What is he saying?"

Chomper begins translating, " He says, ' Finally I have you right where I want you, now you are my size and the species that I have killed for a long time.'"

" For what, you only kill for fun, you even killed my parents, and I will avenge them, and you die, today." Adam says with anger in his voice.

Sharptooth then speaks in the Sharptooth language again, as Chomper translates, " Now he says, ' And you will die for not only blinding me and trying to terminate me, you will die as my first meal, and I will kill that little Longneck, and his friends.'"

Adam fires back at Sharptooth, " Not while I'm around you ain't, I will kill you first, before you will try to kill me."

Sharptooth then laughs, but not in his language, but then he does something that Adam, Littlefoot, and the gang will witness and remember for the rest of their lives.

Sharptooth then speaks again, but this time in the leaftooth language, " Then if you have no fear, then fight, with the fear of dieing by my teeth and claws."

" You first." Adam calls out Sharptooth's bluff.

Sharptooth says, " Oh I will." Sharptooth then charges at Adam, got ready, the fight between Adam and Sharptooth was much longer then the with Red, Red was real easy, Sharptooth was a tough, but Adam can still fight him, Sharptooth was impressed with how Adam can fight, while the are still fighting, Sharptooth asks, " How are you so good at fighting boy, and where did you learn it from?"

Sharptooth tries to use his claws on Adam but ducked just in time, as Adam responds, " Sometimes truckers like me and many others, almost get hijacked, while I don't let that happen, I have fought off hijackers for years, that would try to steal my load, but always manage to stop them."

Adam then used the tail whip on Sharptooth, while Sharptooth was distracted, Sharptooth is now close to a cliff, as Adam keeps on fighting Sharptooth, then Adam says, " This is for my parents and my brother's mother."

Adam then rise to his hind legs and lands on the ground, which his front paws shaking the ground, but Sharptooth lost his balance, he almost fell over, but Adam grabs Sharptooth by his tail, pull Sharptooth over to him, while Sharptooth is still standing and in daze, Adam used used his tail, to hit him in the face, as Sharptooth went down to the ground, Sharptooth tries to get back up, while Adam kicked Sharptooth in his face, Littlefoot and the gang cheer for Adam, as Cera says, " Get him Adam, kick his tail."

Adam does the a tail whip move that he calls the Debo tail whip, as Sharptooth was hit so hard, he flew up in the air, and a tooth was knocked out, as Littlefoot and the gang say, " Ohhh!"

Sharptooth then landed on his back so hard, that it shock the ground, as Adam puts his front paw on Sharptooth and says, " Now who's the punk?"

Sharptooth didn't answer, because Adam did a serious amount of damage to Sharptooth, the tooth landed next to Littlefoot and the gang, Adam used his tail to remove the tooth out of the ground, then Adam turned back into a human, as he, Littlefoot, and the gang, were excited and were wanting to Adam's moves, even his little adopted brother wanted to how to do them, Adam promised to teach them, when they get back to the Great Valley.

" Hey guys, what are we standing around here for, lets get moving." Adam said, as Littlefoot and the gang got into the Peterbilt 379, they traveled for about a few miles, it was smooth driving, until something bumped into them, Adam looked and saw a Red Semi following them, as Adam knew right away it was Red, as Adam and Red bumped into each other, as they arrived in the Great Valley, they were still being chased by Red, the valley residents see that Adam, Littlefoot and the gang are in trouble, until they saw a lone Threehorn and a Swimmer come from out of nowhere, the Threehorn and Swimmer attacked the Semi, as Red jumped out as the truck crashed into a tree causing it to explode.

Red turned into a Sharptooth as some residents screamed and ran away, except while the other half stayed and protected the valley, Adam stops his truck next to Grandma and Grandpa Longneck, as Littlefoot and Adam were reunited with their grandparents, as the gang, except for Chomper and Ruby, were reunited with their parents, the Threehorn and Swimmer, came toward Adam and say, " Hello kids."

Adam, Littlefoot and the gang recognize their voices as Earl and Wes, " What have you two been you had me worried sick."

Earl that now has the Threehorn attitude says, " Don't worry about us, Adam. Right now we must take care of Red for good."

Adam says, " And we must do it together."

Adam then transformed back into his Longneck form, the residents, even Grandma and Grandpa Longneck, were shocked to see, Adam's form.

Soon the whole valley, stood up against Red, as it was all of the valley vs Red, and Red realize he was outnumbered fled the Great Valley, and never to be seen or heard from again.

A mouth later, Adam and Earl put their Peterbilt 379 and the Camero in a cave, just in case that they have to make a quick get away, so far everything is now normal again, but this time, Adam, Earl, and Wes stayed in the Great Valley, and in their dinosaur, as Littlefoot came to his adopted brother, " Hey Adam, can you teach me how to do the moves you did a mouth ago?"

Adam says, " Well I did promise that, okay let go find some place to do it."

Adam and Littlefoot's brother bond, has grown over the recent mouth, things are start to look good, Adam has a feeling that one day, truck driving adventure will start again in the future, but not now, today is day, where Adam and everybody else get to stay home, here in the Great Valley.

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