He didn't know how it happened—he was riding on Charizard's back one second, practicing evasion maneuvers, and the next he was sopping wet. He was fully aware that there was a river in the vicinity, and as Golduck pulled him out of the water, he was sure it had been that.

What he didn't know was how come Blue hopped down from the nearest tree, grinning contentedly. "Oh, good! I thought I was going to have to pull you off myself."

Green didn't even bother to give her a curious look. He stayed silent as he pulled off his dripping jacket, revealing a sleeveless black shirt.

"I really wanted to see your hair get wet, you know," she chattered, following him to the tree, where he hung his jacket on one of the branches. "I was going to pull you off, but I was worried you'd fall into something else other than the river. Good aim, Charizard!" The Charizard bowed its head, flattered, growling in content as Blue patted it.

"Your hair usually defies gravity or something, so I wanted to see it down." She sat beside him under the tree, not bothering to ask whether he wanted company. Green ran a hand through his hair, pulling it off his face—was it just him, or did Blue look a little flustered? He did nothing wrong…

Green started feeling self-conscious when Blue brushed off his sopping bangs from his forehead with a delicacy he would have never expected from her; his embarrassment was replaced by disappointment when she said she had to go meet Yellow and Crystal, and his disappointment overridden by elation when she (daringly) kissed his cheek.

She floated away on Wigglytuff, smiling goodbye to him and a slight blush on her cheeks, leaving him to wonder stupidly whether she could possibly have missed his lips by a good four inches.

As you may have read, this is a series of drabbles and oneshots. I'll be dumping everything PokeSpe here, but Oldrival will be the main. It's mainly to conserve time, since I will be going back to a very time-consuming school in a week, and can't dedicate as much time to writing. I won't have to think of summaries for everything, haha.

This series will not necessarily be in order, and is mainly designed to test how well I can enforce the golden rule of writing: show, not tell. It'd be great if you could tell me how I did with that, in this chapter and the others to come. And to shorten stuff, because I tend to over-write. :P

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