It was raining cats and dogs outside. Blue, closeted safely in Yellow's room, sighed in comfort as she curled up against the cold in front of the fire that Arckee had breathed for them. She felt the warm, soft fleece of the hood of her jacket against her cheeks and nuzzled into them, thankful for being inside.

"This storm is quite a bother, isn't it?" Crystal said, her eyes on the window. "Not that it's unexpected, but…"

"It's pouring," Yellow supplied. "But it's great for Viridian Forest. And when it rains, it's so comforting to be inside."

"You don't say," Blue said, grinning into her fleece, "It's so comforting to sleep, just under your warm blankets and listening to the rain."

"Well, that's enough of that." Crystal settled into her camp bed. "Let's go to sleep; Green needs me at the lab early tomorrow."

"Bleh, Green," Blue said, sticking her tongue out. "Workaholic can't even have fun."

Crystal and Yellow hid their laughter as the doorbell rang. Blue, the nearest to the door, said, "I'll get it."

She bounded barefoot to the door, pulled it open, and grinned at their visitor. "Oh, hey, we were just talking about you."

Green barely raised his eyebrows as he said, "Big surprise. Okay, so Crystal forgot something at the lab and—what are you staring at?"

Blue tried her best to choke back her laughter. "Nothing. Crystal forgot something?"

He pursed his lips but decided not to push it. "Yeah, here it is, I don't think I can stand having it. Silver's been mocking me ever since he saw me with it." He closed his eyes briefly for the explosion of squealing from her, but she was too busy stifling her laughter.

"I know I'm supposed to react to that, but oh heck I can't process this—"

"Yeah, whatever, just give this to her, alright? Tell her to come 8 AM sharp. And fix your hair."

"Fix your hair!" Blue grinned, slamming the door in his face, but not before seeing the corners of his mouth turn up. She bounced excitedly back to the room and sang, "Green forgot his umbrella and his hair was sopping wet and he looked like Silver with brown hair and it was hilarious~"

Is it obvious how much I like making fun of Green's hair when it's wet? =))

I like the raining setting too much =w= And dahahaha hello my plots are starting to suck.