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Chapter 1 - Surprises

Puck thought that today would be just like every other day in high school. Terrify some losers. Work on his guns. Chat up some girl he hadn't slept with yet. Sleep in the nurse's office during math. A normal boring day like always.

Ever since joining Glee Puck had worked hard on getting his rep back till he was feared though the entire school again. It took awhile but he managed it. He got the jocks to stop tossing Kurt in the trash and have them focus on that Jacob kid. And ever since Matt, Finn, Mike and him "talked" with some of the more stupid hockey players the slushy facials went down allot.

Closing the lid on Jacob Puck looked up and saw Kurt walking by. Puck may not throw the gay kid in the dumpster anymore but that doesn't mean he stopped enjoying pissing him off. Jogging to catch up with Kurt Puck flung an arm over his shoulders like he did with all the girls in Glee.

"Sup Hummel?" Puck asked in a almost bored voice.

Despite doing this almost everyday Kurt hated it. Which is of course what Puck found so funny.

"Please remove your arm before you cause wrinkles in my sweater. Which, by the way, costs more then your entire outfit."

Puck just laughed before ruffling Kurt's hair and removing his arm. Kurt gasped in shock before anger washed over his face. He balled up his fist and punched Puck in the arm. Hard.

"Don't ever touch my hair again Cretan! Do you have any idea how long it takes to make my hair prefect?" Then Kurt spun around and opened his locker still muttering angrily about Puck. Grabbing a comb Kurt tried his best to fix his hair while looking in the mirror in his locker.

Puck just laughed at his antics and turned around bringing his arm up to rub the spot Kurt hit him. It hurt allot more then Puck expected it to. But a bad-ass never shows pain, at least till no one is looking.

Walking down the hall towards his own locker Puck stopped and turned back around when a voice he had never heard called out "KURT!" Puck had never seen this boy before but he was smiling as he walked up to Kurt. Inching back the way he has come Puck stopped close enough to hear what was going on keeping one eye on the new guy and another on a Cheerio rummaging though her locker.

"Blaine! What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to surprise you. I transferred from Dalton."

"What! Why would you transfer here?"

"I got tired of being in a school that was so structured. Wanted to get out and have some freedom and fun."

"So you came here to this hell hole? The center of Ohio lameness. to what? Have fun? Have you lost your mind?"

"Pretty much, except the mind thing. Your like my closest friend and I figured going to school together here might make it less horrible for the both of us. Besides the guys here are way hotter then at Dalton."

"Blaine! SHH! This school is like the center of the worlds homophobia! Unless your looking for pain don't say things like that!"

"I'm not worried about that. Besides a little pain heightens the pleasure." Blaine said with a wink.

Puck smirked at that comment thinking to himself "Maybe this Blaine guy was a bit of a bad-ass. A glittery one sure, but just a bit of a bad-ass." That thought was confirmed during the next exchange.

"Blaine please, please be careful here!"

"Don't worry Kurt. I'll be okay. I always carry around a condom or two, just in case. See you after class." With that Blaine walked away smiling while Kurt just stared at him with his mouth open.

Smirking, Puck watched as Blaine walked by him. It was kinda obvious that he was checking Puck out. Being the hot stud that he was Puck didn't really care. Everyone checked him out. They made eye contact and Blaine winked at him before glancing down at Puck's crotch then walked past him like nothing happened. Feeling his face grow hot Puck thought "HOLY FUCK! Did I just blush?"

For the rest of that morning Puck was able to convince himself that it was just Blaine's confidence that threw him. "Surprised me is all." Puck thought, ignoring that little voice in the back of his head. The one that said "Don't throw kid's in the trash." and "Maybe you shouldn't skip school today." and recently been saying "Yeah. Surprise. Whatever helps you sleep at night." Puck has learned how to ignore that voice pretty well. Besides the Puckster wasn't gay. So no guy, no matter how good looking, could make him blush. "Wait. . . " Puck thought to himself "did I just admit Blaine was good looking?"

Getting more confused and angry the more he thought about Puck stormed into the lunch room thinking he might find some girl to chat up. But life once again mocked him. What started as a good idea turned to shit pretty damn fast. Puck scanned the lunch room and his eye's landed on the "Gleek" table. Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Tina and Rachael all sat around talking with Blaine. Feeling his stomach knot up at seeing Blaine Puck tried to make a quick and unseen escape. His ninja skills failed him when Finn called out "Hey Puck! Come over here!"

Now if it wasn't for the fact that their friendship was still a bit shaky because of the whole Quinn, baby-gate drama, Puck would have just pretended he didn't hear Finn call him. But was trying to rebuild everything they had lost. So Puck swallowed his nerves, slide his trademark smirk into place and strutted over to the table. "Sup?" He said nodding to the group and avoiding eye contact with Blaine.

"This is Blaine." Finn said with that not quite smart but not quite dumb smile on his face. "He just transferred and joined Glee. Blaine this is Puck." Blaine stood up and reached out his hand to Puck. "Nice to meet you Puck." Puck shock hands quickly, trying to ignore the jolt that went though him with the contact. Puck could have sworn that Blaine caressed his hand with his thumb before letting go. At least that's what his cock told him happened.

Starting to panic Puck made a hasty retreat mumbling a quick "Gotta go work out. Later." Puck strolled out like everything was normal but the second he was out of sight he sprinted to the nearest boy's bathroom. Locking the door after making sure no one was in there, Puck leaned on a sink shouting in his head "What the fuck is wrong with me! I'm not into dude's! I'm straight damn it!" The memory of Blaine's thumb stroking his hand came back to him and in a blind rage Puck smashed his fist into bathroom mirror. The sharp pain in his hand and the sound of glass shattering on the ground snapped him out of his rage enough to wash his hand off, hissing when the water made contact with the open cuts. Feeling to wound up to do anything Puck decided to skip the rest of his classes. He spent the rest of the afternoon in the gym working out trying to sweat the emotions out.

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