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Chapter 12 - Fate Revealed

Puck walked into school with Blaine, Mercedes and Kurt, since the episode on Monday the four had grown closer together. The jocks, it seemed, had finally gotten it into their heads that anyone in Glee club was to be left alone. After witnessing Puck beat down the two worst offenders the others had backed off and treated the Gleeks as if they didn't exist. Kurt summed it up by saying "Better to not exist to them then to be a target."

As the days passed Blaine also recovered quite quickly. Though only those close to him would have seen the way he subtly avoided everyone on the football team. By Friday he walked carefree and light footed just as he had when he first transferred. Though he avoided making out in school still the signs of affection between Puck and Blaine were seen. Holding hands, the occasional caress, all the things that Puck had avoided with everyone else.

The competition was fast approaching and neither Kurt nor Mercedes would relent on practicing the songs for the whole week. However the two did at least agree that one final practice on Sunday would be enough. Freeing up Puck and Blaine for this surprise date. All Puck could get from Blaine is that he shouldn't wear too nice of clothes and that it would be an all weekend event. They would leave Friday after school and get back Saturday evening.

Blaine confessed one night while they were talking on the phone that he didn't want to give away too much but they had to clear up a few things. First he wanted to make sure Puck's mother wouldn't mind and second he wanted to make sure Puck would be okay with them sharing a hotel room.

The first problem was easily solved. Puck's mom didn't care what he did as long as he didn't get arrested or get another girl pregnant. The second was a little harder. Blaine had made it clear that he wasn't ready to have to go all the way yet. Puck quickly told Blaine that he was fine with that and wouldn't push him to go farther then he was to. So Puck was looking forward to the end of the day more so then usual.

By the time lunch rolled around Puck was ready to ditch the rest of his class's. The day was crawling by and he wasn't sure how much more he could take of it. On his way to the lunch room however he was intercepted by Artie wheeling himself by who called out to him.

"What's up Artie?" Puck asked. After coming to a stop in front of him Artie said "Mr. Schue wants to see everyone in Glee, right now. Seems kinda important."

Puck shrugged and grabbed the back handles of Artie's chair and started moving them towards the choir room. "Any idea what it's about?" Puck asked not really caring but hoping it wouldn't take too long, he was looking forward to spending time with Blaine at lunch. "At least I'll get to see him in the choir room." Puck thought with a little smile.

"No idea. But he did seem upset about something." Artie said sounding like he cared about as Puck did. Walking into the choir room Puck saw that they were the last to arrive. Everyone else was seated and gossiping in there little groups. Letting go of the chair Puck walked straight to Mercedes, Blaine and Kurt. When he got near the three went silent. Blaine smiled, Mercedes smirked and Kurt. . . Well Kurt proved that he can be an asshole.

"Hello Puck. Blaine was just telling us all about this weekend he has planned for the two of you. Sounds exciting." Kurt smiled as he walked to sit down in a chair.

"I hate you." Puck stated matter of factly. Kurt only smiled and gestured for the others to sit down as Mr. Schue walked into the room with a deep frown on his face.

Taking his place in front of the group like normal Mr. Schue skipped his normal happy greeting only to say "Alright, who did it?" Everyone looked at everyone else wondering what he was referring too. Puck made eye contact with Santana who merely winked at him.

"I know it was one of you who . . . Defiled the hate of fate." Mr. Schue seemed to be using a lot of will power to keep himself from screaming at them. "So who did it?"

"Mr. Schue?" Rachael's voice rang though the room. "What do you mean some 'defiled the hate of fate?'" Though her dream was to be a star Puck noted that she didn't seem too upset over the fact, in fact it looked like she was trying not to smile at the idea.

Not bothering to answer her Mr. Schue walked into his office and bought out what used to be hat.

Puck was surprised, just like everyone else at what he saw. It was as if someone had given the hat to a dog to play with. It was ripped and torn all over. It even looked as if it had been lit on fire at some point before being put out with its own tattered remains. The only part that looked untouched was the bottom, until Mr. Schue moved it so the light shined though it, showing the cut out letters of "FUCK FATE".

"Now this is the last time I'm going to ask. Either the guilty party comes forward or you all get detention for a month." Mr. Schue waited a beat before asking a third time "Who did it?"

No one felt too much surprise when Santana said "I did."

"Why did you do this Santana?" It almost sounded to Puck's ears like she had done something unspeakable with how bad and hurt Mr. Schue sounded.

"Because maybe now you'll do something else then randomly pair us with people we don't like to teach us something. Maybe instead of blaming the Glee club problems on a lack of team spirit your look at the real reason."

Mr. Schue seemed to grow confused and asked "And what would the real problem be?"

Santana's face grew cold and mocking, "You are," She said and most people gasped to hear that, "Maybe if you stopped showering your precious Rachael and Finn with everything we wouldn't have so many problems. Maybe if you tried to be fair to everyone instead of showing blatant favoritism we could work better together. I'm tried of seeing everyone, myself included, always shot down for a solo because you're either blinded by or afraid of Rachael having another tantrum. The only time anyone gets a solo other then her is when everyone gets a solo. Which cheapens it for all of us. So yeah, I took my anger out on your hat because what little joy I would have found in this assignment was ripped away by being forced to sing with the annoy hobbit. Who I might add is trying to make sure that she gets two solos instead of each of us getting one."

Though the whole diatribe Mr. Schue's anger fell away a layer at a time. When Santana finally stopped ripping into him his response only angered her further.

"I understand what you tried to do, but I don't like the way you did it Santana. I'm giving you Detention for a week."

"Well how else was I to get it though to you?" Santana almost screamed out. "I tried talking to you, hell everyone has tried to point it out to. But you're so blinded by your glory days that you shrug us each off and cave into her EVERY DAMN TIME!" Santana then leaped out of her chair and walked out of the room in a storm off that not even Rachael could have upstaged.

Adding their support to Santana everyone stood up and walked out. Kurt turning around and saying to their teacher, "No one is quitting Mr. Schue and we will all be here on Monday to perform our songs but ask your self something. Was anything she said untrue?"

After getting their lunch's Kurt, Mercedes, puck and Blaine decided to eat outside so they could talk in private.

"I was NOT expecting to see that out of Santana. I didn't even think she cared too much about Glee club." Mercedes stated while munching down some tots.

"I knew she wasn't too happy with not getting a chance at a solo every now and then and being partnered with Rachael but still . . . "Puck added.

Kurt sighed and set his salad down, "I knew something would happen sooner or later." The other three looked closely at Kurt wondering how he could have known when Santana had never given any of them a sign she cared so deeply.

"After Santana got paired up with Rachael for this assignment I was treated to a half hour long rant. The details aren't important, some of it I can't even translate into English but she was furious. Not only is her solo going to be buried under Rachael but that she was going to have to sing a song Rachael picked for her." Kurt sighed again then pushed his salad away rooting though his bag and saying "Screw eating right today." Before pulling out several chocolate bars and passing one to everyone.

"Well Kurt you're right about to things." Blaine said unwrapping the treat.

"What's that?" Kurt asked while savoring his chocolate to the point Puck started to get turned on.

"Screw eating right today and the hat of fate really does lead to more drama then its worth." While everyone chuckled Puck couldn't help glancing at Kurt every few seconds. It was almost obscene the display Kurt was making.

Right when Puck thought it couldn't get worse Kurt took almost all the bar into his mouth, glanced at stared right at Puck and bit down. Puck winced while Kurt smirked and began to chew.

Two periods to go and Puck was walking around the school trying to figure out something to do to pass the time. Not having much luck till he passed a window and saw Kurt walk around the bleachers outside and disappear. With nothing better to do Puck headed outside.

Getting to the bleachers Puck found him sitting on the highest riser staring at the football field. Seeing the sad, lost look on Kurt's face Puck remembered the conversation they started to have the night of Blaine's freak-out. Walking up the steps Puck sat next to Kurt silently. Kurt glanced at him and gave a small smile then returned to staring at the field.

After a few minutes of silence Puck finally broke it asking "Kurt, what you doing out here?"

"Thinking." Kurt replied absently.

"About what?"

"Life, death and the changes in between."

Puck wasn't the smartest person in the world and had no idea what to say to that, so going with what he normally did he changed the subject to what he wanted to talk about. "So going to tell me what's wrong now?"

"Nothi. . . "Puck stopped him with a glance and a raised eyebrow

Kurt sighed "Really it's nothing to major Puck. I'm just . . . Lonely sometimes."

This Puck could understand. For most of his high school life he had been lonely. When that happened he always bothered Finn or found some girl to mess around with. But it never really solved the problem just hide it for awhile.

"I can relate man."

"Please don't take this the wrong way, I'm very happy for you and Blaine and I'm glad to see you both work things out and stay together. . . "

"But you're jealous." Puck interrupted softly adding quickly when he saw the hurt look on Kurt's face "Not of me or Blaine but of the relationship were in."

Kurt looked away and nodded. Puck reached over and pulled Kurt closer to him, "I wont say anything stupid like 'there's someone for everyone.' but your awesome dude. I don't know if you will find anyone but I do know that people are fools if they don't try and find you."

Kurt relaxed against Puck and closed his eyes. They stayed up there till the bell rang and Puck got a text. Kurt giggled and said "Looks like little Puck got bored." before standing up and walking down the bleachers. Puck cursed Kurt when he felt his face heat up for the second time in his life. "Answer your phone Puck." Kurt called back without even looking. Swearing Puck grabbed his phone out his pocket and smiled when he read the text. "Not going to last class of the day. If you want to leave now meet me at my car. ~Blaine"

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