One Shot... a little angst

Characters are not mine. They belong to Turner and Tess.

"I hate the fact that one side of my face is a little smaller than the other," Jane Rizzoli stood in front of the mirror staring at her reflection. She and Maura had gone for a run in the morning, and they were both grabbing a shower before going to brunch. "It makes me look like one of my eyebrows is always raised; it makes me look cocky. It gives people the wrong impression about what I'm thinking. I hate that."

Jane tilted her head, narrowing her eyes as she gave herself the once over. "I hate that I can't do anything with my hair… ever." She ran one hand through her freshly blow dried hair, trying to get it to lay like she wanted while the other tried to catch her towel before it fell.

She missed. It fell.

"I hate that I have small boobs. I wish they were a little bit bigger." She looked down the reflection of her lithe frame. "I could do without all the scars, too. That gunshot did stupid amounts of damage to my side and back. I'll never wear a bikini again. Hurray for one pieces." She rolled her eyes. "I don't even know why I care. I mean, it's not like I wear gloves all the time."

She glanced to her hands, holding them up so she could inspect them. "I hate that I can't play the piano well anymore. I never wanted to play when I could, and, now that I have someone I want to play for, I can't. I hate my hands. I really do. They're probably the ugliest thing on my body." She frowned deeply. "I hate that I was so stupid."

Grimacing at her internal thoughts, she ran the thumb of her left hand over the scar in middle of her right palm. "Why do I keep getting myself hurt? Do I have a death wish or something?" Still running her thumb over the scar, she looked up to see the newest scar reflected back at her. "Maybe. Even if I did manage to get myself killed in the line of duty, it wouldn't have matter. It's not like I had anyone to worry about it really hurting except Ma. But… but, I don't think I want to die."

"Anymore." She whispered to herself, closing her eyes as she reflected on her feelings. "I don't want to die anymore."

"I'm glad and relieved to hear you say that," familiar arms wrapped around Jane's waist. "I don't want you to die either."

"Maura," Jane opened her eyes and smiled at the reflection she saw. The smaller woman was dressed in a fluffy, deep red robe, and her eyes just barely peaked over the detective's shoulder. "Sorry I was taking so long. I got distracted."

"I can see that." Maura kissed Jane's shoulder. "What are you thinking about?"

Jane turned in Maura's arms and smiled. "I was thinking that I don't like my reflection much, but, I think I like it better now."

"What's changed to change your mind?" Hazel eyes ran down the dark haired brunette's athletic frame.

With a reluctant sigh, Jane broke free of the doctor's hold and moved behind the smaller woman. Wrapping her arms around the robed woman she looked at them both in the reflection. "You're there now."

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