One year later…

The muscles in his neck tightened as Gwaine threw his neck backwards, when Arthur skilfully deep throated his cock. He cursed loudly as the blond smirked as much as he could around the base. His hands knotted tightly in the thin strands of hair and his hips jerked upwards involuntarily. Although his eyes were clenched shut, he could see the bright flash of white light beyond the closed lids.

"Merlin…" he gritted out. He managed to crack one eye open.

"What?" Merlin questioned an amused smile on his face and his blue eyes twinkled as he lowered the camera from his eye level, "You said Leon wanted pictures…"

It had been a year since the day that Gwaine accepted the proposal of joining his best friend (and long-time crush) and his life partner in their bed. He would admit, he'd had his reserves about the arrangement, but he was glad he had agreed. It had been awkward at first – these we're his friends, and people generally didn't have sex with their friends. This silence had filled the room once the three had regained their breath, and no one could really look each other in the eye. Merlin had shifted first and winced at the twinge in his backside. Gwaine tilted his head in that direction and muttered an apology. Then Merlin had smile brightly at him.

"No need to be sorry. I like this feeling – it's the aftermath of a good thing. It'll help me remember for a few days, and I don't want to forget this. I was right – threesomes are not better in the imagination. I'll take mine with a healthy dose of reality, thank you very much."

Arthur barked out a laugh. "I second that notion."

Gwaine glanced better the two of them, amused. "My God, you two are completely mental, do you know that?"

"Oh, we know, but that's why you love us!" Merlin paused for a moment, "Hey, are you still coming 'round on Sunday for dinner?"

Gwaine blinked. "I guess…"

"Brilliant – you see I have this new toy we could try out…"

And that was pretty much the start of this strange relationship. Every once and awhile, on an unplanned weekend, the three would meet up and almost automatically fall into bed with each other. It became a habit – an amazingly pleasurable habit – but in a way, Gwaine believed anyway, it was good for them. Within the year that this arrangement had lasted so far, his terminal crush on the unattainable Merlin Emrys had dwindled into nothing but a warm feeling that he was sure was somehow connected to a strong friendship (even one with benefits). It was the same with Arthur; a contented feeling instead of the reluctant resentment he had felt before.

It had also helped him in the relationship department. He was never good with relationship; didn't really like the idea of commitment and being tied to one person. It seemed like a lot of trust to put into one person, and he'd never felt something so strong for someone that he was willing to give himself completely to them. Not even with Merlin. But seeing him and Arthur together…it was something different from everything else he'd experienced. Never had he known a normal, stable relationship (at least, as much as they could be) to willingly accept another person into their bedroom, into their personal lives. It was only something he'd heard about on television – okay, porn channels, but it's the same thing really. He could see how relaxed both Merlin and Arthur were about the whole thing. It was like everything was the same as usual, even though it wasn't. Not completely anyway.

And now he had Leon. He'd met the tall man at the firing range. He'd gone there to let out all the pent up anger from the day when he saw the man in the cubicle beside him. He had (rather skilfully, he believed anyway) asked the man to help him with the clips in the gun as it's "my first time here". Leon had quickly agreed.

"Thank you…you're good at that…" Gwaine commented absentmindedly.

Leon shot him a smile. "I should be. I've been doing it for six years…I, uh, I'm a cop…"

"Really? Well, you certainly have the build for tackling criminals…" He commented, eying him slowly, "I take it you enjoy your work?"

"I meet…interesting people…"

"Um, well you can add another person to your list of 'interesting people', and feel free to tackle me anytime you feel like it," Gwaine grinned charmingly.

Leon chuckled, nodding slightly. "I'll be sure to do that…"

They had been together for nearly five months now, and he had enjoyed their time together. Leon was relaxed and laid-back, was never overly possessive or judgemental. When he had pointed that out, the man had merely laughed and commented that he was known on the force as the "Gentle Giant". Gwaine took great pleasure in teasing the cop about that. Even when Gwaine had told him about the arrangement between himself and Merlin and Arthur, Leon had looked thoughtful for a moment and asked for pictures.

Hence the reason Merlin was now blinding him to distraction with his digital camera.

"Seriously Emrys, stop with the pictures already," Gwaine managed to get out through gritted teeth and laboured breathing.

"Just one more – the money shot," Merlin winked playfully, bending down to nip at the shell of Gwaine's ear and suck on Arthur's earlobe.

Seeing that as his cue, Arthur hollowed out his mouth and sucked hard. His tongue wrapped teasingly around his shaft, the tip flicking across the pulsing vein on the underside. Gwaine cursed, and used his grip on Arthur's head to bury himself roughly – although he didn't mean to. Arthur wasn't fazed and slowly scrapped the edges of his teeth across the sensitive skin, pulling himself away. Just as he had expected, Gwaine let out a strangled cry as he reached his climax. From the distance Arthur had pulled away to, the cum splattered covered the contorts of his pale face. Through the haze of pleasure, he saw one more bright flash of light and was silent glad the 'photoshoot' was over. He leisurely opened his eyes and was greeted by the sight of Merlin carefully licking the evidence of his release from his lover's face. He groaned quietly and rolled to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Don't have enough time to watch that right now," he mumbled, shaking his head as he pulled his boxer shorts on over his hips, "I meant to be meeting Leon for dinner, and I still need to go home and shower."

Arthur chuckled hoarsely. "When do you want these pictures?"

"Whenever, I'm sure Leon can wait for a few days," Gwaine smirked. He stood up and tugged on his jeans, pausing to re-buckle his belt, "I'll come over next Sunday. It's Arthur's turn to make dinner right?"

"Actually, it's mine," Merlin corrected.

"On second thought, I might just stop by McDonald's on my way here," he joked.

He heard a short laugh and an outraged gasp behind him before he felt a pillow hit the back of his head. He smirked at his friend.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure he doesn't poison us all, as usual," Arthur assured, reaching to wrap his arms around Merlin's shoulders and drag his naked body against his own.

Gwaine picked up his t-shirt from the pile on the floor. "I'll leave you two alone to make kissy face at each other."

"Tell Leon we said hello," Arthur called as he left.

"You should bring Leon for dinner. I'm sure he'll enjoy the evening entertainment," Merlin added.

Gwaine remained silent, already planning what the four of them could do next Sunday…

A/N: And it is finally done. I know it may be kind of sort but I wanted it that way, so these four chapters are all I planned. I may be tempted to write a few short stories or sequels if I get enough requests for them :)