Chapter Seven

Bella was rudely awoken the next morning by the annoying buzz of her alarm , she groaned remembering the events of the previous evening and that today was a school day .Ignoring the thumping of her head and the embarrassing memories she dragged herself out of bed.
Making short work of her morning routine and dressing hastily in old jeans and a sweater she grabbed a granola bar a bottle of water and headed out of the door to her truck only to come to a shocked stop at the head of the pathway .
Sitting in the truck in exactly the same place as he had been last night was Jasper , he was staring at her and smiling in an amused manner.
Bella was not amused and stomped towards the truck angrily pulling open the driver's door and snapping out "Jasper . Move!" .
When Jasper just grinned and slid over with a drawled " Mornin' Bella " she sighed, climbed in and silently began the drive to school.
Surprisingly to Bella the short drive was accomplished in a comfortable silence , both seemingly content with the quiet and their own thoughts.
As Bella pulled into the school and parked she took in the crowds of students and the speculative glances cast her way she found herself suddenly anxious and nervous and unwilling to leave the safety and strangely comforting presence Jasper seemed to have provided.
When she turned and glanced worriedly at him she found herself suddenly gazing into his warm eyes and gentle smile and blanketed in a wave of soothing calm and for some unknown reason she was unable to look away .His face was suddenly so close .
Jasper seemed to be staring back at her just as captivated, yet he seemed to be looking for, or feeling for something , when he seemed to find it his grin widened and his hand reached out to cover hers and gently squeeze , as he leaned slowly closer ,Bella found herself lost in his scent and completely dazzled.
Jasper spoke softly yet confidently his voice commanding and persuasive
" Bella it's just a bunch of high school kids , it aint the Spanish inquisition . Your strong and your brave and your better and smarter than all of them . Remember that. Carlisle will have already made some kind of excuse for Alice and Edwards absence so don't worry about anything. Someone will meet you here after class's so just go and try to have a good day. Ok ?"
Bella smiled dazedly at Jasper and hummed in agreement , helplessly breathing in Jaspers spicy yet intoxicating scent with deep breaths . His face was so close and her eyes wandered to his lips ,they seemed to magnetically pull hers slowly closer until suddenly her warm lips were covering his icy ones is a soft , gentle , yet lingering kiss. When Jasper's lips smiled against hers she pulled back slowly and stared dreamily into his face.
Just moments later , Bella found herself whispering " Yes Jasper."
When he winked and nodded at the door with a " Don't be late . " she could do nothing but obey.
Confident and completely uncaring of the thoughts and words of probably the whole world , and almost chuckling she exited the truck and strode off towards her first class .
Jasper sat and watched grinning as Bella disappeared inside and the parking lot emptied.
When the bell rang and he assumed the students were taking their seats his attention was caught by the obnoxious voice of Jessica Stanley squealing
" Oh my god Bella was that Japer Hale in your truck! You were kissing him again! and then Lauren adding " Holy Shit Bella was he naked ? Did he stay all night ? ."
Jasper tensed for a moment but was pleasantly surprised to hear Bella snort and start to laugh uncontrollably and with genuine amusement.
The teacher called the class to order and Jasper slipped out of the truck and headed towards the forest and home . Glancing down at his still half clothed self he whispered " whoops" but then found himself laughing heartily in pure joy and happiness and running for home without a care, perhaps for the first time ever in his vampire life.
Jasper was still laughing as he approached the Cullen house , scoping out the house its occupants and the area as he travelled was natural to him .
Nothing seemed to be wrong. Everyone seemed calm and content and he found himself curious as to what had happened with the wolves after his departure the previous evening.
Carlisle and Esme were sat hand in hand in the garden enjoying the morning and the nature that surrounded them , they smiled at Jasper as he wandered over to them taking in his twinkling eyes and happy face.
Both were slightly amazed at the relaxed , smiling Jasper that confronted them and wondered where the silent , scowling , serious , sombre and sometimes scary vampire they knew had gone.
Both hoped it would be a while before that Jasper returned.
Esme smiled stating " Bella's ok ?"
Jasper grinned and replied
" Yup . Happy and healthy and safe and sound in school for the next six hours. "
Then paused before adding "Hopefully."
Esme nodded but raised her eyebrows obviously looking for more , after a few seconds Jasper continued thoughtfully "Carlisle we should gather there is much to discuss I think ."
Carlisle nodded and shouted "Family meeting .Fifteen minutes .Dining room!".
Jasper took in everyone's emotions , they were hopeful and anticipatory .
Jasper guessed they were hoping to be let in on his plans and that was exactly what he intended to do.
As he headed up the stairs to his room he felt a sudden spike in anxiety and fear and a moment later he found himself leaning against the cracked and broken door frame of his room , arms crossed and an angry , intimidating glare on his face.
There on his broken bed and ripped up sheets ,totally dishevelled and stinking of sex lay a naked Peter and Charlotte.
Jasper glared and allowed a low growl to rumble out from his chest as he took in the dented wall , crumbling plaster , scattered debris and torn up carpet.
Charlotte's eyes darted around the room bashfully and Peter looked everywhere except Jasper , finally he managed to mumble out to the floor nervously
" um , uh , sorry bro i think we got a bit carried away ."
Silently Jasper stalked into the closet , grabbed clothes and then entered the bathroom slamming the door behind him . A quiet giggle was heard and then the sound of water and whistling echoed through the suddenly silent house.
Peter stared at Charlotte eyes wide and shocked mute .Charlottes mouth dropped open but no words came out .
Emmet appeared in the doorway clad in his hastily grabbed boxers a second later staring into the room and said hesitantly
" man is that Jasper . um . you know ? whistling ?"
Peter nodded yet seemed confused about the confirmation , and then Charlotte whispered astounded
" I think he giggled too? "
Within seconds Rose , Esme and Carlisle had joined , crowding at the door staring in disbelief at the trashed room , the now sheet wrapped Peter and Charlotte while listening intently to Jasper as he whistled out what appeared to be oh what a beautiful morning from Oklahoma in the shower.
Six minutes later a freshly dressed , sweet smelling Jasper calmly walked through the room nonchalantly kicking at the debris and entered his study , as he disappeared from view he growled out playfully " nine minutes people!"
Amidst grins and giggles the rush to dress and gather for the meeting began .

Nine minutes later the only person missing from the dining room table was Jasper , the others were gathered eagerly awaiting his arrival and curious as to what he had to say .
When he walked into the room carrying a packed rucksack and stuffing files into a briefcase they were even more so .The rucksack and the briefcase were placed at the door and Jasper slid into his usual place at the table and looked over to Carlisle asking quietly
"Carlisle what happened with the wolves last night ?."
Carlisle was momentarily surprised but then his eyes it up in what Jasper interpreted as amusement with a dash of confusion and replied
" well ummm , to be brief Jasper the treaty remains as was , there are currently three wolves but they expect three more in the near future . Something to keep an eye on i think , but as I said they are no threat to us. They still hate us of course and I think wish nothing more than to kill us all but the treaty binds them. "
Carlisle then paused and seemed a little nervous and confused asking
" Jasper what was it they gave you ?"
Jasper thought for a moment and then disappeared from the room returning a moment later with the red stone in his hand , he examined it closely for the first time .
It seemed to be a smooth carved stone of some kind , polished smooth and red . One side was carved with a vicious looking sword and the other a shield with what appeared to be a wolves head on .Jasper thought it was kind of cool and tossed it to Carlisle for his opinion .
After a moments examination Carlisle said seemingly to himself " Strange . You know this stone , it's Red Jasper and the carvings are really quite skilled and inticate, i think it's quite old ."
Then glancing up at Jasper he continued uncomfortably
" The shaman seems to think you are a great warrior and are uh , here to train the wolves , protect the tribe and uh imprint or mate as we call it , with the chiefs daughter . The wolves um are not very happy about it and say you have to warned to stay away from Rachel . The um Chiefs daughter i assume . "
Carlisle laughed " The wolves all phased into human form and started arguing with the elder and the shaman , naked and angry it was quite the sight! . So uh yeah .We exchanged numbers and then uh . We left. It really was quite confusing ."
Jasper was momentarily stunned and then laughed loudly .
Pausing for a moment he then said quite deliberately and casually
" Well they got one thing right , Only i think they mixed up Chief Black with Chief Swan."
Everyone gasped as they realised what Jasper was saying . The gathered vampires broke out into grins and excited comments all speaking at the same time and throwing out questions and assumptions towards Jasper who was leant back , smiling smugly and seeming to be casually observing them .
Yet as Jasper sat and took in the storm of emotions and words that suddenly flew through the room he was taking each one in , examining and analysing them carefully as they materialised.
He waited patiently for quiet , and eventually he got it .
Then his expression turned serious , and when he spoke his voice took on the tone of command he seldom used anymore and the family quickly realised as Jasper talked there were to be no discussions or deliberations .
Jasper intended to get his way without opposition or argument.
" Bella is my mate and I have made plans . I think if Alice had not interfered and confused this issue I would have realised this some time ago and I regret the way things have happened , but what has passed can not be changed now. However it will be investigated and the truth will be known."
Jasper then eyed each person seriously and paused for a moment , giving them time to contemplate
his meaning before continuing determinedly and confidently
" Y'all need to decide now . You can either stay and help me or you can leave Forks till this is over but I am telling you I will be staying here with Bella until graduation , and then we will leave .It is my intention to keep her safe and then take her to my compound in Montana and change her ."
Again the room broke out into a storm of emotions and questions and chatter ,and again Jasper quietly waited and carefully analyzed .
Eventually there was a hush and all eyes seemed to be on Jasper again , each with various expressions and emotions .
Jasper looked to Carlisle and nodded " You have questions ?"
Carlisle's eyes met Jaspers
" We want to stay son and we support you , but it must be Bella's choice and Jasper what of Edward? "
Jasper's eyes narrowed and he growled quietly but then nodded and stated
" Bella will agree . You have my word. Edward will have the same choice I give you all ."
He then turned to Rose and spoke quietly yet no less confidently
" Rose your unhappy . I think i know why , your sad for the loss of Bella's human life and I understand that , but I believe just as Emmet was meant for you , and Esme for Carlisle , Bella was meant for me. Becoming a vampire seems to be her destiny . Even if we left now her human life would be endangered . She would not be safe, left at the mercy of Victoria or Laurant or even the Volturi . Not to mention the werewolves and any nomad that catches sight of a human with a vampire scar. She is our responsibility now and under law must be changed or die .It is her choice and no one else's ."
Rose sighed and seemed lost in her thoughts and sadness for a moment but then she smiled and looked at Jasper determinedly " Your right Jasper , as always , leaving is not an option for us .We want to help too."
Emmet grinned and whooped " Hell yeah. A newborn Bella is not to be missed."
Jasper nodded and smiled .
Charlotte chuckled and took Peters hand as he stated casually
" We'r with you Major .As you know. Now tell us the rest of it."
Jasper laughed and smiled. Things had gone as easily as he thought they would , everyone already loved Bella.
Now people just needed to follow orders .
Jasper stood and leant forward resting his hands on the table , for a moment his eyes met Peters and then again a serious calm overtook the room as Jasper spoke
" There's work to be done. Everyone make sure from now on your cells are with you and y'all got contact with each other at all times. Get on the net and get onto your friends . We want to know any information on the whereabouts of Victoria. I want her found . look for missing people and deaths that could be vampire in near by cities . Do not give away our location and do not mention Bella .Use the name Major Whitlock and people will tell you what they know .I guarantee it."
Jasper paused and grinned flashing his teeth, then continued
"Anyone that may have info on Alice before we met her, talk to them . Use the info we got from James and look at the records , start in Billoxi . Charl and Em might be good for that they are the best with the computers.
Esme make sure we are all ready to move at a moments notice just in case ,our fall back position is my Montana compound. Make sure it's ready for us. Get the details from Charlotte and use the folder on my desk in my study. I know we don't usually maintain a perimeter but i want one ran by everyone daily and kept. No more nomads will be wandering into our territory without checking in with us first and asking permission."
Jasper paused and nodded " I think that's everything for now. "
When everyone nodded and hummed agreement he looked at Peter
"Peter , get your bag we are taking a trip , three days maybe ."
Finally Jasper sat and relaxed back in his chair thoughtfully for a moment , tapping his fingernail on his teeth ,when he looked up to see four astonished vampires in front of him and the two smug one he raised an eyebrow .
Peter chuckled and jumped up cheekily saluting and quipped " yesssir. "
As Peter left the room Jasper eyed his family , slowly his eyes turned black and his expression became cold and intimidating , a shiver of fear lightly crept around and touched each vampire present .The atmosphere was suddenly chilling, even to them. In a blur of movement Jasper stood and stared down the room and then in a voice they had never heard from him before ordered in a deadly calm
" While i am away look after Bella. Take shifts . Someone ride to and from school with her. Every day .No accidents. No Werewolves . No mistakes. If anything life threatening happens, change her. Then call me .Am I Understood ? "
Peter returned and stood silently for a moment at Jaspers side , he had heard Jaspers last order
and his stare was almost as scary as the Majors . Side by side ,muscles tensed and in a confident stance , arms crossed , with the scars on their necks and arms they made a formidable sight .
For the first time the Cullen vampires saw a glimpse of the man that had became a fearful legend to those of their kind that had live long enough to hear or tell of him.
Comparing the vampire that stood in front of them now to the quiet , withdrawn easy going vampire they knew was awe inspiring and yet terrifying.
That he loved them and called them family was a relief.
When Jasper finally turned and grabbed his bag and briefcase and left the room he was satisfied , he was confident his orders would be followed , mainly out of love, and care for Bella , which made a nice change , but also out of fear. In Jaspers experience fear and self preservation was as reliable as the dawn.
Jasper chuckled silently as he climbed into the jeep and waited for Peter . If the Cullen's wanted to continue to hang with him they need to know the Major , they needed to learn to be cautious of him and they needed to toughen the fuck up for what was to come. The beasts were rattling around inside his head and they wanted their mate .
Jasper hoped no one was stupid enough to get in their way .
Peter crossed the room and kissed Charlotte's lips , he smiled sweetly and whispered
" See you in a few days . Do what the Major said and don't worry bout us ."
When he reached the door he turned back and winked
at the still silent room drawling " It's fun when the Majors around aint it folks ."
He laughed loudly as he left.
As the jeep sped off down the drive Rose sighed looked at Emmet and commented
" They took your jeep babe. "
Emmet laughed and stood up stretching unnecessarily
" Rosy I don't even care . We got things to do anyway ." and then he sighed and said to everyone's amusement
" You know I think I have a man crush on Jasper . "
Charlottes laughed but then said quite seriously
" Honey I think Jaspers little holiday is over . Major Jasper Whitlock is back in residence and y'all wanna be wary , not meanin' to frighten ya here but annoyin' the emo Jasper you know is one thing , his beast will kick your ass good and then laugh about it with you after.
Now Major Jasper Whitlock ? you piss him off and his beast will have you in pieces and be flicking a flame at you while he decides if your worth bein' put back together or not .
If your ever unlucky enough to see the Majors beast , when he's really , really pissed off y'all be standin' in the vampire ashes that are floatin' around the sky like god damn weddin' confetti while your getting ready to explain why half the god damn state is dead or burnt to the ground and the rivers are running blood red. Cos saying the God of War passed through just don't cut it anymore . "
Charlotte giggled and then sat and sighed nostalgically into the now shocked and again silent room , after a while spent lost in pleasant memories she glanced at her watch and said
" What time Bella finish her lessons ? I wanna hit the computer and get on my phone , so who wants to take first shift ? "
Esme seemed to come out of a dream like trance and said " I will ."
Charlotte nodded and then said " I think the rest of ya wanna run that perimeter and hunt and then get to work .Let's see if we can sort some of this shit out before the Major gets back ."
Everyone was in agreement , just as they reached the door Carlisle suddenly stopped and put his hand on Charlottes arm asking
" Charlotte where do you think Jasper and Peter went ? "
Charlotte sighed and rubbed her face
" I Don't know Carlisle but when Jasper took Peter I guessed they would be looking for trouble. "
Then she shrugged. " He didn't want us to know or he would of told us."
When Carlisle looked concerned she patted his shoulder and said comfortingly
" No need to worry Daddy C they can take care of emselve's no problemo's" and grinned .
Carlisle laughed momentarily and unconvincingly, and then said quite seriously
" It's not them I'm worried about . It's everyone else! "
Charlotte laughed and left the room shouting " Lets get to work!."

Peter and Jasper were half way to Seattle before a word was spoken . Jasper sat happily speeding along listening to the radio.
Jasper occasionally looked across at Peter and grinned , he could feel Peters frustration and curiosity and was enjoying his annoyance.
Finally seconds before Peter broke and asked ,Jasper annoyingly told him exactly what he going to ask " We'r going to Jenks first Bella needs papers ."
Peter grunted . " Got pics?"
Jasper laughed " C'mon i aint a amateur. I stole her passport last night while they were sleeping."
Peter laughed " Nice. The chief of police's house too. She going to be a Whitlock then ?"
Jasper nodded " Of course."
Peter shrugged " What then ?. "
" Denali."
Peter laughed " Edward?."
Jaspers eyes narrowed and he thought for a moment " A few things."
Peter sighed , and sulked a little " C'mon Jasper this aint war anymore just god damn tell me.!"
Jasper growled warningly.
Peter raised his hands and huffed out " Fine. Fine."
Jasper laughed again but after a few moments said quietly
" The nomad laurant and Edward need to be interrogated .I want to talk to Eleazar , he might have info from his Volturi days on Alice and I wanna ask him about Bella's gift , we should be prepared for that . Besides the Cullen's have loose lips. The Denali clan know about Bella and that she is human. They need to know she is mine and be warned Whitlock style ."
Peter quietly thought for a while " Your right . Everyone that knows about the Cullen's human is a risk. We don't want the Volturi or nosey visitors turning up while she is human or a newborn. You think that's what's gonna bite us in the ass?"
Jasper shrugged " Nah i think its Victoria I want that bitch found and Laurant is the best lead we have . Exposing ourselves to our mates aint something the Volturi bothers about . Lot of vamps mate with humans .As long as they end up changed it aint a problem."
Peter couldn't help saying
" yeah but bro , usually a vampire recognises his mate , grabs em , fucks em then drains em to the point of death , then bites em and waits for em turn. So they can do it all over again ."
Peter Grinned and laughed , then added
" Well cept the drainin' part course , can't do that twice . Unfortunatly .Still that was my plan."
Jasper growled and slapped the wheel , denting it .Emmet was going to be pissed.
Peter pretended not to hear Jasper mutter " God I wish." and held his laughter in . Of course Jasper could feel it and the punch that dented his arm painfully was not totally unexpected.
Time passed and Seattle neared before either spoke again . Peter had been thoughtful and was ready to speak
" I think you got everything covered . Nothings pinging me . My shit is silent. You covered all bases as usual Major it's a good plan."
Jasper laughed but then growled out menacingly
" Believe me I intend that everyone that knows about Bella to be silenced to my satisfaction or dead within the week . If we learn what the fuck Alice was up to along the way all the better . If Edward knew something or pisses me off in any way he will be in pieces and wrapped up in pretty pink boxes for Bella's turnin' gift before i can say mine asshole!"
Then Jasper growled out
" The faster we can get to the fuckin' , drainin' and bitin' the better for me . But i can't see Bella agreeing with that before graduation and settling her family affairs . I dont want her a pissed off newborn and naggin' me about that shit it for all eternity.!"
During the rant the steering wheel recieved another dent , or three .
Peter laughed all the way to Seattle .
Peters shit was telling him that he needed to buy pink wrapping paper.
As they left the car and headed towards the unfortunate Jenk's offices Peter slipped on his shades to cover his red eyes and began a lively rendition of " Happy Days Are Here Again."
Jasper was still growling and muttering under his breath .