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New school, New Year that's what dad said when we move, his argument, as quoted was, were moving to see the world, new sights and all. But I knew it was not the new sights that made a move every few years no it was me. I'm the freak , the outcast most commonly known as the witch , that's one of my favourite , only if they real new , most just though I was the weird girl who liked to draw dead people after they had been found , only they didn't know that I had drawn them before they were dead .

So this time I had a plan , most schools when I was younger I tried to make friends and fit in , hide behind other people from the bullying , only then it had been name calling , things were far worse now .so it was about time I harden myself up, all shields , I don't need friend they only help people shove you in the mud , I would keep to myself hood up iPod in no one would even know my name , and that the way I'll keep it until I finish school last year and I'm out of here .

So let it begin I walk in the school gates this place looks like prison, high metal fence surround the out school, I looked round the place was flooding with students new and old, my eyes didn't focus faces longer than a second on any of their faces I couldn't, I didn't to want next week, to see their face on the front of the times paper dead. I couldn't go through that again, poor Benjamin turner he drowned in the river after drinking that weekend his girlfriend had just told him she was pregnant...

So I swung my tatty old rucksack on to my back , turn up the volume of my music and , enter the hell hole I'm going to be in for the next year , hopefully .

I could tell this was going to be an interesting class to be in not, I look down at my time table which informed me this was supposed to second level science , you couldn't tell by the three bimbos sat painting their nails , screaming to the world about one of their parents were out of town they were going to have a party , I didn't care that much to listen or any details , I found a seat at the back , and turn my headphones up so I didn't need to listen to the non important chatter , for a public high you'd think there would be more people in this class , there was a plumed girl sitting two rows in front. A group of what seemed to be the nerds and geeks of the class huddled near the front. And two girls sat together texting under the table, why not speak to each there's no teacher yet anyway, ow and the three b`s I'm going to call them. As I leaning back on my chair a short spiky woman came rushing through the door.

" I'm sorry I'm late got held up " she looked to be in her mid 30s she wore a tight fitting skirt down to her knees and red blouse her blonde hair was done up in a tight bun he didn't look like she had been late before in her life .she looked up to face the class her mouth was set in a straight expression like she wanted to cry or something , her head swivelled round like she was high then she spoke this time more of a whisper like she was scared of us

" my name is miss rickets , this is second level science , I'm going to be teaching this class for the rest of the year " she sounded like she was talking to herself more than us , but I didn't care any way I won't be doing much work , anyway , I found out last year taking the start of my exams If I concentrated hard enough I could see the answer on the paper in the other room, that has to be an advantage to this pain in the ass power , the only problem is sometimes it just takes off on its own .that's when people start thinking I m a freak when were signing up for sports and I'm drawing dead people all over it.

Just as I was getting comfy with sound of my music, out doing miss rickets mouse voice by miles, someone starts knocking on the classroom door the whole class heads turn round to see who it is.

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