I am so sorry that I have not updated to tell the truth I was giving up on this story and haven't check on it in weeks , I would just like to thank everyone who is and has reviewed my story , and thanks for keeping encouraging me to write it , I'm going to try and finish this story , but I'll just warn you that my updates might be a bit random

Great I thought, I've only been here for an hour and I'm already late for my second lesson maybe the teacher will take pity on me because I'm new but I doubt it, stupid Gabriel why couldn't he just be a normal teenager, not that I can say much with have a physic ability, how do you even come to have a power, it's crazy, I was born with it, ever since I could first remember , there was one time , when I was five , I'd draw a woman of course my drawings back then weren't good enough for people to work out what I'd drawn , but my dad had taken me to the a supermarket and I meet the woman that I'd drawn , and told her she was going to die , she didn't react to kindle to my message , and told my dad that he was a bad parent before storming of , that was when I first realised people aren't going to believe ,me so I stopped telling people about their deaths , until I was fifteen , when I started to care again but things wouldn't work , I could never get there in time , one time I had to watch as the life slowly drain from her eyes , I always remember the names , head lining the newspaper , bright and young girl committed suicide as best friend watches on in the shadows family and friends leave there condolence for Annabel waters . One of many I couldn't save, the list goes on, so now you see why I can't make friends, because I lost my best friend a few months back, another reason for dad moving us.

Drawing up all my courage I pushed open the classroom door to see that that unlike my last class this one was full to the brim, I wonder what lesson this was, distracted by the amount of people, I hadn't seen that the teacher of the class was striding towards me, I looked up and let me tell you I had to look up he was like 7`0 tall. He towered over me, until the point I thought he may fall on top of me. So I took a step back brings my back flat against the door behind me .the man in front of me pulled his specks away from his face and looked at me .

"You must be kaitlyn, welcome to my class, you may take any seat" he announced

I nodded my head and turned back to the class room , I still couldn't see a seat , but then I saw a hand waving at me from the back of the room. I walked tot h make avoiding the gaze of the other students and finally found that there was indeed a seat, the girl next to it must of been the one waving, I dropped my back down and focused my attention on the front of the class, there were several sentences on the bored, and walking through the other students desks, I could see they all had the same book out to kill a mocking bird, I'd already read that book back at my old school. So there was no need to pay attention. About ten minutes in to the teacher reading the book the girl next to me past me a bit of paper

My name is Anna what's your?

Didn't this Anna girl pay attention the teacher had said my name not ten minutes ago , maybe she was just being polite so I wrote back just because I'm taking to someone doesn't mean we are friends


I wrote back hoping my one word answer would hint I didn't want to talk, I still had my hood up so I could see her expression without turning my head which I wasn't going to do, after ten minutes I decided that my tactic had worked and Anna wasn't going to try and become my friend, I sighed in relief, when I felt a piece of paper being slide across my desk great what does it say this time

I was wondering because your new you won't have anyone to sit with at lunch my table would love for you to sit with us

I took this as an invitation , that didn't need a reply , or if it did I wasn't going to give one , wishing for this lesson to be over already so I could get out of here , it`s not that I like being rude to people , it`s my shield from what is inevitably death .

Finally after what seemed like hours rather than one the bell rang indicating for the students to leave , I got up out of my seat , trying to make it out of the class room before Anna noticed me trying to escape , and even if she did maybe she would get the hint . I reached the door without any trouble and went off to find my locker; there must be hundreds the corridor walls were covered by the tall and dime looking metal boxes all line up next to each other. I took out the other slip of paper my dad had collected for from the school the day we moved, my locker number and combo.

Walking down the corridor, I noticed there were not many students around, but then again it was lunch so they were probably in the canteen, sadly for me that was of limits. Not because I did something wrong there but , the minute I step in there will be whispers about the girl , and about my hood , also from my encounter with Anna .I'm sure she was good hearted person and would invite me to her table and I would be able to say no without causing a scent . I eventually found my locker it just happens to be the one at the end of the row easy to remember. I put my books and swap them for the ones for my next four lessons good this school has six lessons a day, once I went to a school, which had nine it, was hell. this place didn't seem so bad, then I remembered my encounter with the only other person I had spoken to today Gabriel what ass hole, not that I would say that to his face, ahhh he`s making me so angry and I have only spoken to him once, and I'm not going to again. Shutting my locker I headed out side, there seemed less people out here, probably because of the weather, it was not raining, but the clouds were a murky grey colour. Deciding if it was going to rain , I didn't want to get wet I went and sat under a oak tree , it was the end of spring so most of the leaves had grown on it shielding me if a raining cloud burst. I took out my sandwich ham and salad my dad had made for me this morning telling me that if I did want to fit in , then it was fine but that I might make life easier if I did . After finishing my sandwich I got out my drawing pad , as I wasn't taking art this time after what had happen in my last school I bring the drawing pad , for when I want to doodle or sketch , I soon got in to sketching the out school building , it wasn't much in the terms of architecture more like a metal tin .

"What you drawing?" A voice came from behind me making me jump

"Ahhh!" I screamed dropping my pad on to the floor before it was scooped up my the tall boy behind me

"it`s good, have you taken art?" he asked

"No" I said before snatching the pad back out of his hand just as I heard the bell ring

"Now if you don't mind I'll be going, I have to get to class" walking off back in to the building

Who do we all think that was, because I do not. If you guys tell me who you want it to be out of







Mystery character