Title: "The Long, Hot Summer"
Written by: Shawn

Chapter (1/5)

Summary: Tommy and Kim finally attempt to hash out their emotional issues, but anger and bitterness leads them down a dark path neither could have imagined.

Category: Erotica/Romance/Angst

Rating: Hard NC-17

Timeline/Spoilers: Summer of 1997 following the Power Rangers Turbo season - Rangers have passed the Torch - Zack, Trini, and Jason have returned from the Peace Conference. Billy is healed and fine.

Disclaimer: Saban owns it all again.

Authors Notes 1: Slightly AU timeline wise as Rangers are all 20 or so here - Tommy/Kim never had their talk after the events of the Turbo movie as she went right back to Florida. This story will span the entire summer of 1997.

Authors Notes 2: Love, regret, passion, anger, and growing up are all issues explored here.

Authors Notes 3: I will only post this when all five are done. Then I will post each one day after the other.

"In our minds, love and lust are really separated. It's hard to find someone that can be kind and you can trust enough to leave your kids with, and isn't afraid to throw her man up against the wall and lick him from head to toe."
~ Tori Amos

"It is love rather than sexual lust or unbridled sexuality if, in addition to the need or want involved, there is also some impulse to give pleasure to the persons thus loved and not merely to use them for our own selfish pleasure."
~ Mortimer Adler

"Lust is what keeps you wanting to do it even when you have no desire to be with each other. Love is what makes you want to be with each other even when you have no desire to do it."
~ Judith Viorst

The home of Rocky DeSantos

Friday, June 2, 1997 9:00 PM

Angel Grove, Ca

When the creaky old basement door slammed shut and locked from the inside behind her, Kimberly knew she'd been tricked. She was trapped with no hope of escape. Trini had, in her own way, decided what was best for her. The Rangers resident psychiatrist-of-sorts deemed her most esteemed patient needed to finally deal with the emotional train wreck she caused a little over a year ago.

Now as the heavy footsteps echoing down the staircase toward her caused her heart to clench painfully, there was only one way out of this basement and she knew she wasn't going to make it past him. She had to finally face the music. To finally face him. "Did you put Trini up to this?"

Tommy's first thoughts upon seeing her were that she always had the uncanny ability to make simple look sexy as deadly sin. She wore a short wine colored dress, sophisticated enough to make her look every bit the confident young woman she was, and snug enough to draw the attention of every man in the room. Her smooth, toned legs drew his attention momentarily from the task at hand. Desire had never been a issue between them, though they had never crossed that line. Trust...
it was everything and now it was lost. But at least he could get his answers. "You ran out after the whole Maligore affair without a saying a word. You never responded to any of my phone calls. You disappeared.
I just want to know why you don't you want to talk to me at all? Am I really asking for so much when I ask for closure."

Her head bowed as this confrontation was now inevitable. Her arms closed around herself. "Maybe I have nothing to say."

"You're a better person than that."

Her reply fell softly between them, "I'm not." She slowly turned to him, her moody gaze fixated on his dark brown eyes as he stood at the foot of the stairs, waiting for her. What they once shared was so innocent and precious. Her first true love. So... beautiful. And now it was utterly broken.

Anger swelled within him as he'd waited nearly a year for answers as to why she broke his heart so viciously. What bits and pieces he could put together about how she was doing across the country left him with as many new questions as old. She was now a mystery to him, when once she was his other half. "All I'm asking for is the whole truth,
whatever it is. After that you can keep on running."

Swallowing hard, her voice cracked with emotion. "And if it makes you hate me even more?"

"So be it."

He doesn't know that she cringes at the thought of him hating her, and she knows he did or still does. A part of her lived easier with the guilt when he was out of sight, out of mind. But standing here with him again, its intoxicating. She can barely breath. The absolute fear of telling him everything has finally been eclipsed by the sheer need to finally unburden herself. carrying all this around for so long has worn her out. It had to end no matter what.

Summoning up all her courage, Kimberly boldly invaded Tommy's personal space, standing as tall as she could to face him. Still he towered over her, seeming bigger than when they dated. Darker. Older and more... just more. He looked so damn good when he was angry. But he was hurt as well, and that didn't make this easy. She hated herself enough already. "You know his name."

Tommy nodded, his throat closing tight as the answers that have buried him for the last year were about to be revealed. "James."

His tone of voice was as if the word tasted like acid. She couldn't blame him. "Yeah, he was two years older than me and from Arizona, so he was far from his family too. We were both homesick and pretty overwhelmed by all the media attention and expectations. I thought I was prepared for professional gymnastics, but the training and dedication was so intense. He was training for the Triathlon and we both ran on the same track each morning. That's when we started talking a lot."

With the loud music of Rocky's birthday party blaring overhead,
Tommy's face grew as cold as ice. "Couldn't you have made some female friends?"

She didn't wince, but she wanted too. More than anything else, she wanted to run. "I did."

"Then why not turn to them when things got tough? Why not turn to your friends here? Or your mom? Or me?"

She sighed, knowing this was going to be a defining moment in her young life thus far. She thought of lying to him so that he would never know the truth. Maybe tell him there was no guy at all. But she'd done enough lying already. Whatever he was to think of her character after this talk, she knew she had to get this off her chest once and for all. And there was no way to sugar coat it or protect him from the pain to come.

At some point she just had to do the right thing.

Suddenly, everything came out at once. "Here's the deal, Tommy. He was there and so was I. We were both going through the same crap and I wanted someone with me. I needed someone there and you weren't. That's not your fault and its not fair and there's nothing more you could have done. I started to fall in love with James because of his caring and personality. I hated that I felt that way and purposely began pushing you away, even though I knew I was breaking your heart. I wish I would have broken up with you before I actually cheated, but I didn't. It was a month before I got up the courage to write that stupid letter, but at that point I was near a nervous breakdown from the stress of preparing for the Pan Global Games, keeping my grades up, worrying about you and the others each time the news came on about a Ranger fight, being homesick, and dealing with my conflicted feelings for someone else. I was a total mess. Someone I don't think you would even recognize."

Tommy absorbed her words as if they were physical blows, but he'd expected this all along. She was giving him exactly what he asked for,
even as his jaw tightened and he fought off the raw emotion of now knowing she just didn't want him anymore. He'd known that fact before tonight, but never heard from her own lips. And still she meant so much... to much to him and he hated that and her and everything about this. But a part of him still felt something more. He sincerely wished he could tear that part of himself out his body with his bare hands.
"Go on."

Once upon a time he felt closer to her than she ever imagined she could let someone in. Now the distance between them felt insurmountable. She knew that she had fallen so far from where he had always placed her in his heart and the feeling sank darkly within her.
But at least she knew he deserved truth. All of it no matter what. "I regret hurting you more than anything in the world," she began softly.
"But I fell in love with James. It wasn't right to cheat on you, but it happened. I can't undo what's been done. As for our relationship,
it was really good. He was patient and understanding."

"And I wasn't?" Tommy snapped loudly.

Kimberly flinched. He'd never sounded so angry when talking to her before. She accepted it, nonetheless. She couldn't blame him. "You were wonderful to me."

"Just not wonderful enough to remain faithful?"

He verbally slapped her. "That was my mistake alone. It wasn't your fault." He shook his head angrily, and then began circling her, his right hand grazing over his chin as if he couldn't decide what to do or how to feel. She felt exactly the same way. "I'm sorry."

Her apology didn't fix a damn thing, but what more was she to say?
Tommy wasn't sure he could even accept it. At the end of the day she had chosen someone else. That was what killed him inside. When once he was her everything, now he wasn't anything and he didn't remember changing. "Was it worth it? Were you happy?"

"For a long time, yes, I was." She knew that wasn't what he wanted to hear. He suffered while she moved on happily and that wasn't something a man ever truly made peace with. "We were a good match," she paused before announcing, "But four months ago he broke up with me." Tommy's strong arms crossed, his only reaction. "He wanted to further his education abroad in Paris more than continue a relationship with me.
And he accused me of my heart not being in it with us anymore."

"What, did you cheat on him too?"

That verbally stung like a motherfucker. Her inner pit bull wanted to tear him a new one, but he'd suffered over this. Her broken heart tried patience. "No, I never cheated on him."

"I guess he didn't deserve that."

"Neither did you."

"Then you should have never done it!"

"Don't you think I fucking know that!" she shouted at him, thankful for the loud music and dancing taking place over their heads. "I'm sorry. What more can I say? What more can I do? Would you like to hear that I cried my eyes out for days, because I did. Wanna hear how humiliated I felt for getting dumped for a freaking school? Or that I can see in your eyes you look at me like I'm a slut."

"I don't think that."

Fire laced her response, "I got my heart run over by a fucking train just like you did, so feel free to thank Karma for repaying me the pain I caused you. I am not happy or satisfied or in love or prancing around like life is wonderful." Her mouth quivered as she fought her feelings tooth and nail. "I'm all alone and I'm sorry."

Her gut-wrenching apology should have reached him, but it didn't. He could barely breath, as if the air around them was stifling. "Did you sleep with him?" The light in her eyes dimmed before his and then she looked away, painfully. He knew what he asked wasn't his business, but her initial silent answer burned him alive.

"We were together for over a year, Tommy. Yes, we slept together."
When he turned his back to her she felt stained and dirty, as if she'd lost something she could never replace in his eyes. "I'm sorry for cheating on you. I'm sorry for breaking your heart in such a dumb,
foolish way. I'm sorry for avoiding you and not having the courage to face you sooner. I'm sorry that... I'm just sorry."

Glancing over his shoulder wearing a grim expression, Tommy pondered,
"I thought you felt something when we saw each other again."

"I did," Kim declared emotionally. She knew shouldn't have admitted that and regretted the second she did. But something new simmered just beneath the anger and pain as they held each others stare. "Ever...
ever since the whole Divatox thing I... something in me changed," she tried to explain with her hands. "I'm not sure if it was being with you again or seeing you with Katherine. I don't know."

"Is that when things with James began to change?"

Her voice fell as faint as a whisper. "That's not a fair question."

"This isn't a fair world."

She faced him head on, her own anger rising. "Seeing you with Katherine shook me up, alright," she admitted. "I've never seen you with another woman before. It hurt me." She impatiently waited for his response, but he only stared at her. Through her. "There, are you happy?"

"Yes." His chest felt as if it were imploding as horrible images of her making love to a faceless man tore him up inside. "I hate that you fucked him."

His words were crude, so unlike him. Pain could do that to a guy. Kim was no different. "Yeah, well, I'm not exactly keen on you sleeping with Katherine either. And don't deny that you did."

"I won't," he replied, trying not to enjoy the jealousy written all over her face. And then something dark and hot swept over him as they faced off. "Was he good?"

Tommy didn't need to elaborate further on what he meant. And Kim wasn't backing down anymore. "Was she?"

"I asked first."

Rolling her eyes, Kimberly looked away. "It doesn't matter."

Who were they, Tommy thought to himself? They never, ever talked this way to each other before. How had things changed so drastically between them? Weren't they friends once, or were they in love before they even realized it? He felt so many damn things for her it hurt his head to think about them all. "Why don't you fight for James?"

Her mouth opened, and then clamped shut. Her mother had asked the exact same question. There was no use in lying. "I thought about it,
but when he was about to leave some part of me felt we'd gone as far as we were supposed to go. I grieved for what we had, but I knew it was over. Maybe he sensed it before I did..." She mentally walked through what was and where she had been. "I don't seem to be a relationship expert."

Why did the mere sight of her still draw him ever closer. Tommy was at odds with himself even as he invaded her personal space, now gazing down into her eyes. "Sometimes I hate you."

"I know," she replied defiantly. "I wish I could forget the way you made me feel."

"I want to kill James."

Since the unaltered truth seemed to finally be free, she fired away as well. "And I want to run Katherine over with my car for ever touching you."

"You're not the woman I thought you were?"

"... must suck that I'm still the woman you want?" What on Earth possessed her to say that? She nearly swore under her breath, and when his eyes darkened she swallowed hard in the back of her throat. She didn't mean to notice he was aroused despite their argument. She didn't know why she was as well. "If I had to do it all over again, I would have broken up with you before cheating. But I'm sorry, I don't regret my relationship with James. I needed to go there in order to get here, where I am now in my life. I have my regrets, but I love the life I've made for myself."

Her toughness used to charm the socks off him. Now he only glared at her beauty. "Did you love him more than you ever loved me?"

Kimberly blinked, suddenly floored by his query. "... that's."

"Answer me?"

"Fuck you!" When she attempted to turn and walk away he grabbed her forearm. "Let me go!"

It was now or never and he knew it. "Answer the question?"

"It doesn't matter," she complained, resenting his refusal to back off.

"It does," he practically snarled, and then drug her against his body,
refusing to let her go. "Answer?"

Her chin lifted defiantly, brown eyes boring into his. "Yes, I loved him more than you." Her best effort to sound convincing failed miserably. She wished more than anything to get Tommy out of her system, but the reality was when she saw him again last year a flood of emotion roared back to her. He glared, and then a ghost of something dark crossed his eyes. She felt it too. They were on the precipice of...

Bending down to her ear, he whispered, "Liar."

She hated her body's reaction to the warm, solid body pressed against her. "To hell with you!"

"I truly, deeply loved Katherine more than I ever loved you." When she slapped him with force, the audible crack echoed around the room. She was beyond pissed at him, her chest heaving, and her response was his heaven. "Did I touch a nerve?"

"You've never 'touched' me," she fired back seductively. "Not like James did... so many times." She jerked her arm, but he was to strong and wouldn't let her move away from him. He was to damn close and so warm and God... she just wanted... "Either let me go or..."

"Or what?"

The mood was electric, raw, and vibrant with sheer emotion as they breathed in each other, their eyes locked in a wage of wills until Kimberly uttered the words that detonated the moment.

"Go for it."

Incited by some midnight aspect of his soul that had forever wanted her, Tommy's mouth slanted down on over hers so hard she swooned,
sealing their lips with a deliriously powerful kiss that left her woozy with intense need. Her arms clutched tightly around his neck,
fingers digging into his soft dark-brown hair while her tongue fucked his mouth so ravenously his cock jerked hard with jealousy between them. He easily lifted her off her feet with his strong arms, holding her around her slender waist as her heels slipped off her feet onto the floor.

The desperate hunger with which they fell to the floor, wrenching and tearing off their clothes with reckless intensity set them on fire.
Reason and consequences be damned, their angry thirst for each other consumed them whole as they moved over the carpet until that incredible moment when he settled over her, between her thighs, poised at heaven... and then the very first time his cock parted her liquid-smooth sex until she owned all of him inside the heated confines of her body.

Wild, wide-eyed stares left them both speechless as the one line they had never crossed was forever erased! They trembled as one, unable to believe what they were doing. Her senses were on red-alert as she never, ever thought she would have him this way. Throbbing and so damn hard inside her that her lips parted when he gave her that last sweet inch that locked them fully together. Her body clasped around him, and the lustful expression that he wore was one she would never forget.
She bit her bottom lip while groaning his name as his body covered hers fully.

Blinded by the sheer awe of being inside Kimberly at long last after so many years of wanting her more than anything in then world, Tommy couldn't fathom pleasure this absolute existed as he was buried inside her so deeply he silently prayed for control.

The blaring base of the music upstairs had nothing on the sheer beat of their hearts as Tommy and Kim became one over and over again. They couldn't steal their eyes away each other for even a second, gauging every little nuance, treasuring every hungry sigh as his muscled body moved over hers. They weren't conscious as to how this even happened.
But they couldn't stop. God help them, they couldn't stop to save their lives!

"Oh God," Kim softly breathed over his warm mouth as their bodies rocked together in a age old rhythm of hungry mating. She felt his heart thunder over her chest, even as she felt so full of him tears wet her eyes. Mindless to everything except how exquisite she felt wrapped around him, Tommy captured her mouth in a soul-stirring kiss when her inner walls flexed hotly around him. She tasted so damn good he swore against her probing tongue. Slow thrusts saw their low moans become grunts of passionate exertion as they were lost in each other,
kissing so deeply while fucking over the carpet.

"I... I hate you you were with Katherine," Kim hissed through clenched teeth, her slick sex wetly suckling around the hard shaft spreading her flesh so deeply. Mercy, the sounds their bodies made aroused her incredibly.
Her pink nails grazed over the hard muscles of his back, memorizing every inch of the man she's always desired. "God, I hate it," she swore when his warm mouth closed around a taut nipple, his tongue lashing her until her back arched before suckling powerfully. His teeth nipped at the peaked tip, and then his mouth drew harder and harder, sucking it fully. Pleasurable shivers roared through her body each time his cock grazed the sensitive ridge of her clit as he claimed her in the dim light of the basement. Carpet burns on her back be damned, if this was the one and only time she would have him, would allow him to have her, then she would murder every memory he had of anyone before than her. "This is so wrong."

And yet her strong, toned legs locked harder around him, her ankles clasped over his lower back as he fucked her harder on the black carpet of Rocky's basement. The air filled with the wanton scent of their coupling as the party roared over their heads. Her hands roamed, and then grasped the heaving curves of his backside as he moved inside her. She clasped tightly around him when his teeth bit at her neck, marking her. The heady sounds of his heavy breathing, the dark warning that lit his passionate gaze left her so wet as he glided smoothly in and out of her. This was the thrilling, fiery, so wrong-its-right passion they tried to fight, but at last gave into the years of unresolved sexual tension they shared.

Exerting powerfully between her slender, smooth thighs, Tommy mouth closed over the regal column of her throat, then lazily lashed his tongue over her pulse. She was so tiny and soft beneath him. Yet so strong and hot and so snug his eyes squeezed shut as fucking her was beyond the most incredible pleasure he had ever known. Her soft,
flushed skin was so perfect he could scarcely believe it. "I hate James," he groaned as their bodies collided rhythmically. "Can't stand that you were with him!" One hand gently cupped the back of her head,
his fingers tangling in her chestnut locks. "Hate the thought of you... Fucking hate it!"

"What about Katherine?" Kim fired back hotly over the shell of his ear while clenching hard around his every withdrawal. She moved in wicked tandem with him, taking as she gave, one her fists locked around his ponytail, yanking it just to hear him grunt. Her toes curled when his thrusts sped up. "She was hot for you even before I left town. I hate you slept with her. Want to kill something just thinking about you and... ahhhh Tommy..."

"Wanted... wanted it to be you first."

"Should of been me always." Her small hands filled with the firm cheeks of his toned ass, loving the way they felt in her grasp as his fucked her so damn good. Her hands traversed his back and shoulders,
peppering mindless kisses all over his face even as she knew this was the biggest mistake of her entire life. They were kissing again, mating hungrily in the dark, their tongues wildly caressing each other. "But I fucked up," Kim moaned as they switched positions, with her now seated fully over his lap, his throbbing cock buried balls-deep inside her. She rocked back and forth, rising high only to drown him in wet-heat as she descended until her backside rested over his thighs. Both her hands reached behind his head, holding onto his ponytail as she grind-fucked to the rhythm of the music playing upstairs. She loved the way his body tensed beneath her, the sensual sounds he made as she took him. His hands grasped her ass hard as she rode him at a steady gallop. "I don't love you..."

"I know," Tommy began counter-thrusting, lifting Kim's petite frame,
bouncing her hard on his cock. Her lips parted in ecstasy. She was all flushed cheeks and wild eyes, more beautiful to him than he had ever seen before. "You're a liar." He rose, sitting up, kissing her thoroughly as they fucked just like that.

Grinding hard over his lap, Kimberly tugged at his ponytail to reveal his throat. She sank her teeth into his skin, rolling her slender hips in tight circles as she rode him. His strong arms held her so tight,
the sensation so exquisite. Her sex wept all over his cock as they kissed hungrily through every lush impact of their bodies. This wasn't love making. This was hot, end-of-the-world fucking. "I don't want you!"

"They why," Tommy moaned angrily, "Is my cock," he turned them over again, his large frame covering hers, "Buried inside you?"

"Fuck you!"

"Exactly!" he proclaimed, claiming her as his and his alone. "You're mine!"

"Never," squeaked from her kiss-swollen lips even as her sex swallowed him whole, drawing snug around him. Even as her body roared toward a delirious climax that she knew would cripple any before it. She was being pounded into the floor, rug burns no doubt on her back and his knees. They were grinding harder, straining towards each other,
glistening with sweat and exertion and anger and regret and so many damn conflicting emotions she couldn't think straight. Didn't want to think, just feel. Feel and fight and take! If it weren't for the party upstairs someone would no doubt hear them. "Better enjoy this while it lasts. Won't...God, won't ever..."

Her thighs tightened around him, as he found her mouth a addiction he couldn't live without. He kissed her again, grazing hotly over her soft lips. "You can go back to James for all I care."

"Tell me..." Her body worshiped his cock as the wicked sound of their flesh slapping violently speared the air. "When you fuck Kat, you ever think of me?" No reply save his teeth sinking onto the other side of her neck. She cried out, "Ever wish it was me beneath you? Ever wish I was the one bent over your bed?"


"Liar," she didn't ask, she declared, as Tommy's body stiffened. "You wish she could make you feel like this. But you only want me, still.
Even after everything and all this time," she pressed her lips to his,
and then whispered, "You hate that you love me so much."

"I hate you ever came back to town." Tommy left marks on her neck that weren't there before the party. And faint bruises on her inner thighs from how hard they were fucking, straining into each other, drowning in the fiery heat of mating hungrily.

"I'm in your bloodstream just like you're in mine!" Kim dug her nails in his back, wondering who would catch them? Who would notice they were gone and look downstairs? Maybe Jason or Trini trying to find out how things went? Would it be Katherine, a dark voice chanted in her ear about his currently ex-girlfriend. Would his precious Kat see the vicious truth that only Kim could please him? Did she want that, or just not care enough and wanted Tommy? Their clothes were strewn about the floor, and the scent of fucking hung thick in the air as did their grunts and moans and the sounds of their bodies colliding. She couldn't help rocking her hips at him, forcing him deeper while squeezing so hard around him.

"You'll never forget this night!" he declared roughly in her ear, to which she answered. "You're easily forgettable!" He pounded her into the floor, uncaring for anything save forcing her to cum. To bath his cock in her juices until she couldn't see straight. "You're mine!
Always been mine!" She wrenched at his pony-tail, glaring into the dark pools of his eyes.

"Never yours!"

"Keep lying to yourself." His mouth covered her as their bodies trembled violently. He sucked her tongue into his mouth, hard, His thrusts rubbed over her clit at such a exquisite angle she began bucking wildly beneath before excruciating pleasure burned through her with the sweetest agony. Groaning with each gasping breath, her sex squeezed rapidly around him, drawing his climax until he roared into the crook of her neck as his seed surged out of him into her in violent bursts that stole all his strength until he had nothing left.

Minutes later they laid side by side, gazing at the ceiling in shock.
Their clothes were thrown everywhere, while they each felt as if they'd been in a fight moroso than had sex. Sweet loving making or passionate sex wasn't what they shared tonight. They fucked each other as rough and hard as they could as if it was the only way to deaden the pain of all they lost.

Sore all over, her hair a complete mess, and uncomfortable to say the least, Kimberly slowly sat up. "I'm on the pill. Zordon provided me with something special."

Tommy's eyes shut as he hadn't even thought of the consequences of their actions. He could only nod, but not look at her. What they just did, the things they said, it wasn't them. It was them, but not who they were. And he wasn't sure he liked who they became. He couldn't wrap his mind around some of the things he said to her, or her to him.
This night was a huge mistake and... and it was everything he had ever wanted. "I'm not going to thank you for giving me the truth and closure I deserved anyway."

Scrambling for her clothes, Kim struggled to her feet as muscles that hadn't been used for months got the workout of a lifetime tonight. Her knees nearly buckled as she moved. She wanted to clean up in the basement bathroom and get the hell out of here. "I'm done apologizing for all of it."

Tommy sought his clothes, as neither looked at the other for a couple of moments. "I don't ever want to think about what happened here."

"And don't you dare ever tell anyone," Kim pointed at him, and then brushed some of her hair back. His neck was covered in marks and bites, while his shoulder had two long scratches. She could only imagine how bad she looked. "This was a mistake."

"We finally agree on something."

She nodded, even as her heart didn't seem to know what to feel. He was the mystery and the light and everything she wanted to forget and never could. "Don't think about me when I'm gone."

"I wasn't thinking about you while you were here." He wanted to hurt her, and his words did as he recognized it in her eyes. There was that familiar ache to ease any pain she felt, alongside the anger that she broke his heart. "Do you have anything else to say?"

"Did I scream James's name when I came? That's what I'm used too."
What she said was meant to enrage him. Mission accomplished as he scowl said it all. "This will never, ever happen again." Turning, she gathered the rest of her things and walked toward the bathroom.

"Good. Because I don't want it or you ever again."

The End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2: A blizzard buries Angel Grove as Tommy battles his feelings and lust for Kimberly.

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