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Chapter Twenty-Eight: Tensions

Before I could blink, Daryl's flew backwards, the impact of the bullet hitting his head throwing him to the ground.

All I could do was scream.

He was dead. He had to be. He got shot in the head.

Dropping to my knees, my exhaustion fled in an instant, replaced with adrenaline and fear. My hands flew to Daryl's shoulders, my arms straining as I rolled him onto his back. He was unconscious, his eyes snapped shut, as blood dribbled from the wound on his forehead.

Tearing at my shirt, I pressed the cloth to his forehead, slapping his face lightly as I called his name, "Daryl! Daryl, c'mon, wake up! Wake up!" My panicked gaze shifted to Rick, who fell to the ground beside me, examining the wounded hunter with a frown. "Is he alright? Tell me he's not dead, Rick."

The sheriff pressed two fingers to his neck, silent, focused, as he waited for something. Anything.

"Is he dead!?"

Andrea came flying toward us, flinging herself toward us, her wild blue gaze pinned on Daryl, "Is he alright?! I didn't kill him, did I?"

"You better hope not," I rounded on her, seething up at the blonde with a vicious glower. Rage filled me as I made to rise to my feet, my clenched fists trembling, my ire focused solely on the woman who may or may not have killed my lover. "You better fucking hope not."

"I'm sorry," she breathed, tears welling in her eyes as her gaze dashed from me to Daryl, "sorry. I'm so sorry, Cat…"

Rick rested a hand on my shoulder, firm and heavy, squeezing softly and drawing my rage away from the blonde. His soft blue eyes grabbed mine, his brows high on his forehead as he reassured me, "He's alive, Cat. He'll be alright. He'll survive."

"Thank God," I breathed, draping myself over Daryl's chest, my ear to his thudding heart, my lips molding to his collarbone, ignoring the grime and muck, "we gotta get him back up there. Hershel can sew him up, right?"

"Yeah, Cat," Rick smiled, patting my cheek and laughing, "yeah, Hershel can stitch him up. He'll be good as new in a day, maybe two. C'mon, guys," he rounded on the others, "help me get him to th' house."

T-Dog and Glenn immediately grabbed up the fallen hunter, Shane hanging back as the men toted him hastily toward the house. Andrea grabbed onto my arm, pleading, begging me to forgive her.

I shook her off, hauling myself to my feet and turning toward the forgotten girl behind me, "You alright, hon?"

Though two clean streaks had trekked their way from her eyes down to her chin, but she nodded despite her fear. Her wide eyes drifted after the men, her brow pitching upward in concern, "How bad is he hurt?"

"He'll be fine," Shane assured her with a laugh, patting her head and ruffling her hair with a heavy hand. She ducked away from him, but smiled anyway, flinging her arms around his waist. She giggled as he hoisted her into the air and spun her; he grinned broadly at me and queried, "You mind if I take her up to the house?"

Shaking my head, I allowed the ex-deputy to tote Sophia up to the farmhouse, where I knew her mom would be beside herself upon finding her daughter alive.

Rolling my eyes, I tugged Andrea after them, praying she would stop sobbing into my shoulder and let me find some damn food.


I sat beside Daryl, my feet propped up on his bed as he slept off his injuries. His head was bound, as was his side and the various other wounds he'd collected in the last eight hours. A plate of food rested atop my lap, the fork twirled absently between two fingers.

Carol and Lori had made dinner as a thank-you for Hershel allowing us to stay at the farm. It was meat of some sort, and eggs. They actually had chickens on the farm and they were producing eggs at a rapid rate, apparently. That's what Beth said, anyway.

She had come to check up on me after her father had checked out my own injuries, two plates in hand as she smiled shyly and offered them both to me. She was a nice girl, as were the others on the farm, but she was quiet. Naïve. She hadn't been off the farm since it all started and she was sure it wasn't as bad as the rest of us thought.

That's what she said, anyway.

Little daft, I think…

Daryl hadn't stirred despite the smell of freshly cooked meat, but the plate sat beside him on the nightstand anyway. It would be there when he awoke; hell, I'd feed him myself if I had to. That man deserved a good meal after all the shit he went through just to find Sophia.

"How's he doing?"

Peering up at the threshold, I stared at the pair that had wandered through the massive house to find us. Jake and Sophia stood side-by-side and I fought the urge to blink twice and clear my vision of the girl that shouldn't have been there. She had been gone for so damn long that it was strange to see her amongst the rest of us. And she didn't seem terribly scarred; jumpy, yes, and malnourished for sure, but she could still smile. Actually, I think I'd seen her smile more in the last few hours than I had in our entire stay at the quarry. She was so relieved to be back, to be in her mother's arms, to have food and shelter and water, to be free from the constant threat of walkers…

How she had managed to be so damn resourceful for a kid growing up, sheltered but abused, in the city, I'd never know. Maybe when Carol stopped swooping in every few seconds to drag her away from the rest of us, I'd ask her.

"He's alright," I replied with a soft smile, shifting the plate away from me to lean toward the hunter. I brushed his bangs from his face, grinning as he shied away from me and buried his face in the pillow. "Still a jacka- errr, still a turd. Like always."

Sophia giggled and followed Jake as he moved into the room, the two of them staring down at Daryl in interest.

"How are you feeling, Cat?" my brother inquired, hopping onto my lap and taking my now empty plate from me. Sophia followed quickly, hopping onto my other knee, the pair of them leaning into my hold and watching Daryl for any sign of life.

He snorted, causing Sophia to giggle, consequently waking the hunter. He skinned a dangerous eye at the little girl, but didn't bother complaining; seeing the once terrified child beaming calmed even the temperamental Daryl.

"There anythin' to eat?"

His voice was hoarse, so I opted for the water first. He grumbled the entire way as I helped him sit up, accepting the cup and glowering as I maintained a hold on it. Lifting a shoulder, I replied, unfazed, "Don't give me that look. Think you can hold it yourself, go ahead and try."

He didn't, but that didn't mean he couldn't glower at me or his own helplessness.

"Thank you for lookin' for me, Daryl," Sophia piped up suddenly, her tone soft, sleepy. A quick glance told me she was dozing off in my hold and, despite the fact that I couldn't feel my legs, I refused to usher either her or my brother off of me. "Thank you for findin' me."

"You found us, girl," he muttered gruffly, wiping the water from his mouth and skinning an eye at the plate by his side, "you were smart. Strong. You did good."

Masking my grin by pressing my face to my brother's soft hair, I beamed at the hunter's words. It would do Sophia good, hearing how proud he was of her. How proud we all were of the little girl for finding her way back to us.

"Sophia? Sophia?"

Carol peered into the room, a relieved grin stretching across her face as she stared down at her daughter wrapped up in my arms. There was a tightness around her eyes, a tension in her shoulders, and she rubbed her arm uncomfortably. Her voice was decidedly cool when she announced, "Sophia, you should come to bed. It's getting late."

"Alright," Sophia replied rather reluctantly, clambering out of my hold. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pecking my cheek and whispering, "I love you, Cat."

Uh, right.

"Love you, too, kid," I offered her the slightest of smiles, patting her back and nodding toward a now frowning Carol, "better go with your mom, 'kay?"

She nodded, making her way toward Daryl and climbing onto the bed. He flinched away from her when she got too close, but froze when she pressed a kiss to his cheek, murmuring something into his ear.

He didn't reply, but nodded all the same, offering her a half-hearted smirk.

Carol regarded us almost icily, apprehensively, before murmuring through clenched teeth, "Thank you again for finding her, Daryl."

Turning quickly, she ushered Sophia from the room, leaving Daryl to scowl angrily after her. He turned his attention to me, wondering why I hadn't snapped at the woman for her obnoxious behavior.

Not worth it, I mouthed, gesturing instead to the plate at his side, "Need any help?"

"Maybe takin' a bath, but not eatin'," he muttered, shoveling food into his mouth at an alarming rate. His bright eyes smoldered as he stared at me over my brother's head, heat flooding to my face.


"He's asleep, don't worry," he replied, the slightest of chuckles escaping him as he shook his head and hoovied up his meal, "can say anythin' I want an' he wouldn't know. Could say what I want ta do-"

"Daryl," I laughed, shaking my head and rolling my eyes skyward in exaggeration, "at least wait 'til he's out of the room…"

"Get 'im outta th' room, then."

To spite him, I drew my brother tighter into my grasp and smirked. The hunter merely pursed his lips and continued to eat in silence.

A few comfortable moments passed before he spoke again, staring at his plate even as he commented, "She's wrong, ya know. Thankin' just me. You were every bit as responsible for findin' that girl. She's just jealous is all."


"That little girl's been stickin' around you all day, hasn't she?" Daryl inquired, his perception blaringly obvious as he lifted his gaze to meet mine, "followin' you? Sayin' she loved you? How many times has she told her mama that?"

I couldn't answer his last question, but I knew for certain that the others were incredibly accurate. She stuck to me like glue in the last two hours, trailing after me, even sitting beside me as Hershel stitched me back up. Course, she had to turn away from the sight, burrowing her face into my shirt and gagging, but she had been there. Staring up at me adoringly, as though I were her hero. She pinned the same gaze on Daryl, but it was me that worried her mother.

No wonder Carol was so pissed.

"-my life."

"Huh?" I inquired dazedly, returning my attention to the hunter, who frowned and shook his head, muttering, "Makin' me repeat myself?"

When I shrugged sheepishly, he reiterated pointedly, "You saved my life. Not many people done that for me b'fore. I owe you."

"You don't owe me anything, Daryl," I denied, resting my chin atop Jake's head and regarding the hunter with a smile, "you'd've done the same for me. That's what we do for each other. I love you."

"Love you, too," he replied, his eyes darting belatedly toward my brother, as though him hearing the hunter's admission would lessen his masculinity or some shit.

Either way, his words made my toes curl, warmth spreading through me even as my heart thudded erratically in my chest. God, I loved when he said that. It wasn't often, but it made me feel incredible. Weightless, even. After everything that had happened today, yesterday, hell, since this whole thing started, I knew we had each other.

He would be there for me.


He would die for me.

Didn't want to see it come to that, but hell…

If Jake weren't there…

"Hey, Cat, you want me to take the little guy to bed?"

Lifting my heated gaze from the hunter, I stared at Glenn, offering him a fleeting smile and nodding, "Yeah, you just wanna stick him on the couch or something? I don't want him in the tent without me."

"I can take him with me if you want," the young man replied, removing the cap from his head and running a hand through his hair, "me and Danny'll keep an eye on him."

I went to protest, but he waved me off, slipping into the room and removing Jake from my hold, "It's no problem. Get some sleep, Cat."

Nodding, I thanked him and watched him head toward the door. He paused, though, and offered Daryl a friendly grin, "You, too, Daryl. Sleep up, get in gear. I'm not used to seeing you like this."

"Like what?"

The challenge didn't intimidate Glenn, though, partially because he was well aware that Daryl was too damn weak to lunge for him. He grinned, "Nothing. Never mind. Just get some rest."

With that, he and Jake disappeared, leaving Daryl and I all by our lonesome. The hunter's eyes refused to leave me even as I stood and retrieved his plate from his limp grasp. They smoldered and stared, intensifying when I shot him an amused (and mildly flustered, I'll give you that) wink.

He tried to catch my wrist when I made to leave the room, but I was too quick for him. Ha, too quick. He must've really been hurting when I could get away from his catlike reflexes.

Hastening down the hallways, I found my way back to the kitchen, thanking Beth softly as she took the plates from me and returned to her spot at the sink. She didn't speak, for which I was grateful – I wasn't wonderful at making small talk when there wasn't much to chat about these days anyway – but left me to my own devices, humming to herself beneath her breath.

Moving to the window, I glanced out into the field; I didn't want to leave Jake out there, believe me I didn't, but he would be safe with Glenn. The young Korean was more than handy with a weapon and Rick would be out there, too. I knew he could handle anything if the worst happened.

And I wanted to stay with Daryl. It was so strange to see him so battered; once the adrenaline from the day had worn off, I was shaken. Seeing him so vulnerable was something I couldn't even begin to wrap my head around. I didn't like it. I wanted to see him up and about, back on his feet, snarking at everyone and everything.


The former sheriff caught me off guard, sending me flinching away from the glass and rounding on him with an automatic sneer. He raised his hands in surrender, brows high on his forehead as he regarded me curiously – and amusedly. I ignored the glint in his eyes and relaxed my stance, offering him a half-hearted smile.

"How is he?" he inquired, waving a hand before I could even begin to apologize, "he feelin' alright?"

"He's fine," I replied, grateful for his affable nature and for his genuine concern for my hunter, "I'm gonna stay with him. Hershel said to wake him up every hour, make sure he's doing okay throughout the night."

Rick fisted his hands on his hips and shook his head slowly, disbelievingly, "I don't envy you, Cat."

"Yeah, he's gonna be a real shit about it," I agreed with a laugh, gesturing with a thumb over my shoulder, "you wanna see him?"

"Nah," Rick replied, though he was grinning to himself, "best not irritate him any further, right? I'll talk to him t'morrow. But I did wanna talk to you, too. I just wanted ta thank you for findin' that little girl; she's- well, it's a miracle. One I think we needed. And it's all thanks to you an' Daryl."

"Hey, you were doing the same thing," I retorted pointedly, rubbing my elbow awkwardly at his praise, "you and Shane… If you could've found her, you would have."

"Yeah, well, I wish we all thought that way."

Who had been-?

"But that's somethin' our group could never be more thankful for," he continued instead, pinning me with a serious, grateful stare, "Carol owes you one helluva big debt for findin' her daughter. Just, when you go back ta Daryl, make sure he knows how grateful we are – how grateful we all are – for th' two o' you findin' her."

Nodding, I shot him one final grin, accepting the hug he offered and disappearing down the hallway. It didn't take me long to return to the guest room Hershel had stitched Daryl up in, but I didn't quite make it through the threshold when a solid body shoved past me without a word. I stared after Carol, one eye narrowed in confusion, in distrust, but I didn't call to her, didn't question her or start something with her.

Slipping into the room, I knew whatever she had said to Daryl pissed him off. His breathing was heavy, his nostrils flaring, his arms folded tightly across his chest. He glared a pretty nasty hole in the wall, his lip curled in anger.

"Do I want to know?"

He didn't spare me a glance, his lips barely moving as he growled through clenched teeth, "No."

"Alrighty, then," I replied, clicking my tongue and wondering briefly what Carol had said or done to get him so riled up. Instead of questioning him further – he would tell me eventually – I climbed into bed beside him, startling him right out of his ire.

He stared down at me, lifting an arm to allow me to snuggle into his side. His hand fell heavily against my hip, his head tilting until his chin rested partially atop my head. I pressed a hand over his heart, mildly concerned by the way it thudded angrily beneath my touch. Lips drawn to one side, I lifted my gaze to his face, smiling at the studious way he surveyed me in the darkness, "You should get some sleep."

"Don't wanna," he muttered huskily, his fingers stroking my hip in a steady, distracting rhythm. His lips pressed against my temple, down along my jaw, molding against the column of my throat as he breathed, "I wanna kiss you, Kit. I wanna touch you in all them places I know you love. I wanna make you beg for me to pin you down an' lick every inch o' you 'til you squirm. 'Til you scream."

My heart stuttered to a halt, eyes wide, glossy, mouth parted to beg him for just that, until he grunted and reached for his side, agony rippling across his face. Exhaling heavily, I laughed, fighting the urge to cry as the desire throbbed almost painfully between my legs.

No sex for us tonight. I don't know who was more disappointed, the hunter or me. He groaned as I disentangled myself from him, reaching for me as I wiggled away from him.

"Nope. Uh-uh. Sorry, Daryl; you're in no shape for that."

He huffed, glowering at me and muttering, "Damn, woman, you ruin all my fun."

Retrieving a bottle of meds from Merle's stash, dropping two into my hand and tipping his head back, "Take these. Doctor's orders."

"'M fine," he noted gruffly, though he didn't fight me when I popped them into his mouth. He didn't bother to wait for a drink, tilting his head and swallowing them dry. He sighed, leaning back against the headboard and lifting a hand to his head. Scratching absently at the bandage, he looked me over once, brows drawn tightly over his eyes. "What're we s'posed ta do in here? No TV, no sex… You gonna read me a bedtime story?"

"Well, Rick wanted me to thank you for finding Sophia," I replied, an idea striking me suddenly, eyes wide, innocuous, "everyone's real grateful. Gotta show my appreciation somehow, right?"

"Thought you said no sex?"

His eyes glinted with intrigue, with desire, his predator's gaze sending a thrill through me as I reached for his belt buckle.

"Well, you keep still and I think we can work something out," I winked, my desire flaring once more as I tugged the sweatpants Hershel had let him borrow down his legs. He smirked, wincing only slightly as he shifted, rearranging himself on the mattress to ease his pain until the meds kicked in. And until he was too overcome with pleasure to pay his wounds much mind.

Shucking my shirt and bra if only to give him something to ogle while he lay there, I shot him a saucy wink. Hooking my fingers around the elastic of his boxers, I made sure to brush them against his bulge and earn myself a low, jagged moan from the man beneath me.

"Woman, you best do somethin' 'fore I flip you on your back an' pull these stitches," he growled, palms curling around my hips, a hiss escaping his clenched teeth.

I was happy to oblige.

In Hershel's bathroom sat a freestanding bathtub. It was claw-footed, an antique from the thirties, maybe forties, porcelain, white, with a gilded rim now faded from use. While the plumbing may not have worked anymore, it had a drain, and that was more than I could ask for.

With the help of Lori, Beth, and a still simpering Andrea, I managed to fill the thing with water heated both over the stove and several fires out on the lawn. Seated on the edge, I dipped a finger in, testing the temperature and grinning to myself; by now I thought it would be lukewarm, but it still steamed, hot to the touch.

Rick and Shane aided Daryl into the bathroom, though the latter two looked about as equally thrilled by the close contact, unhappy frowns marring their faces. It just made Daryl look all the rougher, despite his surprise earlier. Rick remained unflappable, though, a tiny grin playing on his face as my hunter grumbled nastily, "Watch yer hands, asshole."

Shane sneered, affronted and not a little embarrassed, "If you weren't so damn helpless, I wouldn't hafta carry you, now would I?"

"Then do a little less gropin' and a little more carryin'."

Once Daryl was deposited beside me, he rested a hand over his side and hissed, turning from the others and forcing the pain from his features.

"You need any more help, or you think you got this, Cat?"

"I think we're fine," I replied, offering him a grin as both Shane and Daryl grumbled their protests, a little more than uncomfortable with one being naked and the other helping scrub him down, "might be late for dinner, but…"

"Take all the time you need," Rick nodded, tipping his head to one side to catch the hunter's gaze, "really. Just let us know when you're done; we'll give you a hand to the table."

"Won't need it," he replied roughly, though he nodded in thanks anyway to our undeclared leader as followed his former partner from the room. Rick shut the door behind him and Daryl immediately set to grouching, "What, he think I'm an invalid now? Can't do anythin' for myself? Could take down forty walkers like this, and my hands tied behind my back, shit…"

Humming, I helped him out of his pants once more, easing the bandages away from his skin. The wound looked terrible, red and raw, stitched together with thick, black thread, but it wasn't infected, thank God. He didn't have a fever, didn't have an infection despite the dirt and grit and grime Hershel had had to clean out of his injury. His bruises would heal, as would the cuts and scrapes and piercings.

"I'm so glad you're alright," I muttered, helping him shift his legs over the edge of the tub, "you… you really have no idea, Daryl."

He grunted, slinking down into the water, my hands beneath his arms in case he slipped. When the water hit his wound, he winced, but stoic as ever, said nothing, simply settling into a comfortable position and sighing heavily. His eyes drifted shut in relief and he rolled his shoulders, leaning against the porcelain and gazing up at me, his eyes an unreadable tumult of emotion.

"Think I have some idea," he answered honestly, reaching out to run a finger along my cheek before smirking wickedly, "what with that welcome home present…"

Laughing, I chewed on my lip and pressed a kiss to his before standing and making my way toward the countertop. Avoiding the mirror, I retrieved a bar of soap and a washcloth, returning to his side and dipping them both into the water. On my knees beside him, I set about washing him clean, keeping my ministrations light and gentle.

He shifted uncomfortably, meeting my gaze for the briefest of moments before staring down at the quickly darkening water, "You don't gotta do that. Never had anyone take care o' me b'fore; you don't gotta start now."

"I'm not doing it because I got to, Daryl," I chided calmly, perching myself on the edge of the tub once more, face inches from his own as I goaded him into another kiss, "I'm doing it cuz I want to. I already told you; it's what we do."

"Don't expect me to go washin' you up anytime soon," he retorted almost humorously, his gaze hungry as I continued on rubbing gentle circles across his chest and collarbone, "I get you naked in a tub an' we're gonna have all kinds o' fun. Screw gettin' clean."

"I'll hold you to it."

"This tub's pretty big," he muttered conversationally. Even still, he couldn't keep the longing from his tone and his fingers brushed tantalizingly across my neck. "Big enough fer two. An' Merle's drugs're kickin' in pretty good. You wanna-"

"Do you see how disgusting that water is?" I laughed, shaking my head fervently, "next time, tiger."

"I'll hold you to it," he stared at me, unblinking, his bright blue eyes darkening to a steady, exciting smolder.

"I can't believe you're half-dead and you want to screw around," I smirked, carefully hedging my way around his wounded side, mindful of every time he jerked away from my prodding washcloth, "again. Wasn't that enough for you?"

"Kit, I don't think I could ever get enough o' your-"

"Is that all you two ever do?"

Spinning, I bit the tip of my tongue to keep from gasping, unaware of Carol's presence in the threshold of the room. Daryl twisted, skinning her a vicious scowl, a hand dropping to cover his manhood despite the grimy layer floating atop the once-clean bathwater.

She was frowning, a towel in hand, though her bitter scowl seemed leveled at me and me alone. She deposited it angrily on the counter, whirling on a heel and fleeing the room.

"What the hell does it matter to her?" I queried incredulously, straying from his side to lock the door and retrieve the towel, "what is her problem anyway? What was she doing here?"

"Prob'ly tryin' ta proposition me again."




"Daryl, please tell me you're joking," I hissed, nostrils flaring as a flash of red blinded me. Knuckles tightening, I strangled the towel between my grasp, murdering it and quite happily envisioning the gray-haired mother's scrawny neck between my fingers.

"I look like I'm joking?"

No, the uncomfortable set of his jaw, the curl of his lip, the bitterness tightening around his eyes. He wasn't joking.

"That bitch propositioned you?" I breathed, tempering my voice to keep from bellowing, "she offered you sex? I thought she was with Dale?"

The hunter turned slightly, face twisting in a grimace as the movement caused him a flash of pain, "I dunno, Kit. I'm not a mind reader. An' I sure as hell don't wanna know about them two goin' at it. Hell if I know if they're even still together. All I know is she came in ta thank me fer findin' Sophia an' told me…"

"Told you what?"

He eyed me uncomfortably before turning his back to me, replying, "Told me if I ever got tired o' you, she'd be more than happy ta take yer place. Told her ta fuck off, that that wouldn't happen, but looks like she ain't gonna let it drop."

Taking a few calming breaths, I stiffly returned to his side, forcing myself away from the door, away from the hallway, away from finding Carol and kicking the shit out of her. Who the hell did she think she was? Yes, Daryl did her a favor by finding Sophia, but he didn't do it out of affection for her. Maybe sympathy, or maybe he even related to the beaten mother in a way, but he didn't do it out of love.

A momentary flare of panic overwhelmed me and the hunter noticed it. Hoisting himself over the edge of the tub with a groan, he caught my chin and pressed a firm kiss to my lips. Capturing my gaze with a sharp, steady stare, he promised, "Don't even think I'd get with her. I said I'd die fer you, Kit, an' I mean it. Yeah, I almost died fer that little girl, but it wasn't cuz of her mother. Yeah, I felt bad for her, but I kept thinkin', if this were ten, twelve years ago, that coulda been you out there. Lost an' alone, fightin' off walkers all by yourself. Or, hell, I dunno. Coulda even been your kid. I thought o' her bein' you, bein' yours. Had ta get her. Not that I wouldn't o' gone after 'em if it were Carl or someone. But, it just… made me wanna find her even more. That make sense?"

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pulled him tightly to me, peppering him with kisses. Breathing his name into his hair, I contented myself in his warmth, unconcerned by the water dampening my clothes. This man was something else and he was mine. And I didn't care what I had to do to prove that to Carol.

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