I do not own Kim Possible, or any other Disney character. I'm just borrowing them for my own view of alternative tales.

Kim Possible: Legacies

By LJ58


Kim stepped outside the United Nations building, and gaped.

Despite the early hour, the square outside was packed with people. Not just press. Ordinary people who all stared at them, and applauded as Shego looked as nonplussed as she did just then.

"I think it's for you," Betty Director remarked as she eyed Shego with a sidelong glance.

"Me," the woman sputtered. "Why?"

"Hmmmm. You did just save the city, and maybe the world. Again," Kim reminded her as her own smile grew.

"Gah! Rub it in, why don't you," she muttered as she noted more than a few cameras were aimed her way, but that no one was trying to get close.

Hego chuckled as he walked out behind them.

"You can zip it," she glowered.

"Sorry, Sis," he beamed as the Wegos came up behind them. There was no sign of Ron. "But it was nice fighting with you again."

The twins chortled.

"I meant….."

"She knows," Kim told him with a grin as Shego groaned.

"So, what now," one of the twins asked as they faced the courtyard plaza, and the crowds beyond.

"I check with Wade," Kim told them even as she lifted her wrist. "Because it sounds like the lone ship managed to speed up its arrival somehow."

"That's right, Kim," Wade said uneasily. "I didn't even notice until a few minutes ago. It's warping space more than actually flying, and managed to get here even sooner than expected. It still has to come down in a traditional reentry, though, so it looks like…..forty minutes before it lands."

"Any messages? From anyone?"

"Not yet. But I've been broadcasting the U.N. vote on all known frequencies since it hit the news. I'm hoping that will tell someone whose side we're on in time to forestall an outright invasion."

"Might not matter, Nerdlinger," Shego told him as she eyed the young genius visible on the small digital dial. "We might have allies, but this might just be someone flexing their muscle to see how well we manage. Or it might be they want to draw the Great Lady for reasons of their own."

"That actually makes sense," Betty remarked. "Will," she snapped, turning to her own second as the man came out now, his injured arm in a makeshift sling. "Contact all local Guard and reserves. We need to go on full alert until we know who is who, and what is coming." She eyed the courtyard as she added, "And clear the Plaza. I'd rather not have the streets filled with potential victims whatever is coming."

"Smart," Shego agreed.

"One more thing, Kim," Wade said, still on the Kimmunicator channel.

"What is it," she asked, fearing more bad news.

"Whatever they are, that fleet is breaking formation. If they continue as they are, they'll be in position to completely surround the entire planet by the time they arrive."

Kim eyed Shego, and both women looked uneasy.

"We've had more than a half dozen species already evident here, and all of them trying to attack you," Dr. Director remarked grimly as the GJ agents now moved to disperse the crowd that obviously did not want to leave. "If they're not friendly, and they are going to try to attack en masse, can even you stop them all?"

"I don't know," Shego told her honestly. "Hopefully it's just a bluff."

"I'm still curious about who is still out there. Remember. Someone killed the unknown alien on the roof last night."

"What unknown alien," the head of Global Justice frowned.

"A common assassin. He was obviously not any good, or he wouldn't have been so easily slain," Gyrzza remarked.

"I don't suppose you have any input that might be of any use here?"

"Trust your Lady, and our Great Lady. Once committed, she will never let those under her wing be harmed. That is not her way."

"Considering what we've already seen," Shego remarked quietly as Wade signed off without another word. "I feel inclined to believe her. That, and even I didn't realize I was still….."

"Maturing," Gyrzza told her with polite nod to her.

"Okay, now that just makes me sound like I'm headed for a rocking chair," she complained.

"Lady Shego wishes to sit," Sigseetz inquired, glancing around. "Shall I seek this rocking chair for you?"

Kim had choke back her laughter at Shego's expression.

"We really need to give him some lessons on slang," Kim teased.

Shego's expression suggested other lessons.

Ron walked out just then, nodding at Kim as he joined them. "The building is clear. I ran another check with your sensor box, and it looks like we got them all."

"Of course," Gyrzza remarked.

Ron said nothing, but eyed Kim and Shego, asking, "So why did you not cheer?"

"The first ship is landing in just over thirty minutes. And Wade just updated us. The fleet is moving to surround the planet."

"Okay, that doesn't sound good. No clue which side is which yet? Or if they're all bad guys?"

"No clue, Monkey-Master," Shego told him. "What about your new sidekick? She get anything else out of all Rockhead told us?"

"Enough to suggest he was just a hired gun. That that main player is still out there, and likely to make his move if he realizes things have gone bad for his cause," Ron told her.

"I don't know. Horde hives? Then Rocky. The assassin we never met. It's sounding like…. They don't want the planet. They just want us dead."

"Or maybe you in particular," Betty asked Shego.

"Recall your seed was first attacked in this system," Sigseetz reminded her.

"Her seed was….attacked," Dr. Director frowned at them. "That wasn't in your briefing."

"It just recently came up," Kim told her as Shego just glanced at her.

Twenty minutes later, the first troops were pulling up to surround the plaza, and most of the civilians were gone. They waited, standing outside the U.N. as Wade's calculations had the ship landing right in the Square as it neared touchdown.

"Do we spread out and cover the area," Hego asked.

Shego glanced at Kim.

"I think a united front would be best, whoever they are," the redhead told her. "Show them we are not frightened. Or warmongers."

"Sigseetz agrees."

Gyrzza eyed the small insectoid, but he only shifted to stand a little closer to Shego without saying anything else.

Which was why the sky rumbled with artificial thunder as a bright flash of light appeared, and just that quickly, a silver pyramidal craft occupied the plaza, and part of the street before them, literally crushing more than a few cars as it landed.

"It looks…."

"Elzarqian," Gyrzza finished for Kim. "Of course. Those vile merchants would sell the very Cosmos did they have their way."

"Elzarts," Betty tried to echo questioningly.

"Elzarquian. I didn't get all the lessons on that one myself," Kim admitted. "But….what I do know is they aren't nice. At all."

"No, Kimberly," the silver dragoness said. "They are not. They are the ones that gutted my world. Which means, if they are involved, they are here for your water."

"Well, they aren't getting any," Shego said as one side hummed as a panel slowly opened.

A near ten foot, tentacled quadruped came out, eyeing them with orbs that moved atop eye-stalks as they turned one way, then another.

"If you wish someone terminated," the creature with no true discernible features hissed. "You truly must gut them yourself," it grumbled as it moved off the ship, followed by just over a dozen other like itself.

"You're not wanted here, Squid," Shego growled. "This planet now belongs to the Coalition."

"You think you can stop us? We care nothing for your planet," the lead creature hissed. "Hear me, primates. The Great Lady is a tyrant, and a lie. All we want is her vile offspring. All we wish is to end the tyrant's rule. Give us the pretenders to her throne, and we shall leave you in peace."

"Is that what you told my people," Gyrzza snarled, stepping forward with clenched fists as she let tendrils of flame escape her fingertips, and smolder along her lips.

"Your people? I see. You are Kwaa-quu. I am surprised. I did not realize any of you lived."

"You will live to regret….."

"Calm down, Gyrzza," Shego murmured. "I think this is my show. Right?"

The dragoness hissed, flame briefly escaping her lips, and the squirming quadruped fumed. "You are a seedling, too? Little wonder we missed you," it hissed. "But that can be corrected….."

"Hey, squid," Shego said, stepping forward. "Correct this," she said, and rose to thirty full feet as her full dragon form exploded out of her human frame even as her green talons glowed purpose. "Ready for the aquarium, ugly," she asked, and launched bright, purple plasma at the aliens. Right before she glowed bright green, and blew the ship before her into pieces.

Even as she shrank down, the aliens she had already hit were but tiny, squirming creatures barely three inches in height as their now shrill cries barely registered with even her ears.

"Well, that was easier than I expected. So much for the heavy firepower," Shego grinned, and lifted one of the tiny aliens up by a single tentacle as it shrieked in co-mingled rage and terror. "Someone want to get a box, or something."

"Siqseetz would rather just eat them," the insectoid said, eyeing the scuttling creatures with bright eyes.

"Let's hold off on that until we know what else we have before us," Shego suggested.

"As Lady Shego wills," he sighed, but sounded very disappointed.

One of the nearby soldiers Dr. Director had signaled had run over with an empty ammo box by then, and they used it to gather up the fourteen creatures that now fit in the palm of a hand.

"You think they were the masterminds," Kim asked Gyrzza.

"It would be like them. They are nefarious for sending others to fight and kill for them. Still, one can never be sure if others are not out there waiting, too."

"We know a fleet of something is still out there," Hego reminded them.

"True," Shego sighed, looking up.

"What do you want us to do with these…..things," Betty asked, though she had her own ideas.

"Considering they are enemies of the Great Lady, and still tried to undermine her authority here after we declared ourselves, I would say it might be best to turn them over to the Lady's representatives when they appear," Kim suggested.

"That's likely best. We wouldn't want anyone, or anything else thinking we all barbarians here," Shego said. "Besides, I hate squid," she grimaced. "So, that's settled. We'll just hold them for….whoever shows up. That good with you, Bets?"

"That might be a good way to show this…..Consortium of yours that we are earnest in following their lead. But, Shego. Don't call me Bets," she spat.

Shego only grinned. "So, how long until the others get here," she asked Kim.

"We are already here, Lady Shego," a short, bipedal silver fox in a dark green jumpsuit appeared in a burst of light. He paused, nodding to Gyrzza, and greeted her as, "Lady Gyrzza. I see you've had an interesting change of venue."

"To say the least, Vakuaui," she smiled.

"I like your new form. It suits you. And, you, Lady Shego," he said, turning to her after sparing a glance at the now cringing Elzarquian one of the soldiers held in the ammo box. "A clever solution. Still, I am astonished."

"At what?"

"At the fact that in spite of your infantile ravings and juvenile manner, that you managed to so easily diffuse the threats to both your planet, and your person. I was sent here to aid you, and ferret out the leaders of a conspiracy. Imagine my surprise to arrive, and find you had already done my work for me in spite of your….reported immaturity."

Shego suddenly realized Betty Director was looking unnaturally flushed. And was trying very hard to choke back laughter.

"So, what about that bunch of ships up there," she asked him with a curt growl. "They your backup?"

"My….backup you say? Not at all. They are ambassadors. Trade delegates. Emissaries from across the known galaxies. All of them wish to welcome you, and set up relations with your humans. I know of no less than nineteen worlds very interested in something you call…..Tee-Vee."

"You're kidding me," she sputtered, looking genuinely horrified.

"The Great Ladies Hand does not jest, Lady Shego," Gyrzza told her. "Am I correct in assuming it was you that slew the U'Utaaquan earlier this cycle?"

"He was but a nuisance," the anthropoidal fox smiled smugly. "I hoped his death would bring out his masters sooner, but instead they only sent the S'S'Vevkani. You might want to turn him over, too, human," he addressed Dr. Director. "I doubt you wish him regenerating on your world."

"I certainly don't. He ruined my best suite!"

Kim sighed at Shego's manner as she eyed the small, silver-furred fox.

"So, uh, "Vakaui? Does this mean we're safe? That the trouble is over?"

The fox smiled a truly feral smirk as he drawled, "Oh, Great Lady, no! Your troubles are just beginning, human."


The fox cut Shego off as he stated, "Did I not just tell you there is a veritable host of delegates and envoys waiting to see you. To discuss trade options, and diplomatic relations. You're just getting to the interesting part of your job, young seedling," he smirked.

Shego groaned.

"I will, of course, continue to assist you, Lady Shego," Gyrzza told her quietly. "I know much of protocol and diplomacy that may yet aid you."

"Goody," Shego moaned, shaking her head now.

"Sigseetz shall aid you, too, Lady," the insectoid assured her in a very somber tone. "Unless, of course, the Great Lady has now commanded otherwise?"

"The last I heard, D'qlomite, you were yet assigned to this oddly named world in your new Lady's service."

"This is true, honorable Vakaui."

"As she has not told me that has changed, then you may be certain you are still charged with service to your Lady."

"Sigseetz understands. Siqseetz obeys," he nodded, antennae quivering as he spoke.

"So," Dr. Director asked as she stepped forward now, daring to join them. "The planet is not….under attack?"

"There is always danger," the small fox smiled at her slyly. "But the only attack Lady Shego must now face is that of diplomats and trade envoys."

"The bane of any sane sentient in this comsmo," Lady Gyrzza sighed knowingly.


Kim suddenly smiled. "You know, Shego," she murmured slyly as she glanced around. "There are…..perks to power. Might I offer the Great Lady's daughter a suggestion," she smiled slyly.

"Uh-oh," Ron murmured to Hego. "I know that look."

"Unfortunately, so do I," Hego murmured back. "I just didn't realize that Kim Possible used it!"


"I have to say," Shego grinned, walking out of the bath with a robe around her as she joined Kim in the small, but homey dining room in the island villa where they had fled after Kim unleashed her greatest plan ever. "I like the way you think, Princess."

"Well, I didn't think either of us wanted to get bogged down with alien trade deals, and all that diplomatic stuff. Besides, you probably just made Gyrzza the happiest creature on the planet by putting her in charge of all negotiations in your name."

"Well, making Bets my local representative for any political negotiations wasn't a bad idea either," she beamed. "Just knowing she's going to be occupied in that office for ages to come kind of makes it almost as worthwhile as the look on her face when you suggested it."

"She was in her element, and we both know it," Kim grinned as Shego sat with her at the very intimate table set for two. "Besides, having those two collaborate will keep a lot of pressure off you, and let the world see you are serious about not trying to 'rule' the world."

"Duh. That's was Dr. D's thing. Not mine."

"I know. So, ready to eat?"

"I'm starving," Shego grinned. "It was a long day."

"A longer week," Kim agreed.

"I'm just glad Hego is gone, too. I couldn't take any more of his pouting," she complained as she poured the wine for them.

"You were right," Kim allowed, not missing Team Go herself just then. "He did pretty much get back to his annoying self once he got his head wrapped around the whole 'Lady' sitch."

"Hey, Bug-boy," Shego shouted as she leaned back in her chair. "You about done in there?"

The door to the kitchen opened, and the small insectoid walked out carrying a large, steaming casserole dish.

"Your means of preparing nourishment is surprisingly inefficient on this planet, and yet…..I find it oddly soothing. Almost as pleasant as sitting," Sigseetz informed them as he appeared, sitting the tray on the table before them.

"You, Siggy, need to get out more," Shego snorted.

"You wish Sigseetz to go outside?"

"It's an expression," Kim chuckled. "Don't take her literally. Or seriously."

"Don't contradict me, Kimberly," Shego growled. "Or do you want Bug-boy babysitting us just when we've got the night off for once?"

"When you put it that way," Kim smiled, eyeing her across the table. "Siggy," she smiled, eyeing her lover. "Go take a walk."

"A long one," Shego added as they eyed not the food, but one another.

"Sigseetz lives to obey," he assured the Lady and her mate as he left the villa without looking back. Still, he was unable to help thinking that his Lady Shego was a most peculiar creature at times. Not that he would ever say so aloud.

He would never be that foolish.

That last time he had voiced an opinion out loud he had been exiled from his home. The Maker only knew what this Lady might do if he actually displeased him. So he willingly took a nice, long walk around the private island, thinking he could like it here in spite of his initial reservations.

He just wondered when the Great Lady might reappear. Or summon him again. He was hoping it would not be anytime soon. Then again, that honored Lady was known for being unpredictable. He sighed, and devoted himself to his walk. How often did he have such luxury, after all?


"Your report is…interesting," my friend."

"I found the whole situation a curious affair myself," Vakaui admitted. "You're certain she isn't insane?"

"Quite certain," the Great Lady smiled down at her aide, and longtime companion. "I find her maturation very interesting, though. I've not seen one of her potential in many, many years. She truly did much in a short time."

"I barely had time to target a single assassin before she had taken out a S'S'Vevkani, outmaneuvered Pylsian assassins, and still managed to save her planet from the Elsarquian threat, who were apparently behind the entire plot to undermine your standing, and authority in the galaxies."

"I never trusted those faceless pseudopods," she grumbled. "And there shall be an accounting for this daring."

"What of Lady Shego?"

"For now, we watch. I wish to see what will come next."

"Then the threat to her planet of dirt is not ended?"

"As you so wisely stated, my friend," the great dragoness smiled. "There is always danger. I wish to see how my daughter manages in the future. She may well be the Prophesied One we have all awaited."

"Her," Vakaui exclaimed in genuine astonishment.

"Her," the Great Lady murmured, and seemed to be looking elsewhere as her eyes glittered with a sight few could match just then. "Still, her mate is also someone to consider. There is something...interesting about her."

"I did hear you gave her Communion. And that she survived it."

"As I said," the Great Lady murmured. "Interesting."


They thought he was finished?

They thought he was done?

"Never," he muttered, working under the tented blanket as he tried to assemble something out of the various electronic pieces he had been pilfering.

He was sick of seeing Shego of late.

She was on the television, saving the planet. Kissing Kim Possible, of all people! Babbling about a new era of peace and prosperity. She even betrayed him by letting two women serve as her lackeys in dealing with genuine alien flunkies.

Okay, one of the women was an alien lackey, but still…..!

He gave a faint growl, and swept a hand through the pieces, scattering them as he felt frustration swell, and he knew he still needed more parts. Still, somehow he was going to recreate that powerful universal remote stolen by that unnatural Possible brat. He had helped make the first, so he was certain he could rebuild it. He just needed the right parts, and time.

And then, he, Dr. Drakken, would show the world who the true ruler of this planet was at long last!

Just as soon as he figured out how to recreate that device so he could get out of prison again. Because this was not over!

Never The End…..